He wakes up to go back to sleep after peeing.

Can a bladder be stretched?

He spends hours getting ready to bathe. Hot water or in the stream near the house, either option is equally bad before, and good after. He gets lost in the during.

Will I have to do this again tomorrow?

Nothing he owns is his, he stands on borrowed soil. Nothing good or bad can be really him, except for who he isn't.

Whether I don't know, or can't decide on who I want to be, I'm still just a waste of space waiting to be filled. I want to be someone, but why do I dread the idea so much?

He gets the feeling in his chest sometimes. To live. But it never lasts long and is beyond easy to forget.

I want to be like them. I know I can be like her. Why am I not moving then? Would it be faking?

He has heard the stories of brave fighters who go around the land collecting dreams, creating memories, touching lives. He knows they'll be near his house soon. He just knows. He tries his best to not leave his house the following week.

I want to move as bad as I want to stay. I don't understand this feeling. Could it be that I am afraid?

Eventually he can't take it anymore and goes for a small walk, in the opposite direction of course. Regardless of how much he wants to have an adventure his feet always avoid it. He has been putting a pause to his life, but even fate can't wait forever.