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Recovery and Conclusion

Elena stayed with Sophia for three weeks. On the Wednesday of the final week (which was early September) was Elena's follow-up appointment. Sophia drove and on the way, Elena continued her playthrough of Pokémon Moon. "No CCU clothes this whole time. I'm impressed," Sophia said and Elena paused the game, having a feeling that they were getting close to the office.

Elena looked at her friend. "C'mon. I'm mature at times," she said and today, Elena was wearing a light gray T-shirt that had downtown Chicago across it, as if it were drawn on by pencil and she was also wearing dark blue shorts. Elena pocketed her 3DS before following Sophia into the practice. Elena signed herself in and asked the receptionist if her friend can accompany her into the exam room.

Before the receptionist could ask, Elena explains, "I'm not from around here... and I need moral support." The receptionist nodded and there were no further objections.

"Someone will come and get you. It should be about 2-3 minutes," the receptionist said and Elena nodded before sitting across from Sophia in the slightly busy waiting room. Elena pulled her phone out to text Sophia.

Sophia looked up after her phone buzzed. 'You're coming in with me. C'mon. I'm afraid I'll spiral if I go in alone,' the text read.

Two or three minutes later, the door opened and Elena's name was called. Sophia stood up a little after her friend. The hygienist had a smile on her face. "It's nice to see you again, Rose," Sophia said with a smile.

Rose nodded. She had chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. "It's been some time, hasn't it? Elena, we're going into room 3," Rose said. The room was about the size of one of the procedure rooms back at her uncle Frank's old office in Chicago... and back to his current practice, the sizes weren't too different. *

Sophia sat in one of the chairs that was similar to the ones in the waiting room, but the armrests weren't cushioned. Sophia didn't mind though. Elena wasn't kidding when she said that she might spiral. By that, Elena meant that she'd get nervous and likely go into a panic mode. "Ley, you're okay," Sophia assured as Rose closed the door. Elena had been standing up and seemed frozen as she looked at the maroon exam chair.

Rose noticed their interactions. "Elena, you don't have to sit in the chair just yet. If you'd like, you can sit with Sophia over there," Rose said sweetly. **

Elena sat next to her friend. Rose sat across from them and went on with her task: pulling up Elena's X-rays and file. Rose asked Elena a series of questions regarding how she felt, if she noticed anything off, things like that.

"Well, on the left side of my mouth, I thought that there was gauze or cotton still in there, two or three days ago," she said. Rose nodded and typed that into the computer. She asked Elena if there was anything else. Elena shook her head.

-Flashback. August 16, 2017-

Sophia had decided that today would be the day. She'd tell Elena what happened during her surgery. It was around lunchtime and Elena was adapting to eating a normal diet. "Hey," Sophia said and Elena looked up from what she was doing.

"Hey yourself," she said casually. "What's up?"

Sophia took a breath and asked if she could sit down. "Around 9:36, you began to slur your words after your second nerve block. You were out a minute later. Three minutes later, Dr. Klein and I began to work on the left side of your mouth. about 9:50, your heart rate began to rise and we were getting close to finishing," Sophia explained and Elena nodded.

The older of the two shrugged. "Go on," Elena said.

Sophia took a deep breath and had to think back. "At about 9:57, your heart The monitor flatlined," Sophia said, trying to maintain her composure and Elena was stunned and slightly horrified.

"Volleyball Friday repeat, essentially," Elena mused. "So. I died for a little bit?" the Chicagoan asked and Sophia nodded.

"Obviously, you were able to be resuscitated, but dammit, Ley," Sophia said, no longer able to keep her composure flung herself onto her friend. "You had me really scared there."

It was silent for a few moments before Elena spoke. "I'm sorry. Years ago, I tried looking into my hospital records from when I was little. ...Digging for medical history on a deceased person isn't easy, as you can probably guess," she replied. ***

Sophia knew that Elena had a point. "So, after this... do you plan on seeing a cardiologist or speaking to your uncle?"

Elena knew why Sophia had mentioned her uncle. Aside from her grandparents on her father's side, her uncle had more details on her late father than anyone else. She had her maternal grandmother and aunt back in Illinois for her mother's side. "I'm going to be speaking to abuela for sure. My grandparents and Uncle Frank. Family calls first to see what I can find out if anything. Then I'll try and get into the family physician's office (once I'm back in South Carolina, that is) before classes start in October and go from there," Elena said.

There wasn't much more to say. Sophia was surprised at how well her friend had taken it. "Well, this went better than I expected," she said.

Elena nodded. "Soph, the way I look at it is that I survived in the long run. C'mon. That's the big picture. You got through your exams. We pulled through and now we just gotta move on."

Sophia couldn't agree more.


Rose finished typing that in. "Alright. Just sit tight and I'll go get the doctor," Rose said, getting up and she closed the door once again.

"I still find it weird when someone says that," Elena said, looking to the readers. Sophia looked at her friend.

"What are you talking about?" Sophia asked.

Elena looked at her friend. "It's no big deal," was all she said. (1)

Sophia didn't argue with that as Elena continued to advance through the game. "Ah, Stufful is just so cute," she said. "So is Mimikyu." At that, Sophia just shrugged, but looked at the images. "Listen to their cries~" Elena said, tapping each and Sophia just smiled.

"I agree. Pretty cute," Sophia said. About four or five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Sophia said.

Elena seemed bummed out that she had to save her game. "Darn it. I was just getting ready to take on Lana in the Akala Island trial," she said. She then realized that the door was open.

Dr. Klein chuckled. "Seems like you were pretty focused. How about you take a seat in the chair so we can take a look and see what's going on in there?" Dr. Klein asked.

On the drive to the practice, Sophia explained that Dr. Klein started off as a general dentist but went on to study pediatric dentistry. Since the younger of the two had to keep her eyes on the road, she didn't see her friend contemplating something. In the present, Sophia watched as Elena pocketed her game once again.

(Elena's POV)

I took a breath as I felt my body slowly walk to the chair. I licked my lips as I stared at the floor, memories of my past sneaking up on me. I laid my eyes on the chair, trying to think of something else. I just heard things clicking in my mind like a slideshow of memories. I had to drown it out. I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes before turning to sit down in the chair.

I know they asked about my mental state, so they know PTSD is on my file. (2)

"There you go," Rose said as she placed a napkin around my neck. I fidgeted a little and sat myself upright while the chair was still in its original position. I let the chair get tilted back.

'C'mon Sophia, say something!' I thought to myself as I was trying to stay calm.

"So when do classes start back up for you, Sophia?" Rose asked. That was a question I had been meaning to ask myself.

Sophia appeared to be thinking. "Hm," she said as the light was flicked on. "I've got classes starting later this month."

The light had been dimmed so it wasn't shining in my eyes, but I had to guess and say that it was bright enough so that Dr. Klein could take a look. I had closed my mouth as a reflex. The chair was tilted back. "Alright. Let's see what we've got. Tilt your head towards me?" Dr. Klein said calmly.

I took a deep breath through my nostrils before I did that. "Good. The right side looks healed. I'm just gonna use a mouthwash on that side and then we'll check on the left side," Dr. Klein said. I noticed that in a matter of seconds, she was holding a syringe with what I'm guessing was Listerine. (3)

My mouth was rinsed. "Left side," I said aloud. "I think Sophia might be a tinge jealous. I don't start classes until October."

Rose chuckled. "Seems that little Sophia is jealous," she said teasingly.

Sophia groaned at that. "Seriously, you're lucky, Elena," she said to me.

"What's your course of study?" Dr. Klein asked as she prepared to examine my left side.

I took a breath. "Criminal justice. Still can't believe it. I'm 23 and still have no idea what I want to do with my life," I said as she retracted the left side of my mouth with her mirror.

"Don't feel so bad," Rose said. "I've got a grandson who's 25 and not sure what he wants to do yet." (4)

That made me feel better. "You don't study at ECU, do you?" Dr. Klein asked.

I shook my head. "I don't even live in North Carolina anymore," I confessed. She seemed surprised at that. "I don't like to go into too much detail, but I originally was intended to study at Duke. So, I continued my application before graduating high school and landed a spot at Central Carolina University, South Carolina."

"I see. Now, I don't want you to be alarmed at what I'm about to tell you, but it happens every now and then," Dr. Klein said. "I need you to take a deep breath or two through your nose because there's something in there that shouldn't be in there." I noticed she was holding a pair of tweezers.

I looked into her eyes. It reminded me of a look I got once when I was younger. ...could it? I shook any nostalgia off and took a few deep breaths through my nostrils. I closed my eyes and squeezed the armrests as I felt some pressure in my mouth. I felt a hand go on my right shoulder, likely belonging to Rose. "She's done. You can loosen your grip, now," Rose told me and I did so. I felt my heart pounding and I placed a hand under the napkin and over my heart.

It took a bit of a mental push, but I opened my eyes. I found the words to ask what that was. "Is that a part of the suture?" Sophia asked. "I thought for sure we used the dissolvable kind!"

I couldn't bring myself to look at it, but that's what it was. "We did. There are just some cases where the stitches don't dissolve properly. Unfortunately, this doesn't get noticed usually until it's gotten worse," Dr. Klein reassured Sophia before explaining. Just because I'm related to 2 dentists, doesn't mean I know everything there is. Plus, one of my best friends is studying to become a dentist, so there's that, but still. I rest my case. (5)

After swishing my mouth out, I was almost free to go. I said almost because Dr. Klein was called to another patient. "You were right. You survived," Sophia said.

Just then, I heard a loud buzzing sound and Sophia hung her head. "I know the rule, Rose. I've just been waiting for an important phone call," Sophia said as she searched for her phone. Rose undid the napkin.

"It's fine, dear. Elena, Dr. Klein wished to speak to you in her conference room," she told me.

I nodded. "Is there a bathroom back here or just the one in the waiting room?" I asked.

Rose smiled at me. "Down the hall and to the left."

I nodded and grabbed my purse and folder before leaving the room. Sophia assured me that we'd meet up outside. After finishing in the bathroom, I realized I forgot to ask not only where the conference rooms were, but which one was hers. I had no idea what she could mean by that. (6)

"Are you looking for someone?" another woman asked me. I nodded. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. I nodded. More of a something because I imagined that Dr. Klein was with a patient.

"Yes ma'am. I just finished a follow-up with Dr. Klein and I was given word to meet in her conference room," I said. The woman smiled at me. "There are a few rooms across from this point where the counter ...dips, if you will. You'll go to the first room you see."

I nodded before thanking her. I realized that there was a conference room to my left. I followed the instructions and reached to grab the handle. I turned it and was surprised to see that the light was on and no one was in there. (7)

Nonetheless, I went inside and was ready to pull out my 3DS, but the diplomas caught my attention. I noticed the pictures on the desk. I didn't grab anything, just found myself drumming my fingers along the desk until I heard footsteps somewhere. To my surprise, there was a door and Dr. Klein appeared. "Good. You managed to find it," Dr. Klein said warmly.

"I swear. I brushed every day like I normally do," I said before adding, "ask Sophia. I've been staying with her for a while now."

Dr. Klein chuckled as she sat down. I noticed she didn't have a mask on. "Sorry. One of the children I had to take care of was getting squirmy. No, you're not in trouble and while you mentioned it, I can tell you value your smile."

I nodded. "I just don't do it as much. The stress from loss. I have PTSD. ...and I miss my hometown," I said.

"Chicago, right?" she asked. "Sophia told me, but I want to know from you. Do you remember me?"

I felt myself looking at one diploma and I noticed the names were different. "You got married," I said in realization. I found myself talking as if to no one in particular. "They'll learn in due time." (8)

[Third person POV]

Elena and Dr. Klein chatted more and the former learned as to why Rose was teasing Sophia. After that, Sophia and Elena rode together for one last time. Elena agreed with Mrs. Clark that it was too late to set out to Surf City.

The next September day, Elena hugged Sophia and her mother, thanking them for their hospitality. With all having gone well, Elena set off for Surf City to spend the rest of her month with her family. Well, what she could of it before going back to her senior year as a Chanticleer on Coastal Carolina's campus.

We're almost there, folks. One last rundown.

(*) Yep. Elena is taking a trip down memory lane by comparing the exam room sizes.

(**) This didn't happen when I was going for my follow-up. This has actually happened at a few other specialists' offices. It did happen at the dentist I started seeing after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I'll touch more base on that shortly.

(***) Basically, you get asked about the healing process. Did you stick to the soft foods diet? Did you notice any possibilities of dry socket? ...things like that. Part two: yes, if someone's heart rate flatlines [along with oxygen and blood pressure dropping], they're technically dead. Part three: it isn't easy trying to get medical history [and I don't just mean trying to find records] on a deceased [which is another word for dead] person.

(1) As a contrast [if you will] to some of my other bilingual characters, Elena doesn't always pepper her speech with 'll do it every now and then, just not often. Part two: basically, this is how college classes have worked for me. They can be either 8 weeks long [which essentially makes whatever you're taking what I like to call a "crash course" and no, I didn't come up with the term originally], 12 weeks long, 14 weeks long or 16 weeks long. The last one means that your course starts right away in August. I've talked with someone in another state and he told me that school would be an issue for him. It's still August. Part three: I really don't know why I find it weird when [mostly at a dentist's office] someone tells you that they'll get the doctor. I know that dentists have a doctorate degree dentistry. I don't know why, it just sounds weird to me, okay?

(2) Seriously! Stufful and Mimikyu [in my opinion] are so cute! Part two: yes, Elena has PTSD and I hinted that in "Mourning Mom" and "Daddy, I'm Scared" more than I did in "15 Years".

(3) I would've said what color the Listerine was, but I can't decide if the flavor typically advertised on TV/in magazines is a turquoise color or a dark teal in color. Part two: so, my situation is slightly different than Elena's. I did have to have Listerine shot into my mouth before swishing it and having it suctioned up.

(4) Sophia knew who Rose was because she [Sophia] worked at Dr. Klein's office. The two [Sophia and Dr. Klein] had few interactions. This concept is based off of one of my friends [IRL] working at a dentist's office I've been to. She worked there for 8-9 years. The same holds true for Sophia, give or take. Part two: yep. Not even a year has passed [since my last ...well, major revealing upload. By that, I am referring to "15 Years"] and Elena still doesn't know what she wants to do yet. Part three: I've known people who are older than me and still don't know what they want to do with their lives.

(5) Yep. That happened to me. :[ ...they used dissolvable stitches, but the one location had stitches that didn't dissolve. It's a weird feeling and something that isn't easy to sit through. Part two: Elena makes a good point. Just because she is related to two dentists [remember: her uncle and paternal grandfather] and one of her best friends is studying to become one [Sophia], it doesn't mean that she knows everything. She knows bits and pieces.

(6) The rule at Dr. Klein's office is that when in the exam rooms, phones must be not in use or silenced. Sophia's was on vibrate. As opposed to the dentist's office I currently go to... well, once you climb the stairs [or go up the ramp, if you can't do the stairs] and reach the door, you will be in a small, sectioned off portion of the lobby. Walking past the "toy machines" [how they operate: you receive a coin {or multiple coins} and once you're ready to go/given permission, you put the coin in the slot and crank the handle. Your toy is in a small, plastic container {with a lid} and there's a metal door that holds your toy. Lift it and the toy should roll out. Otherwise, you might have to use your fingers to get your prize], you'll come to another door. On it is a sign that says [basically] as a courtesy to others, turn your cell phone off.

...of course if there's a case like Sophia's [the important call she received is up to your imaginations], the staff is pretty good about understanding things like that. Sorry for going off on a tangent.

(7) Where the counter dips. This is better explained in the "link" below. Part two: the text "the light is on and no one is in there" typically refers to calling someone stupid/saying that they're not smart.

Link for "Check-Out Counter at the Office" is below.

Note: remove the spaces. : / / . a r t / - - - - - 5

(8) Elena just jumped to the defensive. I'll get to that shortly. Part two: they'll learn in due time. Foreshadowing. I'll get to that below.

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