It was a late night on 17th June 1980 in the Snow Castle. For any normal person, it would look like ruins of the small castle with only one tower. Nothing special. But for the witch or wizard, it was a huge castle with at least 6 massive towers, hundreds of windows, a tall wall around them and a bridge that allowed people to get into a castle.

This building was the property of an old family, Snow. People who were known to be one of the darkest families of Great Britain, on par with Blacks, Malfoys and Slytherins. Being ruthless, dark and cruel was expected from them. It was easy to recognise Snows - tall, silver hair, high cheekbones, purple eyes and very beautiful. Witches from this family broke almost all hearts of the men around and wizards always had a group of fangirls around them. There was never an exception from this rule. In a thousand years, that was how all of them looked like. It looked like all of them were twins to each other.

So what was very special about this castle on this specific night? On this night Daria Snow nee Stark was giving birth to the first child of Rhaegar Targaryen. It was a very long and difficult birth. Almost 12 hours. From 8 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. But finally, it finished.
A healer asked Jaeherys, Aerys and Rhaegar Snow - Great Grandfather, Grand Father and Father - to come into the room. As soon as they entered they saw a small baby who, as she heard three men entering the room, opened her eyes. Her perfect purple eyes. There was also a few strands of silver hair on her small head.

Daria Snow, a newly made mother, looked at her husband, Rhaegar, and asked

"How shall we name her?"

The youngest man thought for a minute and said

"I think that Lyanna, after your grandmother. Her second name will be Arya, the Lioness." He smiled slightly while looking at a small figure in his arms.

"Why you have given her Stark names?" Asked his surprised wife

"Because she is special, I can feel it in my bones. She is destined to do great things in the future. She has Stark and Snow blood in her veins. She has the blood of the greatest houses in the world. She will do many incredible things. " He said slowly, "The legend says that a seer said to my many grandfather, Aegon, that there will be born a very powerful child to our family. I think she might be the one. I already have the blood of three of the Founders, you have the blood of the Gryffindor, there is nothing more powerful than that mixture." Added Rhaegar with a sad smile.

It was very rare to hear him say whole truth without a single lie as he was, just as most of his family, in Slytherin house while being in school. However, he had to tell his wife this family secret, it was very important now that Lyanna was born.

"Will you ever tell her about all of that?" Asked his concerned wife

"I might tell her before she goes to Hogwarts but it's not very likely. We will have to see how she will grow up" was his reply.

"Are you sure, Rhae?"

"If we will tell all of that to her and it will turn out that she's not the one, it will crush her. We have to wait."

"Are you sure?" Asked again Daria, wanting to be sure of his decision.

"Yes, I am. Now go to sleep, you had a very hard day today" Said Rhaegar in a sweet voice and kissed his wife's head.

"Ok, goodnight," Said Daria, slowly closing her eyes.

"Goodnight" Answered three male voices.

After three men exited the room the oldest man one asked

"Are you sure that she is the one? We cannot be sure. You know how many of our ancestors wasted themselves because of that."

"Yes, we can't be sure Grandfather but how boring this life would be without a few risks?" Said Rhaegar with famous Slytherin smirk.

"Are you some stupid Gryffindor or something? The best life is the one without unnecessary risks." Said with a laugh his father, Aerys.

"Want to know something dad? The hat considered putting me House of Lions. It would be something for The Daily Prophet - The Heir to Evil House of Snow was put into Gryffindor. The world is ending." Said the youngest man and laughed, his father and grandfather joining him.

After that, each of them decided to retire to their chambers for the night. Each of them with a hope that this child will be the right one.