Abigail POV

Sitting on the dock of Grandpa Solomon's safehouse, I got to watch the lake ripple with the slightest of breezes. It was fall, so it was cold, and my jacket was picking up the nasty habit of blowing open whenever the wind picked up. Shivering after a strong gust, I wrapped my arms around me and attempted to warm myself up. My legs had begun to fall asleep from how long I had been sitting on the edge so I started grazing the water with my toes, watching with slight awe as the slightest of touches would send ripples all the way across to the other side of the lake.

I had always loved watching and observing, like my mom, and being able to take some quiet time at calm of the safe house was a gift I was going to take advantage of.

Especially since tomorrow was the first day back.

Tomorrow started my junior year and I wasn't ready at all.

My mom and dad had told me stories of their junior year, declassified of course, and I was worried. No, I wasn't expecting a age-old terrorist group to attack and attempt to kidnap me during the middle of a CoveOps assignment or meet the love of my life whose mother is a higher up in the aforementioned, but I was expecting something to happen.

I mean, I was a product of the Goode-Morgan line; trouble had to be on the horizon.

I heard footsteps sounding far off on the wood of the dock, but I didn't have to turn to know exactly who it was.

"Dinner is in ten."

Matt's slung his arm around my shoulders as he plopped down beside me.

"Okay," I answered quietly.

We sat there for about thirty seconds before he interrupted the peace.

"What are we looking at?"

I snorted and elbowed him in the ribs.

My brother, my twin, took after our mom's fair looks while I got my dad's darker ones. Matt's hair, which was about to be cut down to a much shorter length, was a dirty blonde color, with my mother's brown eyes. He was tall and built with a smirk that rivaled my father's. Matt was friendly and talkative, too talkative for my taste, but he balanced out my near silent nature. He was my best friend and he was the only one I would talk to when we were younger in a strange made up twin language not even Aunt Liz could decipher.

I was the night to his day.

I had dark brown hair, almost black. I scored my dad's brilliant green eyes that tended to freak people out in contrast to my dark hair. I was petite, just hitting 5'3" this summer but toned perfectly. I was quiet and serious and preferred a punching bags company to humans. The only people besides Matt I ever really talked to were my best friends, practically cousins; Kodi, Grace, and Jake. I also was constantly hitting Matt whenever he said something stupid. Which was all the time.

"No seriously, are we actually looking at something, or for something, or are we just that worried about tomorrow?"

"You know me too well," I sighed.

He pointed to himself and said said, "Spy."

"No, you're a twin."

He dropped his arm from my shoulder and brought his hands together in his lap.

"I'm worried too."

Matt was sworn not to tell me about Blackthorne. He couldn't tell me what went on, what their classes were like, who his professors were...but he did tell me what he was training to do. Every year since his seventh grade, he was readying himself for his first kill. And it terrified him. I didn't judge him, I couldn't. It wasn't his fault; there was no other clandestine academy for boys in the country but there was no other life for him.

This was the only challenge in Matt's life that he didn't want to overcome and claim as his.

"I'm not ready Abby," Matt looked me in the eye and gave me a half-hearted smile.

"I'm not either Matt. I keep worrying about-" "Not living up to everyone's expectations."

I nodded, "At least I'm not the only one."

"I mean, we are Goodes and everyone is going to expect the best- the best grades, the best moves...the best shot." I glanced up at him and saw his eyes closed. "And nothing will come easily. We're going to have targets on our back Abby, big targets. Not just from any long distance relatives of Circle members or other terrorist groups, but classmates. Enemies of mom and dad's kids who want nothing more than to be the ones to one-up the lineage of the greatest spies clandestine operations have ever seen."

I stared at him incredulously. "You've thought into this haven't you?" "You bet."

I reached down and caressed the cold water with my fingertips, the blood having already left my hand too long ago for the temperature to affect me. "I just want to do my best and to survive junior year you know?" Matt smiled out towards the water and nodded. "I know."

We stayed quiet for three minutes and forty seven seconds exactly before Matt piped up. "On the bright side, we'll get to see each other!"

And just like that, the seriousness of the situation was gone.

"Of course dummy, we always see each other over break," I cocked my head to the side, wondering how he could have forgotten. "Yeah," he nodded slowly, "Break."

I knew that look he was giving me.

That was the "I shouldn't have said something" look that Matt constantly had on his face.

"Matt-," I started.

"Would you look at that," he looked down at his bare wrist, "it is time for dinner."

"Matthew," I turned to him.

"I hear mom calling," he jumped up and shot down the dock towards the house.

"Matthew Joseph Goode," I screeched and raced after him, smiling the whole way.