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The other three ocupents in the room looked to the blonde in shock, "spark do you know this organization...?" asked the professor who seemed to notice the shock and fear in his eyes. "oh um I-I rather n-not talk about it" he stuttered taking a step back and looking away so that the blood colored R was no longer in his sight.

Blanche looked a bit confused "every bit of information would be valid for figuring out their motive...It would be best if you spoke about your experience involving them"

Almost like a trigger had been pulled, images of fists, steel toed boot, knives, needles, and strange machinery had played through his mind, the sounds came second. Gears turning, the sound of pokemon screaming, the sound of people yelling at him, the sound of his own screams.

He shut his eyes quickly and covered his ears with his hands but they wouldnt go away.

He felt Aki paw at him and heard his whines but the images and sounds just wouldnt stop. He heard his name being yelled which only made his mind run wild with memories of the times he ran away.

Aki was growling at them, the other two leaders wheren't sure what was happening but what ever it was Sparks jolteon knew what was going on and didnt want them near.

Professor Willow made his way around his desk and slowly aproached the Jolteon that was only wanting to protect its precious trainer.

Professor put his hands out slowly "we're not going to hurt him we need to help , so he doesnt hurt himself" the other two now became aware of Spark scraching and pulling his hair, he was right Spark was going to end up hurting him self if they didnt intervene soon.

Aki backed off a bit and tried to alert its trainer but it was no use, he was unresponsive.

Professor slowly walked up to Spark who was sitting on the floor still pulling at his hair and scratching at his ears.

"Spark, you're at the Lab with me, Blanche and Candela, you need to calm down you're ok, I promise" Spark looked up slowly his eyes wide and scared, they had never seen him like that. It seemed so wrong to see such a happy person brake down so suddenly.

Blanche looked a little guilty considering they had pushed him to think about somthing he clearly didnt want to think about, but even they couldnt have perdicted how he would react.

The professor slowly lifted a hand only for Spark to flinch and narrow his eyes at the offending hand, it was almost as if he didnt reconize Willow.

A small cry was heard from the Jolteon that was curled up close to the scared leader, it sounded almost aproving and encouraging at the same time, as if Aki was telling him it was safe.

Spark seemed to understand and stoped glaring at the hand.

"sorry...I idnt mean to...ya' know do that"

he said in a voice just loud enough to hear, it wasnt like him at all.

Professor Willow smiled gently and slowly moved his hand to rest on the youngest shoulder, pretending not to notice his finching at contact he opened his mouth to speak "Its aliright Spark you dont need to apologize it wasn't your falt at all, you can go take a brake if you want we can do a breifing later".

Spark loked a little sad but nodded making his way out of the office ot go to his own.

The three remaining reasurchers watched the door as if he would walk back in and explain what had happen.

Candela looked worried as she looked at the jolteon who had for some reason stayed. "Aki? why didnt you go with Spark?"

the pokemon yiped before jumping up on the desk where the pictures were and growled as if they were actually in the room.

The three looked confused, Blanche decided to speak next, "So their obviously dangerous...but what are their motives.."

the small pokemon yiped again jumping onto the back of the professors chair and rolling to the back wall where the team banners were kept.

He pointed a paw to the team instinct banner, making small sparks of electricity.

"Team instict...Spark and ..." " ZAPDOS" Candela shouted out the last part befor Blanche could finish.

"but why only Zapdos..." she wispered, Blanche sighed again annoyed " isnt it obvious? its known that Zapdos is considered the strongest of the Titans"

Candela looked shocked "wait seriosly, the thunder chicken is the strongest"? The professor laughed lightly, "yes well, compared to the legendaries types and moves that they can learn, statistics show that Zapdos is the strongest of the three".

The three leaders each had a bond with their ledgendary representatives, but sparks alwase seemed so much diffrent even stronger, it was almost like he could comunicate with it, it was almost like they shared a mind.

Spark had never told them how he meet Zapdos despite him knowing how they met theirs, but now they were all sure it had somthing to do with this 'Team rocket'.

Spark knew why Aki had stayed back, he was probably giving them hints to team rockets motives,

He remebered it clearly, he had just turned 7 and the lightning lit up the sky and thunder shook the HQ. He always found comfort in these kinds of storms, he heard it as a type of music. The rain dripping a rhythm onto the small glass widow of his room, the wind shaking the leaves to create the white noise, thunder was the corus, and lightning was the camras flashing and the lights that made the show all the more amazing.

He loved storms.

He remebered sneaking out and standing in the rain hoping he wouldnt be caught by his parents, he remembered the flash of lightning brighter then the rest, the thunder that boomed through the forest as if a thousand drums where hit at once.

Something was calling to him.

His younger self had ran as fast as he would when he attempted to run away, but this time he had a place he wanted to go, he saw a tree lit on fire from being struck with lightning.

He had reconized the tree from the last time he had ran away, his mother had gotten so angry she tied him up and left him there until he had 'learned his lesson'.

The only diffrence (other then the fire) was a large yellow and black bird with a spikey feathered body.

He had known that bird, he knew just about everything there was to know about it.

His mother and father had pounded the knowledge into his head, this bird was Zapdos.

The ledgendary that was sending HQ onto a frenzy, the very pokemon that could make a storm and controle it at will.

That pokemon had just sat infront of him, looking him straight int he eye as if it was challanging him.

He of course stepped forward, the pokemon didnt react as he stepped closer and closer.

He was only an arms length away, "why have you shown your self to me..." he had asked not wanting to touch the bird and risk it becoming angry with him.

The pokemon crooned moving its head to rest its long sharp beak on his head. it suprized him at first until he heard the comforting coos coming from the mighty bird.

He didnt believe it at first but the bird seemed to want to comfort him.

It was starge that the mighty pokemon would care for someone as insignificant as himself...

That was only the first time he meet Zapdos, everyonce in awhile the bird would meet him and play with him, it was fun and he enjoyed those times away from the beatings and work that his parents forced him to do.

Eventualy they found out.

His parents noticed him leaving every few nights and asighned a pokemon to stalk him.

Thats when Zapdos gave him that mark.

His parents had been so angry that he didnt tell him that they beat him untill his heart nearly stopped.

Zapdos saved him.

His parents had thrown him out into the woods playing a game of chance that he would survive, Aki had snuck out to try to keep him alive but it wasnt doing much...

That's when Zapdos had apeared ,

it landed close to him motioning for Aki to move away.

The evee did as told and the Titan leand down the end of its beak touching the area near his heart, soon enough he felt the schock of electricity coursong through his body.

His heart didnt stop but new marks apeared on his body, scars resembling lightning made its way from his chest to his hand, wrapping a round his arm in an intricate display.

Hid parents called it a bond mark , it was a blessing and a curse...

A blessing because his parents couldnt try to kill him anymore, and a curse because thats when the experiments started ...

Spark fell asleep from the emotional stress he had added to his body just thinking about how this all had started.

That was fine of course, he needed it.

Some insight on Sparks past and how ne met Zapdos! Hope you enjoyed