31st of October 1981. The day when the Twins who Lived stopped Lord Voldemort. Harry and Veronica Potter. The Potter's Orphans. The Light is celebrating the death of Dark Lord while paying little attention to the Twins. Only a few people paid them a little attention. The Alliance of Ice and Fire. You may ask - Why? Potters were not in it nor they were their family. The first statement is true - they weren't in Alliance. Second, however, is very true. James Potter, son of Charlus Potter and Dorea Potter nee Black had few cousins who were in the Alliance - Elia Snow, Katy Tully, Robert Targaryen, Stannis Targaryen and Renly Targaryen.

It was decided between the head of the houses that they will need to take Twins to them to ensure that they will be safe as they didn't trust Albus Dumbledore, the leader of Light and Order of Phoenix. Jaeherys knew that Dumbledore and his Order of Flying Chickens will try to get these children on their side no matter what cost. This was the reason why the whole Alliance decided to rent a detective to found where the Twins are.

After a week they had results. Harry and Veronica were with the family of Lily Potter nee Evans - her sister Petunia and her husband Vernon. Everything would be good if not one little thing - there was a law which stated that no heir or heiress to at least Noble House could grow up in Muggle environment and Potter family was Noble AND Ancient House. The oldest Snow knew that the Ministry will need to transfer these children to Magical home because this would be mentioned to them by few Lords of The Most Noble and Most Ancient Houses. The most dangerous houses. The White Wolf, The Grey Wolf, The Black Horse, The Silver Fish, The Golden Lion, The Red Dragon, The Red Sun, The Grey Eagle and The Silver Guard. The Alliance of Ice and Fire.

Finally, after a month of fighting with Ministry and Albus Dumbledore, they received permission to take Harry and Veronica Potter from the care of their closest family.

It was the beginning of December. Almost whole England was covered in snow and people could hear lots of children playing in it. The Privet Drive was quiet as most people spend their weekend in a park with their little ones. Only one man could be found on the street. He was very tall, about 20 years old, he had silver and purple eyes. Anybody who would see him at least once would say that he was very handsome and there is nobody with the same kind of look.

The name of this man was Rhaegar Snow. He was a wizard. Future Heir of The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Snow. And the father of the most gorgeous little girl in the world in his opinion.

He was on Privet Drive to take Potter Twins with him. He looked at the piece of paper that he took with him. 4 Privet Drive. As he walked past few houses he finally spotted number 4. The house itself was as normal as it could be. It was the most boring thing that he ever saw.

Then, after looking at a house for a few minutes, he decided to knock on the door. After a moment or two, a woman a few years older than him opened the door. She was dark blond and had brown eyes. Just as boring as her house.

"Good Morning," she said as sweet as she could as she looked at the handsome man before her

"Good Morning" Rhaegar replied with ice-cold voice "Are you Petunia Dursley?"

"Yes, how could I help you?"

"I am looking for Harry and Veronica Potter"

"You are one of these freaks!" Shouted angry Petunia

"I don't know which one of us is the freak and I am not here to discuss this. I'm here only for two people and I will ask you again - WHERE THEY ARE!" Said, frustrated man. If someone would see his eyes they would want to kill themselves as there was no love, no kindness or no empathy in them, only death stare which could rival one of the basilisks.

"Ye-Ye-Yes. Fo-Follow me" Said older woman as she walked into her house

"Thank you" Replied Rhaegar as he followed her

The hall was painted in white and cream colours. The living room was not better. The walls were painted in the disgusting shade of yellow and in the middle of the floor was the fattest and ugliest child that he ever saw.

"Please si-sit here for a second and I will get these freaks - I mean children from their room. " Said Petunia showing him a sofa where he could sit.

Then she walked out of the room and he heard the door in the hall opening. After less than a minute she came back with two children in her arms. A boy had black hair and emerald eyes. A girl had brown hair and the same eyes as her brother. As soon as he saw them his heart warmed towards them. There was something about them that made people love them.

"Please give them to me and you will never need to see them again." Said Rhaegar with his coldest voice and famous Slytherin smirk.

"No problem Mister..."

"Snow. Rhaegar Snow"

"They didn't have anything with them when they came here."

"Don't worry, they will have everything that they will need. Goodbye Mrs Dursley"

"Goodbye Mr Snow"

After a short conversation, Rhaegar left 4 Privet Drive. Then he found a dark street with no one there and he apparated to his home, Castle of Snow. There he met his father and grandfather and showed them the Twins. After that, he took children to the Summer Tower where he with his wife and daughter lived. As soon as he entered his rooms, he saw his daughter who jumped in his direction but she didn't manage to do it as she saw two figures in her father's arms.

Rhaegar lowered himself to be on the same level as his daughter, Lyanna. Then he said

"These are Harry and Veronica Potter. From now on they will live with us. They will be your friends. Remember to treat them right." Said her father.

As soon as he spoke these words he saw the smile that appeared on her face with the hope of future, unbreakable friendship.