It was Friday afternoon. All classes were already finished and after dinner, Lyanna and Potter Twins would go to the detention with Lockhart. It was the first ever detention for Lya and from Veronica, she learned that Harry already had three while the girl had only one. It could be like that because last year, Lyanna was scared of being disinherited just like Uncle Viserys. As she thought about it now, she wondered – where in Seven Hells was, he now? Nobody heard of him in almost a year, not family and not the Daily Prophet. It seemed like he disappeared into the air. Well, it does not seem as if she would hear from him now, right?

As soon as the dinner finished, the three students made their way towards the classroom of Peacock-Man. They talked a little about their classes, Quidditch and other things while they missed the Tabu topics like the Mirror of Erised or adventure with the Sorcerer Stone. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, the group reached their destination. When Harry knocked on the door, they were quickly opened by Lockheart who was smiling widely.

"Welcome Miss Snow, Mr and Miss Potter!" Lockhart was exclaiming rather loudly. "Come in and I will tell you what I expect of you to do today."

The three looked at each other in resignation but did as they were told. They entered their DADA classroom and were soon led to his offices because 'there is already everything prepared for their detention' according to Lockhart. When they entered his office, they were met with the sight of hundreds of unopened letters on several piles around the room. None of them like how it looked like. And they were right.

For the next two hours, they were opening letters, reading letters to Lockhart, writing short responses along with thanking you and then giving the newly written letters to Lockhart to sign them. Since Lya had never been in detention herself, she could not compare this experience with others fro her past but she knew that she would take any detention with the worst teacher in the school (except for the ones whose first name was Gilderoy). It was the most boring thing in her entire life and because of that, as soon as he said that, Harry, Veronica and Lyanna sprinted outside without saying goodbye. When they were a minute away from his classroom, they all laughed, remembering Lockhart's shocked expression when he saw them running away. They walked together in the direction of both of their common rooms.

~Rip... Kill...Blood...~

Lyanna heard those words and looked at Harry and Veronica with shocked expression to see if they heard it as well. Their faces answered her enough.

"Am I the only one who heard that?" She asked quietly.

"If you mean the hissing noise saying something about killing then yes." Answered Veronica, her face pale almost like one of the ghosts.

"It has to be some kind of snake, you know? It's hissing and we are able to hear it..." Added Harry, looking at his sister and friend.

"We could say something to one of the teachers but then, we would have to tell them how we knew it was a snake. We cannot do that." Stated simply Lyanna. The twins nodded their heads in understanding and she saw them thinking about a good solution to this problem.

"We could make our own research!" Exclaimed suddenly Veronica, surprising the others. Lyanna chuckled when she calmed down.

"Spoken like a true Ravenclaw." She said, earning a chuckle from Harry and a tongue out from Veronica. Then she changed her tone to a more serious one "But you are right, we cannot trust teachers so we have to take matters in our own hands. You want to go to the library tomorrow to do some research?"

"Sure, we will be there after lunch." Declared Harry.

"No, no, no. Since your sister shows my house qualities," Here Lyanna put an arm around Veronica. "we have to do research in the morning! This is the only way that Ravenclaws do it."

Harry looked horrified and Veronica was giggling about the whole conversation.

"Don't worry, Veronica. I am just joking, we are going after lunch but don't tell your brother that." Mock-whispered Lyanna, earning a laugh from the Potters.

"I think we are spending here too much time. It's time to go, good night Lyanna." Said, Harry, after he finished laughing.

"Goodnight you two and I will see you tomorrow." Lyanna smiled and waved at her two friends as they parted their ways.

The young Ravenclaw quickly came back to the common room and went to her room where she met Hermione. The two did their homework for the next week so that they would have less on Saturday and Sunday. After an hour, they went to bed. Lyanna was sleeping well that night and she woke up at 5 o'clock. Knowing that she would not come back to sleep, she took the Marauder's Map and headed outside of the common room. She was walking in a specific destination, having noticed someone on the Map. Damien London.

She met Damien on the second-floor corridor and he seemed very happy to see his friend. They went to Room of Requirements and were welcomed with the sight of their usual room.

"Damien, we might have a problem. Yesterday evening, when Harry, Veronica and I were coming back from the detention with Lockhart, we heard a voice which said something about killing. We suspect that it could be a snake or something." She said as soon as she sat on her usual seat.

"What actually makes you think that it was a snake?" He asked curiously.

"We are Parselmouths, just like old Sal." Lyanna simply stated with little emotion on her face. Damien looked surprised.


"I don't think it should come as surprise. After all, my grandfather Maegor was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. I think you knew him, didn't you?" Asked the girl with a smirk on her face. The ghost laughed, of course, he knew but he didn't think about it.

"You're right but it seems like you are often correct I many kinds of things." The ghost laughed again while Lya chuckled quietly.

"You have to make sure to look at any sights of trouble which is not caused by Weasley Twins, Andals or Us. Then you could report it to me and we would work on that."

"Andals? Never heard of them." Noted Damien, thinking about the name for a while.

"Oh, my friend. This is a new group of pranksters in this school and I can say that I am a proud member of it." She said proudly, looking smug about it.

"Reallyyyy? When you made it?" Interrogated her Peeves.

"Just on September first. As of now, we don't have any specific plans but we will make sure that there will be no more inequity in this school. Teachers are not doing anything to end it so we decided to take the matters into our hands." Lyanna declared confidently.

"Something similar to what we are already doing but more up-to-date?"

"Yes. If we see a Muggleborn bullied, we make sure that the bully will pay for it. Gryffindor jinxing Slytherin? Lion will run like a little kitten. We will take no prisoners."

"That would make you Death Eaters." He joked and Lyanna just rolled her eyes.

"Coming back to what we were discussing earlier, if you see something fishy, make sure that you catch my attention in the corridor. I don't know, throw a water balloon at me?"

"I can do that?! Oh, thank you, My Lady. You are so gracious towards your servants." Damien mocked bowed before her and she snickered at what he was doing.

"Yes, Sir Damien. You may do it." Young Ravenclaw told him in a calm voice.

"Sir Damien? I like it."

"If I am Lady, you have to be Sir."

"Of course, Lady Flowers., your wish is my command." He jested, giving her a new title.

"Sir Stone, would you think that our other friend would want to be called something like Master Rivers?"

"Yes, he would, My Lady. Now, I think you should come back to your common room so that your friends will not get suspicious."

"Goodbye Damien, have a good day." Lyanna softly said to her good friend.

"Goodbye Lyanna."

With that, the two of them left the room and went their separate ways. Lyanna was able to get to her room before Hermione had woken up. She informed her friend that she wanted to study today with Harry and Veronica as a form of spending some time together. Hermione accepted that and informed Lyanna that she will inform the others. Lya thanked her and then they both made their way to the Great Hall for the breakfast. In the afternoon, the group of three were studying in the library. They had many books around them, from Potions to History of Magic and 'by accident' books that were about magical creatures. They learned about many different kinds of serpents but they also had to keep in their mind that it could be a normal snake and not the magical one. They started making a small ranking of 'How dangerous this serpent can be'. By the end of the day, they had three animals there but they were also determined to increase the size of the list by the end of the month.

When they made their way towards the Great Hall for dinner, they were met with a new rumour from the school. Apparently, Draco Malfoy (one of Harry's friends, one of the few that weren't friends with Veronica) was a new Slytherin Seeker and their team had new Nimbus's 2001. This made Ronald Weasley rather angry and he wanted to send a spell at Malfoy but since his wand was broken on first of September, the spell backfired at him and he was vomiting slugs. When Lyanna heard that, she did not want to eat her dinner anymore and she could see many people looking in the direction of the Gryffindor table with looks of disgust clear on their faces. After dinner, there was no one except his good friends Seamus and Dean that could be seen walking or being next to him by their own will and this would go on for the next few weeks.

The rest of the September passed in a quiet manner. Except for the Quidditch tryouts on the twelfth (where Lyanna made it to the Ravenclaw team) and Hermione's birthday on the nineteenth, nothing major happened to the rest of the month. Classes were still fine and Lockhart was still an idiot which made Lyanna think – why Dumbledore decided to have him as a teacher? It was clear to everyone, even other professors that Peacock-man was unsuitable for this position. It was also a reason why he was met with two or three pranks due to the courtesy of Lady Flowers, Sir Stone and Master Rivers. It was hilarious seeing him quite angry, with green and red hair, running into the Great Hall one day looking for the three pranksters. 'Surprisingly', none of the teachers helped him in finding the ones who humiliated him and all the ones who were previously pranked by the three, could be seen as their rather loud supporters.

The start of the October was fine in Lyanna's opinion. In spite of the flu going on in the school, the atmosphere was quite good. She was training for the Seeker position and having additional study sessions with Hufflepuffs where the Badgers were helping Ravens to get more points in Herbology so that the Ravenclaw could win this year just like the terms of their alliance stated. It could be seen in the school that both houses were friendlier to each other than with others but nobody in said houses would say anything to their friends in Gryffindor or Slytherin, even their close family. It could be seen in the school that the both houses were more friendly to eachother than with others but nobody in said houses would say anything to their friends in Gryffindor or Slytherin, even their close family.

The only interesting thing in the start of the October was Lyanna's conversation with the Grey Lady when she was exploring the school with her map. She met her house ghost and the two spoke for a little. As the two walked in the corridors, they met the Gryffindor house ghost who, when he saw that the two were talking and being friendly, invited Lyanna for his 500th death anniversary. When he told her that it would be on Halloween, she immediately accepted. Nobody knew what Lockhart would try on this day. After all, when they had Quirrell who was more component than him they had a troll attacking the school. Sir Nicholas seemed very happy that he had a living guest and he thanked her for accepting. Lyanna smiled and resumed her conversation with the Grey Lady. When she came back to the common room, she told her friends about the invitation and the only other person who wanted to go with her was Luna. Being honest, Lyanna was content with that. She did not spend a lot of time with her newest friend in the past few weeks so it was a perfect occasion to get to know each other better. So Lyanna and Luna would go to the Death Party while Hermione, Theo, Klara, Padma, Tony and Su will go for a feast. What could really go wrong with that plan?