It was a nice cool evening, And Felix was Helping his Neighbor Fluttershy care for some of her Animal friends. "Um.. Thank you so much for your help today Felix." Said Fluttershy with a soft warm smile and a gentle tone. "No Worries Flutter. It always helps me come up with new Ideas for Poems to write!" Said Felix as he grins and scratches his ear.

After they finished, two head back to their homes. Lexis excitedly Greets Felix upon his return then the two go to bed and sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Felix hears a strange sound coming from outside. the sound has a deep base similar to that of a Foghorn but also a subtle tremble at the same time. feeling concerned, Felix slowly crawls out of bed in order not to disturb Lexis who was cutely snoring softly. "I can't believe She doesn't hear that..." said Felix quietly to himself. he goes to the dresser and puts on one of his favorite shirts, then goes downstairs to the front door.

It is at this time that the deep low sound starts to get even louder, which causes Felix to cover his ears. he then turned the door handle and carefully opens the door. as soon as the door became fully opened, the noise stopped. Felix Then steps outside to investigate further... but there was nothing there. he tilts his head and scratches his ear confused. Just as he's about to turn around and go back inside, suddenly an enormous Flash of light surrounds him and he Yelps and quickly tries to shield his eyes.

"W-what's going on here?! W-what is happening... ?!" Said Felix in a blind panic. At that moment, Princess Luna appears before him. Felix slowly opens his eyes and is dumbfounded at seeing the glorious Pony standing Before him.

"FELIX, THERE YOU ARE" Said Luna in a close range Booming voice. Felix covers his ears and replies, " Yo, Hold up! um your Highness? I mean no disrespect, but could you PLEASE take it down several notches?" Luna briefly covers her mouth and says in a quieter, Normal Tone, "Oh, My apologies Fox. old habits I guess...but there is something of great Importance that involves you young Fox."

"W-what..?! M-me?! why me? I am literally the last individual in Equestria that should be getting this kind of visit!" Said Felix as he backed up a couple of steps. "THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN" Boomed Luna. "Seriously though?! Do you not have an inside voice?" Felix replied while Cringing. Luna then Spread her glowing Wings and shot a beam of light towards Felix then said "Cantorlot needs your assistance..." her voice echoes as the light slowly fades and she vanishes. Felix got up from the ground and realized that he was now standing in the middle of Everfree Forest.

"How the hell did I get here...?" he said, absolutely baffled by the evening's turn of events. He reasoned that he must have been sleepwalking and then he returns home and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Felix heads into town to go to work at "Books Galore," The bookstore That literally has everything. Spike drops by the shop to pick up a few Books requested by Princess Twilight.

"Oh hey there Felix!" Said Spike as he waved at him. "Long time no see! I know Me and Twi used to come around almost every other week, but we've just been so darn busy, ya know?" Felix chuckles and Says, "nah, no worries my little dragon bro, just tell her Highness that I finished writing another poetry book that I think she might enjoy." He Grins. "Awesome! I most definitely will tell her about it. she REALLY enjoys your writing!"

Spike buys the books then leaves. at that same moment, a mysterious Figure enters the store...

-End Of Chapter-