"Felix, Felix what's wrong honey?!" Lexis asked Felix after he awoke from his nightmare. "I-I just had a bad dream... Thats all, my love" Replied Felix reassuringly to Lexis. He gets up out of bed and gets a glass of water, then returns to bed and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, there is a Knock on the door. Felix slowly gets up. "Who the Hell is trying to visit so damn early in the morning..." Said Felix to himself in a rather annoyed and tired tone. The knocking continued as he approached the door. Upon opening the front door, he is greated by a familiar Face. It was His old pal Cameron Shepard, the Blue furred, blue nosed Anthro German Shepard.

"Yo what's up Felix!" Said Cameron in an energetic fashion. Felix just stands there for a sec then says, "Well Cameron... I WAS sleeping about a minute ago..." Cameron chuckled embarrassedly and said, "Hehe, Sorry buddy, but did you forget? Today is the day of our Planned fishing trip bro!" Felix's eye widen with shock as he suddenly remembers the prearranged trip. "HOLY CRAP! I-I almost completely forgot about that!" Said Felix in a brisk panic. He then runs back upstairs to put on his favorite shirt and find his fishing pole. Cameron shakes his and laughs then says to himself, "same ol' Felix as always." Felix says good bye to Lexis before leaving, and joins Cameron outside. They start Walking to the Everfree Forest to find a fishing lake. As they pass by Applejack's farm, they see Their friend Fire Heart playing with the cutiemark Crusaders: Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Applebloom. He turns and sees them. " *gasp* Felix! Cameron! *happy squeal* How are you guys doing!? Wanna join us? Applebloom challenged me to this 'bucking' thing!" Fire Heart said as he tried with all his might to buck the tree. To his surprise only a single apple fell, directly above his head, hitting him.

"OUCH!" Fire said as he rubs his head. "Ha! Im the best!" Screamed Applebloom. Fire Heart then asks Felix, "so what are guys doing?" He grins. "Cameron and I are heading to the Everfree to go fishing. Wanna come with us?" All the children jump around excitedly. Just then, Applejack trots up, "What in Tarnation is goin' on out here?" She said. "Oh hi Felix, hey Cameron. Judgin' by the fishin rods, I reckon that y'all is headin out for a fishin trip." Felix and Cameron both nod their heads. "We also just invited the kids to come along too." Said Cameron. Applejack frowns and shakes her head then says, "sorry fellas but no can do. I'm in charge of watchin' over these lil fillies. But Fire Heart is free to go." The CMCs groan disappointedly. Fire Heart Jumps and hugs Felix, causing him to fall over. They all laugh and Cameron, Felix, and the newly joined Fire Heart, continue on to their Fishing trip. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is following them from a distance...

The trio finally reach the Everfree Forest and find the Fishing lake. As they wait for a bite, Cameron whips out his trusty Guitar and starts to play it while Felix begins writing lyrics for the melody that Cam is strumming. Meanwhile, Fire Heart is intensely focused on his fishing rod. He stares intensely into the water, then Suddenly, there came and sharp tug on Fire's rod. "HEY! I-I think I c-cought something! It feels really big...!" Said Fire Heart as he struggles to reel in his line. "Hold on tight Fire!" Felix shouted to Fire. Suddenly, his line is tugged sharply with so much force that the poor young colt is sent flying into the cold Lake water. "Help Me!" Screamed Fire Heart as he struggled to stay afloat. Cameron tosses his guitar and rushes to into the lake to rescue him. But before he can get to him, The mysterious figure that had been following the trio, swings over the lake like a flash snatching Fire form the water and bringing him to safety. The water was so cold, Fire Heart was unable to warm himself back up with his fire magic ability. Instead, hes unconscious. His mane has lost its Fiery Red color and his coat is now a dimmer hue.

The mysterious individual turns out to be a rather muscular earth pony wearing a A Wolf mask, a Military style Kevlar body suit and paw-shaped Gloves on his hooves. "T-Thank you for rescuing our friend... Um.. Mr...?" Said Cameron. The mysterious Pone slowly approaches him then says In a rather Gruff, Batman style voice, "...I'm codename: 'Wolf Head'..."

"Riiiight..." Cameron replies nervously. Meanwhile, Felix Is attending to Fire Heart in hopes of trying to Revive and warm him back up. "*sigh* its no use...His body temperature is far too low for his Fiery Magic to restore him... We need to get him some medical attention and fast y'all! Thats when Wolf Head steps in. "...I know of a powerful Pony who can just possibly be able to restore your young friend. QUICK follow me! There's no time to waste!" He takes off galloping into the woods. Cameron and Felix, who is carrying the unconscious Fire Heart, both run after him and follows Wolf Head down the path.

Before long, the arrive in an elevated Clearing just outside Everfree Forest. Wolf Head stops suddenly. "We're here..." He said to them. Felix looks around. "Umm... Wolf pony dude... Who Exactly are we looking for out here..?" He asks rather confused. Wolf Head raises his hoof and Points. "There, She's up near that ravine practicing her Magic. Cameron and Felix both look and instantly recognize who it is. "Its Amber!" They both say in unison. Amber is practicing her Earth magic by causing sharp earthquakes and moving boulders. Her horn is glowing a Rather Dark Shade of Orange. Felix runs over to her with Fire Heart in his paws. "AMBER! We need your help!" Shouyed Felix calls out frantically which briefly startles Amber and makes her lose her concentration.

"Whoa what the- Oh hi Felix. Um... I was kinda in the middle of like, doing stuff..." Amber said rather plainly. Felix approaches her, drops to his knees and says, "...I'm sorry, but Please, can you help our friend?" She looks at Fire Heart closely. "Welp..." She began, "Let me see what I can do. *smiles* don't worry my friend."

Elsewhere, Apocalypse is still continues his search for the Legendary Books on the outskirts of Canterlot. Little does he know, there are two Magical Foxes following him at a safe distance. One has a Gem stone embedded in his right paw, and the other is a Pega-Fox with the power to control Fire and heat. Their names, are Foxy and Fox Flame Flare...

-End of Chapter-