Link 02: Hiroshi Takeda

I was chilling on my couch watching duels in LINK VRAINS both Blue Angel and Go Onizuka were both about to start a duel.

"I'll probably want to challenge GO soon he is the number 1 Charisma Duelist after all," I mutter to myself.

Go is specialized in his Gouki deck. He lets his opponents take an early lead then he comes back and wins spectacularly so that he can entertain the audience.

"Dueling to entertain what a joke," I say out loud

Then there was Blue Angel she uses a VERY annoying Trickster deck which inflicts burn damage with her Tricksters effects. She was the closest person who you could call my friend, but like I've always said who needs friends?

"All that matters to me is that one day he can come home so that we can repair what's left of our family."

I was raised in that orphanage for a year until the day where I met my adoptive father, Takeru Takeda

(4 Years Earlier)

I had just got done eating by myself and was on the way back to my room. Everybody at the orphanage had at least two roommates. I was like I am now a loner. The people who worked there were friendly, and the kids didn't pick on me I just always want to be alone its a flaw about me.

"Hiroshi! Come here real quick please!" The lady in charge of the orphanage asked me as I passed her office

I walked into her room to see my future father in law Takeru Takeda.

"Hiroshi this Takeru Takeda and he is interested in adopting you. Isn't that great!" She said gleefully grabbing one of my cheeks

"Mrs. Yamagata can you please stop this is embarrassing!" I exclaimed

I heard laughing in the room and looked at the only other person in the room him.

"Sorry for laughing, but it reminds me of what my mom would do to me when I was little you see." He said

"I have a question for you."

"Ask away!"

"Why me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why would you choose me? Other kids have been here all of their lives. Why me?"

"Well, you remind me of someone that I once knew." He said his expression suddenly becoming dark

Do I remind him of someone that he cared about? I had thought to myself

"Mr. Takeda, have you made your decision?" Mrs. Yamagata asked him

"Yep! I'll take him!"He said cheerfully

"Wait for what!?"

"Then I'll go give you the paperwork! Hiroshi you should get to know your adoptive father while I'm gone." She said before proceeding to leave

That just left me and him I stared at him blankly

"So, I guess we are family now." He said


It was silent until Mrs. Yamagata came back.

"I have the paperwork right here for you Mr. Takeda. Please fill it out. Hiroshi while he is doing the paperwork go pack your things."

"Yes Ma'am."

I went to my room to grab my things I grabbed my stuff real quick and headed back towards the chamber. Mrs. Yamagata still wasn't back yet, so it was still him and me

"So you ready to go when I get that paperwork done?"He was trying to start up a conversation obliviously to rid of the awkward silence.



I got my deck out of my bag and started to go through it. I was always beat by the other kids I still love this game though.

"You play?" He said looking over my shoulder at my deck

"Yeah, I'm not very good though. I don't have any powerful cards, so I usually get beat quickly."

"Nonsense it's just that your deck is not very balanced. A couple of tweaks and your deck could be good."

"You're just saying that."

"Nope, I'm serious!" He had a smile on his face

Mrs. Yamagata came back, and my new adoptive father started to get to work on the papers he had to sign. When he was done, he thanked her, and we left.

"Is there anyone you wish to say bye to before we leave?" He asked



We went out to his car it was a red truck with big tires. I hoped into the truck and put on my seat belt. He put his seat belt on and then started his truck up and started driving.

"Who do I remind you of?" I asked him

"What do you mean?"

"You said earlier that I remind you of someone. who is it?"

"She went to school with me her name was Kaori. We were best friends." The sad look he had earlier came back

"I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"Don't be."

I didn't mention it again something must have happened to her for him to look like that at the mention of her.

The rest of the drive was in silence

(1 Month Later)

I had woken up early on that for one reason it was the one month anniversary of me coming to live with Takeru Takeda. He had insisted that I got up early so that we could eat breakfast before he had to go to work that day much to my dismay.

After I had taken my shower and got ready for the day I walked into the living room to see the dad cooking breakfast.

"Good morning I say as I yawn and take a seat at the table in the kitchen."

"Morning!" He replied gleefully.

"I don't know how you get up this early for work every day. I feel like I'm about to fall asleep."

He placed a plate of eggs bacon and toast on the table. He then sat down at the other end of the table and started to eat his food.

"What time are you going to be home?" I asked him

"Around 5:30. I got you something!"

"You didn't have to get me anything."

"Nonsense! It didn't cost me anything!"

He grabbed something from his pocket and slide it over to me I could tell it was a deck wrapped up neatly in red paper.

"A Deck?" I question him

"Just open it!"

I tore off the paper off the deck quickly the cards seemed like they have been used before.

"Is this your Deck?"

He nodded his head

"Why would you give me this?" I ask

"You love the game, right? I don't have time to play anymore, so they're better off with you."

I looked through the deck they were cards that I had never seen anyone use before most of the card either had Scrappter or Scrap in their name.

"My dad worked for a company that created cards when I was a kid and this archetype was never sold to the public, so my dad gave it to me." He said answering why I've never seen these cards before.

"Did you play all of the time when you were my age?"

"Yep! I loved to school my classmates with them."

"Thank you!" I said to him

"No problem!" He then looked at his watch and quickly finished his breakfast

"I better get going I'm going to stop by the library to complete a report for school. See you when you get home. Love You!"

I then head left towards the library

(With Takeru)

"He is your son Kaori," Takeru said going to pick up a picture of a brown haired girl with long hair with a young Takeru in the picture they were back to back smiling at the camera.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in the end, but I promise I will be there for Hiroshi," Takeru Said tears coming down his face

"I guess I haven't matured at all first I couldn't tell you that I loved you now I can't tell your son the truth of what happened to his mother and father." The tears came down even harder than before

"I'm sorry Kaori and Kiba."

(Present Day)

"I will keep winning with this deck that you gave me dad. I wonder though if I will ever find anybody worthy to use this on."

I held the card that was my ace that Kuzma mentioned. I only used this card in situations where I was facing a worthy opponent.

"Everyone! Are you fired up? Many Charisma Duelists are about to duel in Link VRAINS!" It looked like Go Onizuka, and Blue Angel was about to duel their receptive opponents.

"Dueling in Area #1 is Link VRAINS's #1 hooligan who uses the Gouki Deck, Go Onizuka!" Go looked smug at his opponent.

"Dueling in Area #2 is Link VRAINS's poster girl who uses a Trickster Deck, Blue Angel!" She waved at her fans

"To all who have access, come to Link VRAINS! And for those already here pay attention to the screen!" The MC finished

(Unknown Location)

"Den City's security level has begun to decrease." Said Specter, a member of the Knights of Hanoi.

Revolver leader of the Knights of Hanoi smiled "I was waiting for this moment."

Two green portals appeared behind Revolver. Two identical looking people came out of them.

"Revolver, did you call for us?"

"He will flee into Link VRAINS. Do whatever it takes to capture the Ignis.

"Roger." They both said before leaving.

(SOL Technology)

"IpA078388, invaders in the system!" A male employee said

"The firewall is being breached!"

The two Knights of Hanoi members smashed through the firewall with their dragons

"Let's split up and search for the Ignis." The Knight on the right said

(Back With Hiroshi)

"The Knights of Hanoi! What do they want? I better log in and try to help." I ran into my room and grabbed my duel disk. Then went to the bookshelf and opening the secret door

"Deck Set!"


In Link VRAINS I see the two Knights of Hanoi from earlier causing destruction using their dragons. Why are they doing this? One of the Knights spotted me and flew his dragon towards me, so I started running away

"You won't be able to run me out so just give up!" The Knight said while his dragon narrowly missed me

"Are you so bad at dueling that you have to resort to blasting duelists with your dragons bad breath?" I say while still running

"I could out duel you easily."

"Then got off your overgrown lizard and duel me!"

"Fine then if I can prove myself by beating you Revolver will promote me." The Knight of Hanoi jumped off his dragon, so I stopped running. I turned on duel disk


Ruger VS Knight of Hanoi

"I'll go first since I was challenged. If there are no monsters on your field, I can special summon Hack Worm I will then special summon another Hack Worm with the same effect."

Hack Worm/ Level 1, Dark, Machine/Effect, 400 ATK, 0 DEF

"You're going tribute them I presume."

"On the dot. I tribute both Hack Worms! Appear Cracking Dragon!" The dragon that the Knight of Hanoi was riding on earlier appeared

Cracking Dragon/ Level 8, Dark, Machine/Effect, 3000 ATK, 0 DEF

"With this card the one that Revolver gave me you won't stand a chance! I set a card and end my turn."

Knight of Hanoi 4000 *2

"My turn! Draw! I summon Scrap Giant!

Scrap Giant/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, 2000 ATK, 500 DEF

"Cracking Dragon's effect activates! Your monster Attack points are reduced by 200 for each level that it is. Scrap Giant is level 4, so its attack is reduced by 800 and then the same amount of attack points that was lost come out of your life points."

Ruger 4000-3200 *5

Scrap Giant 2000-1200

"I activate the continuous spell Scrap Recycle! Once per turn I can send 1 Scrap or Scrappter monster from my hand to the deck and 1 add Scrap or Scrappter card to my hand. I send Scrappter Hound to the deck and add Scrap Twin Fang to my hand! I set a card and end my turn."

"Cracking Dragon's effect ends and Scrap Giant's attack returns to normal." The Knight stated

Scrap Giant 1200-2000

Ruger 3200 *3

"My turn then! I equip Air Cracking Storm on Cracking Dragon! When the equipped monster destroys a monster by battle, the equipped monster can attack again."

"He's trying to finish this duel on this turn."

"Revolver has made me the strongest duelist because he gave me Cracking Dragon. Battle! Traffic Blast!"

"I activate the trap Scrap Remains when a Scrap or Scrappter monster would be destroyed by battle the monster is not destroyed, and the damage is halved."

Ruger 3200-2700 *3

"You got lucky I will just finish you on my next turn."

Knight of Hanoi 4000 *2

"My turn! I summon Scrap Twin Fang!"

A machine that looked like a velociraptor appeared and started growling at the Knight. The Knight took a couple of steps back.

Scrap Twin Fang/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, ATK 1700, DEF 800

"Control your dog there!"

"He's not a dog you idiot!"

"Even if it's not a dog Cracking Dragon's effect will still activate!"

Ruger 2700-1900

Scrap Twin Fang 1700-900

"Give up it will be better for both of us."

"Why would I give up to fodder?"

"Fodder! I'm not fodder!"

"Then watch. Appear! The Circuit that leads to the future!" A blue blast shot out of my hand creating a Circuit. "Arrowheads confirmed! I need at least two Scrap or Scrappter effect monsters to summon! I set Scrap Giant and Scrap Twin Fang which counts as two materials for a Link Summon in the Link Markers."

Scrap Twin Fang split into two and flew alongside Scrap Giant into the top 3 Link Markers.

"Circuit combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 3 Scrappter King!

Scrappter King/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, ATK 2000, Link Markers Up, Up Right, Up Left

"You may have summoned a Link monster, but it's still weaker than Cracking Dragon!"

"Not for long! I activate the effect of Scrap Recycle by turning this card into an equip spell I target one Link monster on my side of the field and equip this card to it, and it gains 1000 attack points."

Scrappter King 2000-3000

"So you're aiming for mutual destruction."

"Nope! Just the destruction of Cracking Dragon! I activate the effect Scrap Remains in the graveyard! By banishing this card and one Scrap or Scrappter monster in the graveyard with it, my monsters can not be destroyed by battle this turn! I banish Scrap Giant alongside Scrap Remains."

"So this has been your plan the whole time."

"Battle! Scrappter King attacks Crackling Dragon! Scrap Break! Scrappter Kings effect activates when he destroys a monster that is linked to this card in battle you take damage equal to that monster's original attack."

Knight of Hanoi 4000-1000 *2

"You dare destroy the card that Revolver gave to me I will make you pay! I activate a trap! Hack Revival! With this card, I can special summon one monster from my graveyard by banishing a monster with Hack in its name. I banish Hack Worm to Special Summon Cracking Dragon!"

Cracking Dragon/ Level 8, Dark, Machine/Effect, 3000 ATK, 0 DEF

"Just after I destroyed it he brought it back instantly. I end my turn."

Ruger 1900 *3

"My turn! I will demolish you for destroying the card that Revolver gave to me."

"Man dude do you have feelings for this guy or something you act like he's cured cancer. And who is Revolver anyway?"

"That is none of your concern. The only thing you should be concerned about is this duel because of the card I drew I don't even think Revolver could beat me. By banishing Cracking Dragon, I can special summon this card. Come forth Code Cracking Dragon!"

Code Cracking Dragon looked like Cracking Dragon except for now it had a large cannon on its back.

Code Cracking Dragon/ Level 8, Dark, Machine/Effect, 3000 ATK, 0 DEF

"It looks like your bad breathed friend got a cannon from his mommy. It still has the same amount of attack as Scrappter King."

"Code Cracking Dragon gains 200 attacks points for every level that is on the field. Code Cracking Dragon is the only monster on the field that has a level, and since his level is 8, he gains 1600 attack points."

Code Cracking Dragon 3000-4600

"Feel the power that Revolver gave me. Battle! Code Cracking Dragon attacks Scrappter King! Code Traffic Blast!" Code Cracking Dragon shot out a massive blue laser that destroyed Scrappter King

Ruger 1900-300 *3

"Good thing for Scrap Recycle or I would have just lost."

"You might as well have just lost Code Cracking Dragon as the same effect as Cracking Dragon."

"So I'm limited to what I can summon now. And now every card in my hand can't be used, or I lose. It's all up to this draw."

"Betting everything on a single draw? You won't win so just give up."

"You must be blind because the last time I checked my life points weren't 0."

"Fine then continue to struggle all you want."

Knight of Hanoi 1000 *2

Everything comes down to this if I don't draw that card I will lose this duel. Dad give me your strength. "My turn!" I got it. "I guess Miracles do happen. I activate the spell Scrap Rise! With this, I can special summon one Scrap or Scrappter monster from my graveyard!"

"Code Cracking Dragon's effect will still activate when you summon your monster. Unless you're going to summon.."

"That's right I'm bringing back Scrappter King!"

Scrappter King/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, ATK 2000, Link Markers, Up, Up Right, Up Left

"Link monsters don't have levels, so Code Cracking Dragon's effect can't activate." The Fodder said

"Yup! Scrappter King won't be sticking around very long though! Open once again Circuit that leads to the future! Arrowhead confirmed! The summoning conditions are all Scrap or Scrappter monsters. When I use a Link Monster to Link Summon its Link Markers to count as Link Materials! I set the Link 3 Scrappter King in the Link Markers!" Scrappter King split into three and flew into three Link Markers.

"Circuit Combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 3 The Fallen Knight of Scrappter!"

Fallen Knight was a knight that had all black armor on. You could only bloodthirsty red eyes when you looked at his face. He had a shield on his back and an all black sword in his left hand.

The Fallen Knight of Scrappter/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, 2500 ATK, Link Markers, Up Right, Up Left, Down

"You must not be very good at math 2500 is less than 3000." The Knight said with uncertainty

"I know, but there's one thing you forgot to plug into the equation, and that's my Knights effect! Until the end of this turn, I can target one card that a Link Marker on this card points to negate that monster's effect and The Fallen Knight of Scrappter gains that effect."

"What! That means.."

"The Fallen Knight of Scrappter gains 200 attack points for every level on the field, and your dragons attack will return to normal. Trick slash!" The Knight of Fallen stabbed Code Cracking Dragon, and it gave off a shriek.

Code Cracking Dragon 4600-3000

The Fallen Knight of Scrappter 2500-4100

"I guess fairy tales are true because the knight is about to slay the dragon!This is the finale! Battle! The Knight of Scrappter attacks your Code Cracking Dragon! Fallen Strike!" Fallen Knight delivered a single blow to the chest of the dragon splitting it in half causing it to explode in the Knight of Hanoi's face."

Knight of Hanoi 1000-0 *2

Ruger 300 *3 WIN

"Now, fess up why are you and the Knights of Hanoi attacking Link VRAINS?" I walked over to him

"It's not like its going to matter even if I do tell you." He grabbed my leg holding on tightly "I'm going to give us an explosive finish OK?"

"You're insane!" I started kicking him with my other foot, but he would not let go of me. All of the sudden his grip loosened and I was lifted into the air. I looked up to see Blue Angel's ace monster Trickster Holy Angel. She set me down on a building next to Blue Angel and then she disappeared. Then the explosion happened we were out of the blast radius though.

"Are you alright Ruger?"

"I'm all right."


"Do you know what happened with that other Knight of Hanoi?"

"He was defeated by Playmaker."

"Who's that?"

"I don't know he just showed up out of the blue and challenged the Knight of Hanoi and defeated him in a Speed Duel."

"Speed Duel?"

"I don't know much about it myself."

"I'll just watch the replay of the duel before going to bed and study Speed Duels. I guess school is going to suck tomorrow.

"What grade are you in?" She asked

"Freshmen, why you are asking?"

"No reason."

"It's getting late I gotta go bye."

"See you later."

I had predicted right when I said to Blue Angel that school would suck today. I had stayed up to watch the recording of Playmaker Vs the Knight of Hanoi. Playmaker is good he easily figured out speed duels. He had cards I have never heard of before Cyberse. His ace seemed to be Decode Talker. Maybe he could be an opponent that I would have to use it on him I won't hold my breath though.

Speed duels had more differences than I anticipated. You only had three normal monsters zones and three spell and trap zones the Extra deck zones were the same. There was also no longer a main phase 2 in speed duels so you would have to set your traps in the 1st main phase. You also start with your hand at four instead of 5.

"Hey, Takeda are you listening to me?" I snapped out of my thoughts to see Shima Naoki he like me was a member of Duel Club

"What do you need Shima?"

"I'm here to make sure you don't skip out on Duel Club like you did yesterday."

"Fine, let's go."

Naoki and I went to the classroom that was assigned for Duel Club. When we arrived, the other members were already there. The members of our club included me Hiroshi Takeda, Shima Naoki, the Club President Hosoda, Tanaka a second year and another second year Sato, a Freshman Suzuki, and the last member another freshman Zaizen.

"Look who decided to show up today!" Shima said

"Welcome back Takeda!" The members said.

"Did you guys see Playmaker and Ruger's duels yesterday?" Shima said to everybody

"Yeah, they both summoned those cool monsters to defeat the Knights of Hanoi!" Sato said

"Ruger's The Fallen Knight of Scrappter was awesome, but Playmaker stole the show with Decode Talker!" Shima said

"No, Ruger's new monster was better it beat a tougher opponent. What do you think President?" Suzuki said

"They are both powerful, so I can't decide. What about you Sato?" The President said

"Decode Talker he looks awesome, and The Fallen Knight of Scrappter scared me to death, because of how creepy he looked," Sato said

"Same goes with me. I like the colorfulness of Decode Talker, and Ruger's card looks bland to me." Tanaka agreed

How a card look doesn't decide if it's good or not you idiots.

"That leaves it up to you Takeda and Zaizen. Why did you guys think?" President Hosoda asked

"I haven't gotten a chance to watch the duels." I lied

"I knew you don't do much but jeez Takeda maybe you should have some fun sometimes," Shima said

I'll have a good time when my dad's hospital bills are paid off, and he's back at home.

"That just leaves you Zaizen."

"They both are good cards, but they both have their weakness too. I'll start with Decode Talker it has a good ability to raise its attack, but if it doesn't have any of its Link Markers pointing at monsters, it's just a monster with 2300 attack."

"That's good insight Zaizen," I say to her

"You have the ability to interact with the other gender I didn't think you had it in you!" Shima said

You're an even bigger idiot than the other two

"Ruger's monster has a higher attack stat and a powerful ability, but with no monsters on the field with a good ability and have a higher attack than his new monster it won't be able to do anything," I say

"I thought you just said you didn't watch the duel, Takeda?" Hosoda said


"I heard a couple of my classmates talking about its effect." I came up the first lie I thought


Good, they bought it disaster avoided.

"You didn't get to say earlier about which one is better Zaizen so go ahead," Suzuki said

"If those two fought head on there effects Ruger's monster would win, but if Decode Talker had cards linked to it, its attack would increase. It just comes down to what circumstance the field is. My vote is a tie."

"Decode Talker is the winner then!" Shima said fist bumping Sato and Tanaka

"You got to remember that no one knows about Ruger's most powerful monster only that its a Link 4," I say.

"That's true I always forget that he has that he never uses it. I always believed that Scrappter King's his ace." Suzuki said

"If were done comparing their new monsters lets start the Duel Club meeting," Hosoda said

Being back at my apartment always refreshes my day knowing that I wouldn't have to deal with people. So you would understand why I was livid when I walked into my house I found someone in there.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Pardon me for intruding into your home Takeda Hiroshi or should I say, Ruger?"

"How do you know that?"

"I'm SOL Technologies Security Manager, Akira Zaizen. I have a favor to ask of you Takeda Hiroshi

OC cards that debut this chapter

Code Cracking Dragon/ Level 8, Dark, Machine/Effect, 3000 ATK, 0 DEF

This card cannot be normal summoned/Set you can only special summon this card by banishing Cracking Dragon from your field. When your opponent summons a monster that monster loses 200 attack points times its level and the amount of attack points lost also comes out of your opponents life points. This card gains 200 attack for each level on the field.

Hack Revival (Trap)

When a monster on your side of the field is destroyed, you can banish one Hack monster to Special Summon it from the Graveyard.

Scrap Recycle (Continuous Spell)

Once per turn, you can send one Scrap or Scrappter monster to the deck to add another Scrap or Scrappter monster to your hand. You can target a Link Monster on your field and equip this card to it the equipped monster gains 1000 attack.

Scrap Remains (Trap)

When an opponent's monster would destroy a Scrap or Scrappter monster, the monster is not destroyed, and the damage is halved. You can banish this card alongside a Scrap or Scrappter monster, and all Scrap or Scrappter monsters can not be destroyed by battle until the end of the turn.

Scrap Twin Fang/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, ATK 1700, DEF 800

When this card is used for a Link Summon, you can count this card as two materials

The Fallen Knight of Scrappter/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, 2500 ATK, Link Markers, Up Right, Up Left, Down

Requirements: All Scrap or Scrappter monsters

Once per turn, you can choose one card that a Link Marker on this card points too. Negate that monster's effect and The Fallen Knight of Scrappter takes that monster's effect.

Scrap Rise (Spell)

When this card is activated you can Special Summon one Scrap or Scrappter monster from your graveyard. You can only use Scrap Rise once per turn.