Laurel looked back at the others. Oliver had gone up ahead with John and Thea. She had stayed back with Felicity, her dad and Sara. They were trailing Damien Darhk through the treacherous Iron Heights. She didn't like that her dad or Sara was there but they insisted. She looked at Felicity and winked. Felicity blushed and wished she could get the courage to tell Laurel how she really felt.

Suddenly before Felicity could even blink, blood was running down Laurels sides as a knife with no wielded ran through her. Laurel's blood curdling scream ran through her brain like electricity. Quentin and Sara screamed and ran to her side and without missing a beat Oliver scooped her up and brought her to the arrow cave. John got Lyla to bring in doctors from argus.

Through the whole thing Quentin and Sara never left her side. Even as Laurel's pancreas slid from the cut that just seemed to be getting bigger on its own. Felicity watched as Lyla whispered something in Quentin and Sara's ears which made them break down but move away. They came over to where Felicity was standing and held her as Lyla quickly snapped Laurel's neck. It was the humane thing to do but Felicity's heart didn't want to agree.

Lyla explained that the magic that Damien had used couldn't be stopped and Laurel would've been in a tortured state until she eventually just died from loss of blood. Sara had volunteered to do it but Laurel had mustered enough strength to grab her sisters hand and shake her head. Cursing and kicking over one of the desks, Oliver fled the room. Sara helped her father into the next room constantly looking back at Laurel as though her sister would magically just sit up.

The rest of the people cleared out to begin the mourning and the funeral preparations all except Felicity Smoak. She walked over to Laurel, took her hand and said, "fly my Canary for I will love you until the day I reach those gates and can hold you in my arms once more" and with that placed a soft kiss on Laurel's cold lips and went in with the others.