Ruger 4000 * 1

Playmaker 4000 * 3

"My turn." Playmaker drew increasing his hand to 4

"Oh, I guess I should mention this. While there is a monster on your field with the effect of Scrap Parasite, you can not Special Summon any monsters nor change the monsters affected by this effect battle position. When a monster that is infected by my Parasite's effect leaves the field, you lose 500 Life Points."

"So they're there for you to get free damage," AI stated

"Of course. If I don't damage someone's life points how do I win then?" I said back

"You could be a good Samaritan and let us go!" AI said hopefully

"He wouldn't do that." Yusaku's LINK VRAINS avatar Playmaker said

"What makes you say that."

"He seems to duel for someone through this duel. That's why he set up this combo so it would make it nearly impossible to beat him. He doesn't want to risk losing any Life Points."

"Take your turn already," I said impatiently.

"I activate the spell Cyberse Scatter. I send all Cyberse monsters on my field to the graveyard, and for everyone that is destroyed I draw one card."

LinkSlayer and Cyberse Wizard both were destroyed in an explosion. Then Playmaker drew two cards increasing his hand to 6.

"Due to the monsters affected by Scrap Parasite's effect were destroyed you lose 500 Life Points for both monsters."

Playmaker 4000-3000 *6

"I summon DracoNet!"

Draconet/ Level 3, Dark, Cyberse/Effect, 1400 Attack, 1200 Defense

"I activate the effect of Draconet! I can Special Summon one Level 2 or lower Normal monster from my hand or deck in defense position. Come forth Bittron from my deck!"

Bittron/ Level 2, Earth, Cyberse/Effect, 200 Attack, 2000 Defense

"Let me guess you're going to your special ability Link spam." I taunted

"Open the circuit to the future!" Yusaku raised his arm to the sky, and a blue beam came out opening up a circuit Yusaku then go towards the circuit.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning condition is one Normal monster. I set Bittron in the Link Marker!" Bittron turned into a red light and went into the bottom Link Marker. "Circuit combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 1 Link Spider!'

Link Spider/ Link 1, Earth, Cyberse/Link/Effect, 1000 Attack, Link Marker Down

This is how he started his turn against GO before beating him. I won't fall into that same combo.

"I activate the effect of Link Spider! I Special Summon one level 4 or below Normal monster in my hand to the Main Monster Zone this card points too. I special summon another Bittron."

Bittron/ Level 2, Earth, Cyberse/Effect, 200 Attack, 2000 Defense

He requires effect monsters to summon Decode Talker since Bittron is a Normal monster he can't summon it with the monsters that are currently on the field.

"Open the circuit to the future!"


Just like last time Playmaker flew into the circuit.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning condition is one Level 2 or bellow Normal monster. I set Bittron in the Link Marker! Bittron turned into a red light again except this time it flew into the Link marker on the left. "Circuit combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 1 Cyberse Coder."

Cyberse Coder had on a pair of sunglasses on his small face. He had a little body that had a blue color he had something in his right hand I couldn't make out.

Cyberse Coder/ Link 1, Earth, Cyberse/Link/Effect, 800 Attack, Link Marker Left

So he still has more surprises up his sleeve. You might be the one for me to have to bring him out Yusaku don't disappoint me.

"I activate the effect of Cyberse Coder!"

Cyberse Coder opened his right hand to reveal a mouse. He waved his left hand, and a computer monitor appeared before him.

"If the card is linked to a Cyberse monster for the rest of this turn all Cyberse monsters gain 800 Attack Points, and non Cyberse monsters lose 800 Attack Points and when Cyberse monsters attack you cannot activate any effects until the end of the Battle Phase, but I can only attack once this turn."

Scrappter War Hero 2400-1600

Link Spider 1000-1800

Draconet 1400-2200

Cyberse Coder 800-1600

"We broke up his combo!" AI said happily

"To think you had something like that," I said

I'm 100% percent confident that Decode Talker is incoming.

"Open the circuit to the future!"

Playmaker and his monsters flew into the circuit.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are 2+ Effect monsters. I set Draconet, Cyberse Coder and Link Spider in the Link Marker! Circuit combine!" Link Summon! Come Forth before me Link 3 Decode Talker!"

Decode Talker/ Link 3, Dark, Cyberse/Effect/Link, 2300 Attack, Link Markers Up, Down-Left Down-Right

So it's arrived he doesn't want any monsters on the field to raise his attack but…

"Due to Cyberse Coder's effect, Decode Talker gains 800 Attack Points!"

Decode Talker 2300-3100

"I set two cards. Battle! Decode Talker attacks Scrappter War Hero! Due to Cyberse Coder, you cannot activate Scrap Sendoff. Go Decode Talker Decode End!" Decode Talker jumped and his sword above head and brought it down on Scrappter War Hero setting it up for an explosion as Decode Talker sliced through it.

Ruger 4000-2500 *1

I have to readjust myself on the D-Board due to the Attack due to the knocking me to one knee.

"I end my turn. At this moment Cyberse Coder's effect wears off and Decode Talker's attack is returned to normal."

Decode Talker 3100-2300

Playmaker 3000 *2

"I want you to listen up because I'm only going to say this once."

"Are you finally admitting that we're better than you," AI said coolly.

"That's funny you know."

"What's funny about what I said," AI stated confused

"Because there is not a single person in this world who is as good as me. I AM THE BEST THERE IS. GOT IT YOU DUMB COMPUTER PROGRAM? NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME!" I shouted

"Jeez, you didn't have to be so harsh."

"Now Playmaker I'm impressed, and that's not very easy to do. You're able to Link Summon multiple times in one turn in consecutive duels that is very good, but you're still light years from me, and I'll show you."

"He seems serious now," AI said

"He's not used to having someone challenge him to this level as I am." Playmaker replied back simply

"Now let's go. My turn!"

(With Azzurra and Daxter)

"Playmaker seems to have taken an early lead," Azzurra said watching the duel unfold on the monitor.

"We both know how well of a lead Playmaker will need if that card is summoned," Daxter said back Azzurra.

"Think that Ruger has that card?"

"If this is Takeru's deck then I'm almost certain that Ruger will summon it against Playmaker. Ruger's overconfidence is going to be the determine the winner of this duel." Daxter said in a Monotone

"You were the always the one who knew if Takeru was going to win or not during the early stages of his duels."

"Let's stop talking about those days we both know what our purpose is now," Daxter said getting mad at thinking about something.

"Yes, we will get revenge against SOL Technologies for taking our son from us." Azzurra started to clench her fist. "We will tear everything from them as they did to us."

"Then we must stop reminiscing about those days that we spent with Takeru and walk on the path of darkness to get revenge for our son Azzurra."

"Why don't you call me by my real name honey?" Azzurra said

"You never know who is watching my love."

(Back To The Main Action!)

"I activate a spell Scrap Dust! With this, I can destroy as many spells and traps on my field as I want and I draw a card for each one. I'm destroying both Scrap Sendoff and Scrap Reproduction. So I draw two cards." I drew the cards increasing my hand to 3

"I Now summon Scrap Twin Fang!"

Scrap Twin Fang/ Level 4, Dark, Machine/Effect, ATK 1700, DEF 800

"I'm going to pull a page out of your book if you don't mind. Open the circuit that leads to my victory!" I flew up on my D-Board

"Arrowhead confirmed. The summoning condition is at least one effect monster! Scrap Twin Fang counts as two materials for a Link Summon! I set Scrap Twin Fang in the Link Marker." Scrap Twin Fang split into two before flying into their respective markers. "Circuit combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 2 Scrap Collector!"

Scrap Collector looked a hobo that you would pass by every day. It had on a red beanie with a machine body that the gears seemed new, unlike the other Scrap monsters.

Scrap Collector/ Link 2, Earth, Machine/Link/Effect, 1500 Attack, Link Markers Down-Left, Down-Right

"I activate the effect of Scrap Collector I can target one Machine type monster in my Graveyard and special summon it to one of this cards Link Markers, but it is destroyed during the end phase. Return Scrappter War Hero!"

Scrappter War Hero/ Level 7, Dark, Machine/Effect, 2400 Attack, 700 Defense

"He now has a monster stronger than Decode Talker. What are you going to do Playmaker?" AI asked but was met with silence

"I activate Scrappter War Hero's effect!"

"WHAT?! It can only attack monsters when you activate that effect, and you can only attack with one monster the turn you used that effect." AI said confused

"You having problems over there processing there you defective computer program?"

"Oi! Who are you calling defective! I'm fully functional!

"He's not planning on attacking multiple times he's going to..." Playmaker started

"Send Scrap Parasite to the Graveyard to activate its effect." I finished his sentence

"That Parasite is annoying," AI grumbled

"When Scrap Parasite is sent is from my hand to the Graveyard I target one monster on the field its attack points become Zero, and it cannot change its battle position or use its effect also when the card that was targeted by this effect goes to the Graveyard you lose 500 Life Points!"

The Parasite climbed on Decode Talker and bit him.

Decode Talker 2300-0

"Playmaker I from the bottom of my heart respect you as a duelist, but in this world, the strong survive and the weak fall. I'm here to get the Ignis from you and I will, because my desire to bring him back to full health drives me."

"Who's he talking about?" AI asked

"The person he's dueling for." Playmaker said simply

"Open the circuit towards the path of my victory!" The blue beam shot out of my hand and flew into the circuit

"Arrowheads confirmed! The requirements are 2+ Scrap or Scrappter monsters. When I use a Link monster for A Link Summon, I can use its Link Markers as Link Materials. I set the Link 2 Scrap Collector and Scrappter War Hero in the Link Marker. Circuit Combine! Link Summon! Come Forth, my Knight! Link 3 The Fallen Knight of Scrappter.

The Fallen Knight of Scrappter/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, 2500 ATK, Link Markers, Up Right, Up Left, Down

"So you've brought out your ace." Playmaker stated

"Whoever said this is my ace?" I said back while moving my D-Board around an upcoming building

"He has a monster stronger than this?" AI said shocked

"You're not going to be able to see it, because this is where this duel ends. I set a card."

"If we can't avoid this we are done for!"

"I'm well aware of that." Playmaker retorted

"Let's go! Time for a perfect finish! The Fallen Knight of Scrappter attacks Decode Talker!"

Fallen Knight charged at Decode Talker and drew his blade. They both clashed with their swords until Fallen Knight overpowered him.

"I activate a trap! Three Strike Barrier! When this card is activated, I can choose one of three effects. I choose the effect where I take no battle damage this turn."

"You'll take 500 points of damage due to Scrap Parasite's effect though."

"I activate my other trap! Link Restart!"

"Crap," I said knowing the effect of the trap

"When a spell/trap or monster effect would deal me damage I can negate that effect and Special Summon one Link monster from my Graveyard. Come back Decode Talker!"

I played right into his trap ugh, but now it cant use 2 two of its Link Markers for its effect though since it's in the Main Monster zone

"I end my turn."

Ruger 2500 *1

"My turn." Playmaker drew increasing his hand to 3

"First I equip Decode Talker with Cyberse Annihilation."

That's the spell he used in his combo to beat GO is he trying to humiliate me or something?

"I summon Cyberse Gadget!"

Cyberse Gadget/ Level 4, Light, Cyberse/Effect, Attack 1400, Defense 300

"The effect of Cyberse Gadget activates! When it is normal summoned I can special summon one level 2 or bellow monster from my Graveyard. I bring back Bittron."

Bittron/ Level 2, Earth, Cyberse/Effect, 200 Attack, 2000 Defense

Why would he bring back a monster unless he is planning on.

"Open the circuit to the future!" Playmaker said shooting out a blue beam and then flew into the portal with his monsters

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Cyberse monsters. I set Cyberse Gadget and Bittron in the Link Markers! Circuit combine! Link Summon! Appear, Link 2 Honeybot!

Honeybot/ Link 2, Light, Cyberse/Link/Effect, Attack 1900, Link Markers, Left, Right

"So you used The Fallen of Scrappter's Link Marker to summon Honeybot to your Main Monster Zone. If I recall from your duel with GO Onizuka every monster that Honeybot's Link Markers point to can't be destroyed by battle or be affected by card effects. You wanted to use Honeybot's full power, so you put it in the Main Monster Zone." I stated

"You're doing the same combo as you did against GO. That hurts my feelings that you think the same combo that beat the muscle head idiot GO Onizuka will beat me."

(Meanwhile With GO)

"HEY! Who are you calling a muscle head idiot! Last time I checked, You've never beaten me!" Go shouted at his TV, while his manager tried to calm him down.

(Back To The Duel)

"I set 2 cards face down. Battle! Decode Talker attacks The Fallen Knight of Scrappter! Cyberse Annihilation activates! When the monster equipped with this card attacks a monster its attack points become the same as the one, it is attacking."

Decode Talker 2300-2500

"Go Decode Talker! Decode end!" Decode Talker jumped to The Fallen Knight of Scrappter while The Fallen Knight of Scrappter prepared for their second clash. They both drew hit each other with their swords, but only The Fallen Knight of Scrappter was destroyed.

"Due to Honeybot's effect, Decode Talker is not destroyed. Now Cyberse Annihilation's effect activates when the monster equipped with the spell destroys one of your monsters you take damage equal to the attack of that original monster." Cyberse Annihilation's card appears before Playmaker, and then a beam shoots out from it hitting me and creating an explosion.

"We did it!" AI said

"Look again." Playmaker told his captive

Ruger 2500 *1

The explosion died down revealing me with a trap card in front of me.

"I activated my trap Link Restart! This should look familiar to you as you played the same card last turn. You should know the effect of it. Whenever I take effect damage I can negate that damage and special summon one Link monster from my Graveyard. Come back, my Knight!"

The Fallen Knight of Scrappter/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, 2500 ATK, Link Markers, Up Right, Up Left, Down

"We were so close to destroying it," AI stated

"I end my turn." Playmaker said

"Decode Talker's attack returns to normal," I stated

Decode Talker 2500-2300

Playmaker 3000 *0

"In that case its time for the grand finale," I said

Ruger 2500 *1

"My turn!" I drew increasing my hand to 2 "I activate the spell Scrap Reborn! With this, I can special summon one Scrap or Scrappter monster from my Graveyard! Come back to me Scrap Toy Solider."

Scrap Toy Solider/ Level 1, Light, Machine/Effect, 0 Attack, 0 Defense

"What the point of bringing that back since it has 0 attack points?"

"It's not going to be here long, because open the circuit to my path of victory!" I shot the blue beam into the sky and flew with my two monsters into it.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning condition is 2+ Machine type monsters! When I Link, summon using a Link monster I can use its Link Markers as materials. I set the Link 3 The Fallen Knight of Scrappter and Scrap Toy Solider. Circuit Combine! Link Summon! Come towards me within your path of requiem! Link 4 Nashi Dragon of Requiem!

Nashi had orange colored wings with a red body it had golden eyes glaring at Decode Talker and showed his teeth to immediate it. It let out an ear-piercing roar that made even Playmaker flinch

Nashi Dragon of Requiem/ Link 4, Earth, Machine/Link/Effect, 3000 Attack, Link Markers- Up-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Down-Left

(With Daxter and Azzurra)

"So Ruger has finally summoned it," Daxter commented

"Takeru hardly ever lost when he summoned that monster. Ruger must be strong if Nashi accepted him." Azzurra said back

"The question is not if he's strong or not, but who he is and why Takeru trusted Ruger with his deck."

Why someone like Takeru who valued his deck like his family gives his deck to Ruger? I will find out who you are and your connection to him Ruger."

(Back at The Main Action)

"So that's his ace." Playmaker looked at Nashi

"Yep you should be delighted Playmaker I don't use Nashi on the average duelist. You're good enough to be beaten by me at my highest level."

"He's sure confidante in his ability to win," AI said sweat dropping

"If you would have my dragon here you would be as confident as I am. Let's continue I activate the effect of Nashi!"

"Due to Honeybot you cant target monsters that are linked to it," Ai said in a tone where if he had a mouth he would be smirking

"Honeybot's effect only works on the monsters its Link Markers point to so Honeybot can still be affected by effects. Once per turn, I can target one monster that one of Nashi's Link Markers point to and that monster is destroyed, and Nashi's attack is increased by that monsters original attack points. Honeybot is the only monster on your field, so I destroy it. Go Nashi's Haywire Requiem." Nashi roared so loud that strong winds appeared and caused Honeybot to be destroyed. The particles of Honeybot went into Nashi's still open mouth.

Nashi Dragon of Requiem 3000-4900

"I would get ready to hold onto the D-Board to prevent falling Playmaker because here I come! Battle! Nashi attacks Decode Talker! Requiem Stream!" Nashi opened its mouth and charged up a laser once complete the laser shot out at Decode Talker creating an explosion.

Playmaker 3000-1700 *0

The smoke cleared to show Playmaker painting a little from the attack, but Decode Talker was still on the field.

"You should have taken more damage whats up?" I asked

"I activated my trap Cyberse Production Program. When a Cyberse type monster would be destroyed I can banish one Cyberse Link monster in my Graveyard, and the monster is not destroyed, and the damage I would have taken was halved. I banished Link Spider." As soon as he finished Nashi fired a smaller laser at him

Playmaker 1700-1500 *0

"How did I take damage?" Playmaker asked taken back a little

"Due to Nashi's effect every time you activate a spell/trap or a monster effect you take 200 points of damage. Requiem Shout!"

"Now he's trying to cripple us," AI stated

"I end my turn now."

Ruger 2500 *1

"My turn." Playmaker said increasing his hand to 1 "I activate the effect of Cyberse Coder in my Graveyard I banish this alongside another Cyberse monster to special summon one Link monster from my Graveyard I'm bringing back Honeybot."

Honeybot/ Link 2, Light, Cyberse/Link/Effect, Attack 1900, Link Markers, Left, Right

"Since you activated an effect you're going to take 200 points of damage due to Nashi's effect! Requiem Shout!"

Playmaker 1500-1300 *1

Now he's going to try to end this with Cyberse Annihilation and protect Decode Talker with Honeybot's effect again. Wait until he learns Nashi's last surprise.

"I set a card. Battle Decode Talker attacks Nashi Dragon of Requiem! Due to Cyberse Annihilation Decode Talker's attack points become the same as the monster who battles it."

Decode Talker 2300-3000


"Since you activated Cyberse Annihilation's effect you take another 200 points of damage due to Nashi! Requiem Shout!

Playmaker 1300-1100 *0

Decode Talker jumped in the air where Nashi was flying and brought its sword down on Nashi creating an explosion

"Decode Talker is not destroyed due to Honeybot's effect, and now you take damage equal to Nashi Dragon of Requiem attack which is 3000."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that!" The explosion cleared revealing a barrier was protecting Nashi from Decode Talker's attack

"What! You don't have any spells or traps on your field though!" AI said shocked

"I don't need a spell or trap to activate the other effect of Nashi. By banishing a Machine-type monster in my Graveyard, I can negate Nashi's destruction! I banished Scrap Parasite I said grinning

"Since your dragon wasn't destroyed you don't take damage due to Cyberse Annihilation," AI said


"I end my turn with that."

Playmaker 1100 *0

Ruger 2500 *1

"My turn!"

"I activate a Continues trap! Cyberse Extension Weapon! With this, I target one Cyberse monster on the field and equip it onto another monster on the field. That monster gains the attack points of the equipped monster, and the monster equipped monster cannot be affected by card effects until the end of this turn. Once the turn that this trap activates concludes while this card is on the field, I cant receive effect damage until the monster equipped with this card is destroyed.

"Add another 200 points to my lead! Requiem Shout!"

Playmaker 1100-900 *0

"I equip Honeybot onto Decode Talker!"

Decode Talker 2300-4200

He's in range for Storm Access now. I need to watch out for a data storm.

"It's time for me to activate my skill Scrap construction! With this, while I control a Link monster, I can banish one Link monster in my Graveyard that is a lower Link that the monster on the field too special summon a Link monster with the same link from my Extra Deck. I banish The Fallen of Scrappter to special summon Scrappter King from my Extra Deck!"

"So that's his skill," AI said.

Scrappter King/ Link 3, Dark, Machine/Link/Effect, ATK 2000, Link Markers, Up, Up Right, Up Left

"Nashi's effect activates! I target one monster this card Link Markers point to and tribute it for Nashi's attack to rise by the monster that was tribute attack points. I tribute Scrappter King, so Nashi gains 2000 attack. Haywire Requiem!

Nashi Dragon of Requiem 3000-5000

"The overgrown lizard has overtaken Decode Talker in attack points," AI said

"I set a card. Battle Nashi attacks Decode Talker! Requiem Steam!"

"Due to Cyberse Extension Decode Talker is not destroyed."

"But you still take the damage!"

Nashi fired a stream of data at Decode Talker which caused Playmaker to fall off his board.

Playmaker 900-100 *0

"Were in a pinch!" AI said

"Yes, but what matters is what is ahead." Playmaker told him

"A data storm!" Playmaker nodded to the duel disk prisoner before passing me

Nashi flew ahead blocking Playmaker's progress.

"Move it you overgrown lizard!" AI shouted at it

Decode Talker appeared from behind a building and swung his sword at Nashi. Nashi lost its focus long enough for Playmaker to pass the fighting monsters and go towards the data storm and into it

"Like I'm going to let you get a cheap win by getting the perfect monster to get out of this situation!" I shouted and followed him into the data storm

"He must be insane to follow us in here!" AI said looking at me

"Only a little bit more and I can stop him from using this ridiculous overpowered skill of his!" I say I try to block the wind from my eyes from my eyes so I can keep them open.

"Damage output of the D-Board is not functional to continue the Duel. Canceling Duel. Forcing log out." My duel disk beeped

"What! Not now when I have a huge lead!" I said as I was forced to log out.

(With Yusaku and Kusanagi)

"It's a good thing that he was forced to log out, or we might be in some trouble right now," Kusanagi stated to Yusaku as they talked right outside Café Nagi. The crowd from the duel between Playmaker and Ruger had all left making the park quiet and peaceful

"I wanted to finish the duel with him," Yusaku said back

"Are you crazy!? We were so close to losing and if you would have lost I would have to leave with him!" AI said

"You would have to if Fujiki didn't luck out," I started walking towards them in my school uniform

"It's him!" AI panicked

"Don't worry I am not here to take you to SOL Technologies," I said

"Your not?" I ignored the Ignis and focused my gaze on Yusaku's

"You may have gotten lucky by me having to log out due to the damage from my D-Board, but I can assure you we will duel again and I will finish what I started and take that Ignis from you."

"I'll look forward to it," Yusaku said to me

"You won't tell anybody who Playmaker is will you?" Kusanagi asks me

"I won't. I'm the one who ended up leaving the duel so I'll chalk it up as a win for Yusaku, per the agreement I will not tell anybody who Playmaker is and let him keep the Ignis for now." I say to Kusanagi

"Good. Would like a free hot dog on the house?" He asked

"Why not?"

(With Azzurra and Daxter)

"Too bad it ended there it would have been fun to see the conclusion of the duel. Guess we still did our mission though." Daxter said to Azzurra

"Do you mind reporting to master Revolver by yourself I must do something," Azzurra said

"That's acceptable."

Azzurra then proceeded to log off.

A brown hair woman with long hair stood up from the chair she was sitting on. There was a man next to her in another chair that had short red spiky hair. There were several monitors in front of them showing different places within LINK VRAINS. The woman grabbed a picture from a dresser that was in the room showing a younger Takeru and the women.

"What are you hiding Takeru?"

OC Cards That debut this chapter

Scrap Parasite/ Level 2, Light, Machine/Effect, 0 ATK, 0 Defense

When This card is sent to the Graveyard from your hand, you can target one monster, and its attack becomes 0. The monsters affected by this effect cannot switch battle positions, and while they are on the field, your opponent can not special summon any monsters. When the monster affected by this leaves the field to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent

Cyberse Scatter (Quick-Play Spell)

Send all Cyberse monsters on your field to the graveyard and draw a card for each one.

Cyberse Coder/ Link 1, Earth, Cyberse/Link/Effect, 800 Attack, Link Marker Left

If this card is Linked to a Cyberse monster, all Cyberse monsters gain 800 attack points, and non Cyberse monsters lose 800 attack points for the remainder of the turn. While this card is in the Graveyard, you can banish this card alongside another Cyberse monster to special summon a Link monster from your graveyard.

Scrap Collector/ Link 2, Earth, Machine/Link/Effect, 1500 Attack, Link Markers Down-Left, Down-Right

Once per turn you can special summon one Machine type monster from your Graveyard to one of this cards Link Markers but it is destroyed during the end phase.

Nashi Dragon of Requiem/ Link 4, Earth, Machine/Link/Effect, 3000 Attack, Link Markers- Up-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Down-Left

Once per turn you can target one monster this card Link Markers point to destroy it and this card gains that monsters attack points. If this card would be destroyed in battle, you can instead banish one Machine type monster to negate the destruction of this card. When your opponent activates a spell, trap, or monster effect inflict 200 points of damage.

Cyberse Production Program (Trap)

When a Cyberse type monster would be destroyed, you can banish a Cyberse Link monster to negate the destruction of the monster and halve the damage taken.

Its been a while hasn't it. Yelp I'm back and will be doing my best to continue this story. Thanks to everybody for keeping to support this story while I have been gone. Another thing from now on I will posting a preview for the next chapter. The anime is way ahead of me at this point so I should be posting a new chapter every couple of weeks. I liked what I have seen so far from Vrains I hope with the new addition of Soulburner won't harm the screen time of characters I enjoyed like Akira, Aoi, Emma, and GO. Until next time!

Link 05: The Brutal Duelist Azzurra

Aoi seeks to find out the truth about if Hiroshi is Ruger, she sees a fellow Charisma Duelist gets brutally defeated by a Hanoi spy named Azzurra. Blue Angel Challenges Azzurra to a speed duel but is quickly cornered by Azzurra tactics with her Spyral monsters.