"Ah fuck me!" A male voice moaned out as a man groaned his way out of a bed and covers and taking a deep breath and stretched before he looked around in confusion. What he saw was a wooden cabin of sorts with a rough wood desk and chair with herbs and the like to the right of him before he turned around and perked as he saw a very familiar sight that made him happy.

"Well hello there, was wondering why you weren't on me." The man said with a smile as he picked up a helmet with red lenses and gas mask as he took a look around the helmet and to his satisfaction found the rest of his armor and looked down and found he was left in his undershirt and underwear.

Then he paused as he realized something important. "Why the hell was I out of my armor in the first place?" The man asked himself before he struggled to remember what happened before his eyes started twitching in annoyance as he remembered what happened exactly. "Damn those brains for giving me a piece of crap teleporter." He groused out as he started putting on his armor now.

Once he finished putting on his armor and checked for everything and was satisfied he suddenly heard a scream coming from outside and instantly he was on guard before he reached for his Pipboy 3000 and pulled out an old and reliable friend, the weathered N99 10mm pistol, and Blood Nap and then started to open the door slowly and he narrowed his eyes at what he saw. Raiders were attacking this place and either killing or stealing the place.

Well that won't go on for much longer.

The man then crouched down before he found a raider standing in front of him facing the other way. He quickly grabbed his throat and stabbed it and laying the body to the side before continuing on and silencing the raiders one by one. Before he came across a group of three of them and this time he used his pistol and shot them all before they had a chance to notice what was going on.

He breathed silently as he went on searching for any more of these Raiders.

"AH YOU PIECE OF SHIT! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" A loud voice screamed behind him causing him to jump and rolled around before looking back at who shouted at him as he saw a furious looking raider holding an axe frothing with rage at him. "I'M GONNA CARVE YOU UP!" He screamed before quickly being silenced by a bullet to the forehead.

"Well that was pathetic." The man muttered before he looked around and saw perhaps the most unusual sight he had ever seen.

A man with…blue hair wielding a weird looking sword charged at one of the raiders and cutting him down in half. A blonde girl with a unique dress holding a staff of some kind was letting the staff glow at an injured armored man on a horse with a spear…with the wound closing up right before his eyes. Then he turned his attention to a woman with… long white hair that was tied up in two tails…shooting fire out of her left hand, while her right held a red book, burning one of the raiders alive.

At this point the man simply just sighed and rubbed his head, which would have worked if he wasn't wearing his helmet and only looked silly when he did it. It was quite clear to him that he wasn't in Kansas anymore and most likely ended up somewhere that was clearly not the Mojave Wasteland. Maybe he ended up somewhere in Europe of Asia for all he knew. But considering that the raider was speaking English he was going to put his bet on Europe or somewhere in America maybe.

Anyways, as soon as he finished contemplating to himself he soon looked up to see that the blue haired man jumped up and cut down a raider in half with little to no effort and running around cutting down the raiders one by one as the woman spewed fire covering his back. He had to admit that was actually pretty impressive. He had only seen one other man capable of doing what the blue haired man did and he was the most annoying foe he ever fought.

At any rate, he joined up the battle and took care of any stragglers that tried to surround them and stayed hidden for time being. Soon he crouched behind a house and heard a woman whimpering and a man laughing maliciously.

"You, dastard! Taking a civilian hostage!" A male voice scolded.

"Hey, I do what I got to do to live punk." The raider, most likely, spoke up.

"Please help me!" The woman cried out.

"Shut it!" The raider said before he heard a smacking sound causing the woman to whimper and growling sounds from not only the man but also a woman from the sounds of it as well. "Now here's the deal here, you let me get away and I won't harm a hair on this girl's head, got it?!" the raider demanded.

"You think we will let you get away after what you did here!?" Another man exclaimed. "Do not take us for fools; you brigand!" He shouted.

"Hey you only got two options, either let me go or see this woman die, take it or leave it." The raider demanded and that was when the man made his move.

"I got another one." He spoke out, causing the raider to turn to him in confusion.

"What? -" Was all the raider managed to get out as he shoved his knife down the raider's throat causing the raider to loosen his grip and allowing the woman to escape.

"Just die, will you?" The man said as he pulled out his bloodied knife before looking back to the group of four that were looking at him in shock, awe, suspicion, and confusion.

Not really sure what to say to the group he simply held up his hand that was not holding the knife and waved to them. "Hello." Was all he could say.

Chrom could not believe what he just saw, when that bandit was taking that woman hostage he wasn't sure what he could do to save her and then all of a sudden, a stranger in weird looking armor just simply got behind him and just stabbed his throat and simply just waved and said hello to them. Quickly gathering his wits he quickly smiled at the stranger. "Hello to you too stranger and thank you for helping save that woman." He said thankfully as the stranger simply shook his head.

"I just did what anyone would have done, nothing to thank me for…" He trailed off realizing that he did not know his name and Chrom realized he didn't know his name as well.

"Ah! I'm sorry about that, my name is Chrom." He introduced himself. "This is Lissa, my sister." He said motioning to the blonde girl that just gave a peace symbol on her fingers and smiled. "And the man on the horseback is Frederick." He said motioning to him who simply just stared at the stranger distrustfully. "And this woman we…don't know her name." he confessed getting a tilt to the side from the stranger. "She has amnesia." Lissa spoke and the man nodded at that in acceptance. "So, who are you stranger?" Chrom asked.

The man looked contemplative for a second as he looked down before looking right back to them now. "Name's Marcus." He said. "Marcus, better known as Courier Six." He said causing Chrom to be confused at that.

"You are rather well trained and skilled for a simple messenger Marcus." Chrom commented on. And for some reason he felt as though Marcus was smiling at him from underneath his helmet.

"There's one rule back home and that rule is don't screw with the guy that delivers your mail." He said jestingly as Lissa simply giggled at that and Chrom chuckled a bit at that as well, before the woman suddenly spoke up with bright eyes.

"I remember!" She gasped out causing everyone to look to her. "I remember my name." She breathed with a smile. "My name…is Robin." She said looking very pleased with herself. Chrom just smiled a bit at that as he heard that.

"Well then allow me to officially introduce myself to you Robin." Chrom said with a smile "My name is Chrom, and the delicate one is Lissa, and the serious one is Frederick." He said getting a neutral look from his bodyguard and a pout from his little sister.

Robin smiled at them as Marcus then spoke up. "Well then nice to meet you Robin, as you already heard name's Marcus." He said as he bowed a bit to her making her flush a bit at his attitude getting snickers from Lissa.

"But I'm amazed though." Lissa spoke up. "swords, sorceries, and strategies." She said in awe as she looked to Robin who simply blushed a bit. "Is there anything you can't do?" She asked with a hint of wonderment.

Robin shrugged a bit helplessly at that. "I wouldn't know, don't remember, remember?" She teased getting a pout from Lissa once again. "But I must admit, what do you look like underneath that helmet Marcus?" She asked as everyone else turned to him with Chrom being somewhat curious himself.

Marcus simply shrugged and took off his helmet reveal a rather young man possibly around his or Robin's age with sun kissed skin, black messy hair, two scars on his forehead and chocolate brown eyes. "Better?" He asked. Getting a quick nod from a blushing Lissa and smile from Robin. Chrom simply chuckled at his sister's reaction.

"Though I must ask what were you doing before you killed that brigand." Frederick spoke up getting stares at Marcus who simply just nodded.

"Found myself in a cabin being tended to before I found some of those raiders trying to attack the village and I decided to take care of all of them before they do any more damage." He said getting wide eyes from Chrom and Robin, instantly realizing the reason why there weren't any reinforcements coming. Then I saw you guys and decided to take care of any stragglers and the like to make sure they don't surround you." He added in.

As Chrom turned around to see all the dead bodies of the brigands and simply realized just how silently Marcus killed them, he is very impressed with his skills and thought he would make a good Shepherd to join in as well.

"Impressive." Robin breathed out as Lissa nodded.

"And that brings me to an important question that I wish to ask the both of you." Chrom spoke up grabbing the attention of both Marcus and Robin. "How would the both of you like to join the Shepherds now?"

Robin was at first surprised but then smiled at him. "If you would have me." She said as she did a bow. Chrom smiled as he now had a tactician for his group and turned to Marcus expectantly who was deep in thought for the time being.

"I'm going to assume that this group isn't simply a group of sheep herders, right?" He asked with a joking tone as Chrom chuckled a bit. "Well I simply just got here so I would like some time to consider if you don't mind." He said as Chrom nodded, he can respect that.

But what he said also grabbed Frederick's attention instantly. "You mean to tell me you're a foreigner?" He asked cautiously as Marcus simply just nodded. "Where do you hail from then Marcus?"

"Ever heard of Nevada?" Marcus asked before getting shaking heads. "Thought as much, home was rather isolated and I didn't know much about the outside world and decided to take the chance to explore. I don't even know where I am in all honesty." Marcus admitted.

"Well if it helps Marcus, you're in the Halidom of Ylisse." Lissa spoke up helpfully as Marcus nodded in thanks to her.

"Well at least that clarifies where I am, but I hope you lot don't mind if I travel with you of course?" Marcus asked as Chrom quickly replied.

"Of course not, we don't mind you coming with us at all." Chrom said happily.

"Milord I must protest this!" Frederick argued. "We're already taking a risk with taking Robin and now you want to bring a man that could be an Assassin judging from the way he was able to silently kill all those brigands and not attract our attention?"

"Fredrick, he can't be that bad of a man if he simply helped defend the village from the brigands and my instincts are telling me that he won't be a threat to us." Chrom said firmly as Frederick simply sighed.

"Very well milord but please keep in mind that I only have your safety at hand here." Frederick sighed out as Chrom nodded.

"Well thanks for letting me join guys, seriously." Marcus said gratefully. "We should probably move those bodies away." Marcus said as he pointed to the corpses of the brigands. "Don't know what kind of diseases they might have if we leave them there, not to mention there might be stuff that could go to the village like food, water, supplies and the like and more importantly weapons." He spoke up getting nods from the rest of the group.

"Indeed, we should move those bodies now." Chrom said as he, Robin, and Frederick joined in with Marcus alongside the villagers that were able to assist in moving those bodies away. On all the corpses that they searched they found out that the bandit leader had a steel sword which they gave to Robin, around six hundred gold with they gave to a very grateful village, a few more weapons which they also sold, and around twelve vulneraries and four concoctions which they added to their medical supplies.

"Milord, did you perhaps noticed that the brigands spoke with a Plegian accent?" Frederick spoke up.

"Plegian? Who are they?" Marcus asked in confusion and Chrom remembered that he did not hail from this country.

Plegia is Ylisse's western neighbors. They send small bands of bandits into our territory hoping to instigate war." Lissa explained to Marcus who looked more confused than anything.

"But for what possible reason does anyone want war?" Marcus asked in confusion. "All they're doing is simply attacking those without the ability to defend themselves." He added in.

"I don't know." Chrom admitted. "But all I need to know is that brigands are attacking the people and they need to be protected, that's what my Shepherds are for." He said with conviction.

As soon as he finished he notice that both Robin and Marcus look quite contemplative about Plegia. Before they went back to moving away the last of the bodies.

Just as they finished offloading the last of the body the mayor ran up to them. "Milord please! You must stay the night! We are simple folks of simple means but we would gladly toast your valor with a feast." The mayor explained.

"A most generous offer sir and no doubt your hospitality would be grand but I'm afraid we must hurry back to the capital." Frederick respectfully declined getting a shocked look from Lissa.

"We're not staying? But Frederick, it's nearly dark out!" Lissa complained.

"When night falls, we'll camp, eat off the land, make our beds out of twigs and the like." Frederick stated. "I thought you mentioned you would be getting used to this milady." He added in.

"I hate you so much at times." Lissa groused out getting a laugh out of Chrom and amused smiles from Robin and Marcus.

"He's very stern, isn't he?" Robin whispered to Chrom who simply slowed down his laughing to smile at Robin.

"Well stern is one way to describe him but there are quite a few other words to describe him!" Lissa jumped in.

"Fredrick only smiles when he's about to bring down the axe so to say." Chrom added in.

"You do realize that I'm still here Milord and Milady?" Frederick said as he cleared his throat before both siblings turned to him.

"We know." They both said at the same time before bursting out into laughter and Robin joining in with her giggles and Marcus continuing to look very amused by all this before he turned to Fredrick.

"You seriously need some help if you only smile when you're about to kill someone." He chimed in before everyone was laughing at Frederick's expense.

"As amusing as this is, I believe we must get going now." The not so amused voice of Frederick spoke up.

"Very well then, ready to go you two? The capital isn't far away." Chrom spoke up as both of them nodded. "Then let's get going then." He said as the five of them started walking to the capital.

(Much Later Tonight)

The trip was rather uneventful in Marcus's opinion as they traveled through the woods to go to the capital. The only thing that went on was Lissa whining about how tired she was and how much her feet hurt that Marcus simply offered her a piggyback ride to shut her up and she gleefully took the chance to do so.

Contrary to what the other three expected, Marcus wasn't burdened or tired at all from the long walk as he had spent many hours simply walking with far more weight on his person. And in Marcus's opinion, Lissa was far lighter than anything he had to carry and it got her to stop whining so it was a win/win in his opinion.

Though he could have done without the jokes that Chrom and Robin shot at him for carrying Lissa and basically spoiling her so to say.

"I believe we should stop around here." Robin said as she panted a bit and stumbling on one of the tree roots.

"I know, right? Not to mention the bugs are out! Noisy disgusting bugs that buzz around, crawl on you and bite you before they-" Lissa was then suddenly cut off when a bug flew into her mouth and she spat it out and try to get the taste out as Robin cringed at what happened to her.

"You knew you were asking for, that right?" Marcus said as Lissa glared at him. "Bugs are very curious beings and you were better off not opening your mouth to let them in." He explained.

"Ugh, you're such a meanie, you should be looking over me and encouraging you know?" Lissa whined. Marcus simply smiled in amusement at her.

"If I was such a meanie as you said, would I still be carrying you all this way?" He teased as Lissa went silent at that. "Thought so." He said as Chrom chuckled at that.

"Come now, we're almost to the capital so just wait a bit longer and we'll be good." Frederick said from on top of his horse.

"Frederick, I think we should stop, not all of us can move as easily as you or Marcus not to mention I am somewhat famished." Chrom spoke up causing Frederick to sigh and stop now.

Soon they found a cave and Marcus let down Lissa and soon he heard a sound akin to that of a squeal and started to wonder away as the rest of the group was resting and catching their breaths as Frederick looked at him warily as he told them he would be back soon.

After some wondering he was able to track down the trail and soon found what looks like a wild pig and soon he took out his Proton Axe and whistled to the pig and soon it rushed at him before it got its brains slashed in half from a well-timed hit from Marcus's axe. After he checked to make sure it was dead he started dragging the animal back with him alongside a few wild herbs that he found and soon found that the group was about to leave before looking at him in shock at what he dragged back.

Seeing their expression, he looked at them in confusion. "Is something the matter?" He asked before Chrom snapped out his shock and laughed a bit.

"Guess with the boar you caught and the size of that thing we won't be starving tonight." He chuckled as he nodded.

"Right then, so who wants to help start a campfire?" he asked as Frederick nodded then Robin and Chrom went to collect branches and the like and dropped them by the stone circle that Frederick dug out and soon built a spit as Marcus was busy humming to himself cutting up the meat and pulling a pot out from his Pipboy getting surprised looks from the rest of them and even more surprised looks when Marcus also pulled out purified water and dumped into the pot and started boiling it when Robin lit the woods on fire with her magic.

Marcus hummed to himself as he used various herbs and plants that he found that were edible and dumped them in alongside strips of pig meat and the like and soon the pot was giving out a wonderful smell that he could see Robin and Chrom drooling a bit.

As soon as he was done he pulled out five bowls with spoons and used the ladle, that he stirred the stew with, to pour out a bowl of soup and soon handed one to everyone save for Frederick. Who stated he already ate a big lunch, which Marcus called bull on, and then got some apples that Marcus kept on him and ate as well. As soon as Marcus made sure there were enough for seconds and possibly thirds, he threw out the rest of the meat that he didn't use and was soon satisfied with the local wolves ignoring them in favor of the pig meat he threw out.

"This is so good!" Chrom exclaimed as he kept digging into his meal and soon devoured Frederick's share as well. "I didn't know you could cook this well." He said with a wide smile.

"I know, right? It seems our mailman is far more than what he appears to be." Robin added in with a smile as she too also dug in, getting a smile from Marcus.

"This is so delicious!" Lissa moaned out as she dug into her bowl with gusto.

Marcus simply chuckled a bit as he ate his bowl with no troubles. "Back home everyone is self-sufficient to a point. And it is among the many skills that I've picked up along my travels and my home." He said with a smile.

"Fighting and cook, what can you do?" Lissa asked with a smile before Marcus hummed to himself before replying.

"Well I am pretty good at a lot of things. I'm skilled in repairing and maintaining weapons and equipment, I am also something of a scientist so I am good with researching and observation. I do diplomacy, negotiations, and trades as well for various people and groups. I'm skilled in unarmed, armed, ranged, combat, I also know my way around to making traps and disabling them, I'm also skilled in lock picking as well, I have taught myself survival skills and medical skills, and I'm good at sneaking around. Does that answer your question Lissa?" He asked with a smile as the rest of them looked gob smacked of just how skilled Marcus really is.

Robin started chuckling a bit. "Truly a man of many talents." She said "By the way where did you get the pot, bowls, ladle, and forks from?" She asked. "They weren't on you when we first met you and you simply made them appear out of thin air." She said as the other three were paying attention to her now.

Marcus nodded. "You're quite the smart one, no wonder Chrom wanted you to become his tactician." He praised making Robin blush a bit. "But you are wrong, I did not make them appear out of thin air, I made them appear from this." Marcus said pointing to his Pipboy 3000. "This is a tool known as the Pipboy 3000, with it I can store as much materials as I want ranging from various item from weapons." He then made an axe appear catching them by surprise. "To armor." Reveling a Remnant Power Armor helmet. "Food and water." Showing an apple and bottle of water. "And a few other items as well." He said showing whet stones, pencils, and paper.

As soon as he finished demonstrating that, his audience were in awe of his Pipboy 3000 and Robin looks jealous. "That would make supply carrying so much easier." She muttered. "I'm also assuming that this is something of a result of your nation's advancements I believe?" She asked getting surprised looks from Chrom and Frederick.

"Impossible! That can't possibly be anything but magic!" Chrom exclaimed before Lissa spoke up.

"Actually brother, she's right." Lissa said as Chrom turned to her for an explanation. "I don't sense any magic off of that thing." She explained as Robin nodded as well. "So, this is clearly an indicator of how advanced Marcus's homeland is." She stated as Marcus nodded.

"Indeed, now all of you try to get some sleep now I will be on first watch." Marcus said as everyone went to sleep soon enough, except Frederick who simply watched him with one eye opened.

(Time Skip)

"It's just a strange feeling is all, so go back to sleep." Chrom said as Marcus woke up while Chrom went on guard duty.

"No way I'm coming with you." Lissa replied.

Chrom simply sighed. "All right but try not to wake the others." He explained.

"Too late." Marcus spoke up and spooking both of them out before Chrom regained his composure.

"Oh, I'm so- "Chrom attempted to apologize only for Marcus to wave it off.

"Relax, I'm a light sleeper and highly reactive to any possible raider activity. So, let's go and see what's bothering you." Marcus said as he, Lissa, and Chrom went into the forest and explored for a bit but found nothing.

"There's nothing around here Chrom." Lissa sighed as she plopped down on a rock. "Could it have been your imagination?" She asked.

"Most likely." Chrom admitted. "Sorry about this, let's go get some rest."

"…It's too quiet." Marcus stated grabbing Lissa and Chrom's attention. "No bug buzzing, or sounds of anything." He added in.

Then all of a sudden, the ground started shaking then the way that they came through was blocked when a tree fell in their way. Soon the trio sprinted away as a wall of lava appeared where the ground suddenly split in two and was spewing fireballs and Marcus quickly took Lissa on his back, not willing to let her risk herself and soon received a strange look from Chrom causing Marcus to roll his eyes.

As soon as the ground stopped shaking, Marcus soon set a red faced Lissa down and then all of a sudden, a giant blue portal of sorts was formed out of the sky and then Chrom drew his blade and Marcus drew a riot shotgun and soon enough dark corpses like figures with glowing red eyes appeared and moaned as they took their weapons and charged for the trio.

Marcus soon got in front and blasted them away with his riot shotgun, with the sounds of his weapon causing Chrom and Lissa to flinch but back away slowly as Marcus tried to cover them best he could.

"Get back you two!" Marcus shouted as he rolled over to the side as one of the monsters swung its axe at him before Marcus pulled out his Lucky Pistol and shot it clean in the head and causing it to disperse.

Soon Marcus looked up to the portal and much to his surprise, saw someone running out of there and soon jumping out and running perhaps even faster than Chrom did and got past him causing Marcus to curse as the stranger clad in blue drew his sword and swung it at a corpse heading for Chrom.

Soon Marcus drew out a fire bomb and threw it at the freaks and caused them to explode as he retreated as quickly as he could to blast away another freak with his Lucky Pistol near Lissa. Soon Chrom met up with them as the stranger started charging at the freaks by himself.

"Hey Chrom, any idea what these things are?" Marcus asked as he blasted away a heavy looking Risen.

"No idea, they're not native here for sure." Chrom panted as he blocked a swing from one of the freaks and sliced its head off.

"We're in a bad position here, we need to regroup with Frederick and Robin." Marcus stated as he blasted a freak away from him.

"Agreed." Chrom said.

"Milord!" A familiar voice boomed out as Fredrick soon came with not only Robin but also two more warriors as well. First was a red armored redhead woman on a horse and the second was a very fancy looking wavy haired man with a bow and quiver on him.

"Frederick, Robin, Sully, Virion!" Chrom shouted out with a smile. "Thank Naga you're here we could use the aid." He said gratefully.

"Well' you aren't starting the party without me now are you captain?" The redhead spoke up with a grin.

"Never Sully." Chrom scoffed as soon as Marcus got close to them and could see them properly now. "Ah Marcus glad you're here, these two are also Shepherds and they're Sully and Virion." He introduced.

"Charmed." Marcus deadpanned. "But I think the freaks before us need a proper lesson in who they can't mess with." He said as he replaced his riot shotgun with two katana blades, surprising the newcomers. "So, what's the plan Robin?" He asked.

"Um okay, well first Chrom and Lissa stick together that way Lissa can be protected at all times and Chrom can receive healing. Frederick and Sully pair up so that way you two can have the most amount of maneuverability on the field, You and me stick together so we can cover each other's backs while Virion stay a nice distance and shoot them down, got it?" She ordered.

Everyone nodded in reply and soon they all quickly took down the foes among them with Frederick and Sully's horses trampling down everything that was in their way as their riders use their lances to smash every one of those freaks with ease. Meanwhile Chrom was simply shattering his way through the freaks but did not stay too far away from Lissa as she used her power to heal Chrom when he got bad injuries. Virion was shooting down all the freaks with ease and calm as he stood on a hill to give him proper distance.

However, Robin and Marcus were practically slaughtering everyone in their wake as unknown to the Shepherds. Marcus was cybernetically and genetically enhanced that every time he swung his blade he would destroy the freaks in one hit. As Robin practically burned all the freaks away and did it with ease as she covered Marcus before switching to her steel sword and joining Marcus in the sword fight and covered his weak points as Marcus did the exact same for her.

As they finished off the rest of the monsters Robin and Marcus soon regrouped with Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick. Whereas according to Frederick, Sully and Virion returned to the capital. "And this young man assisted in taking down the remaining stragglers." Frederick explained as the five of them looked to the man.

Except Marcus raised an eyebrow in the stranger's direction, since it was quite clear to him that the stranger was a woman. Not so hard considering she didn't have an Adam's apple, has a more feminine hourglass figure that was hidden and then she spoke and her voice pitch was too high to be that of a man.

"You assisted us greatly. Thank you." Chrom thanked. "My name is Chrom, what is your name?" He asked.

The Stranger said nothing but looked at the group contemplatively but her eyes focused Marcus a bit longer than the others before she spoke.

"You may call me Marth." Marth introduced herself as.

"Marth? As in the Heroic Hero King of old?" Chrom questioned.

'Isn't that a bit redundant?' Marcus deadpanned in his thoughts.

"Well you certainly fight like a hero, where did you learn your way with a sword?" He asked.

"I'm not here to talk about me, this world teeters on the brink of a horrific calamity what you saw tonight was nothing more than a preview." Marth warned.

"Gee that is very helpful and all but your kind of suspicious considering you came out of the same thing that those freaks come from." Marcus spoke up as he stared at Marth distrustfully before Marth soon left causing Marcus to scoff. "Freaking seers." He grumbled.

"But what do you think he meant by a horrific calamity?" Chrom asked as everyone shook their head.

"Chances are it might have something to do with the freaks we fought and considering how this is going, chances are we're probably going to see Marth again." Marcus said as Frederick nodded in agreement.

"At any rate, we should go now we're close to the capital." Chrom said as they continued on their way.


Marcus whistled at what he saw. "So, this is the capital, got to say I'm impressed." He complimented. 'Certainly, better than any of the old-world relics that's for sure.' He thought to himself.

"I'm just glad that what we encountered has yet to reach the capital." Robin said with a smile.

"Indeed. We have that to be thankful for." Frederick nodded in agreement.

"The Exalt is greeting us." An elderly man spoke out, causing Marcus to perk up at than learning from the natives that she was their leader. And soon Marcus saw her. A woman with long curled blonde hair with fair skin clad in green robes with a unique mark on her forehead…the same mark that he saw on Chrom. He also took note of her kind smile and her friendly demeanor and for a moment Marcus was jealous of these people.

The leaders that he met back home were nothing at all like the Exalt here. The current NCR President was a war hawk, House was stuck in his own little world, Papa Kahn was too drowned in the past, the Brotherhood Elder was unwilling to change for the benefit of others, and Caesar…the less said about him the better. In fact, the only ones that could compare were possibly Mother Pearl and Colonel James.

Shaking his thoughts on the leaders from his world he took note of this woman. 'She feels kind and friendly and gives out an aura of a calm and soothing presence.' Marcus noted in his thoughts.

"You seem interested in the Exalt." Lissa noticed as Marcus turned to her.

"She brings an aura of peace and kindness, very rare qualities." Marcus replied.

"True." Lissa admitted before she smiled. "I can help you meet her if you want." She said.

"Oh really?" Marcus asked with a knowing smile.

"Yeah." Lissa said smirking. "I'm sure my big sister would be happy to meet you."

Sadly, Marcus wasn't really surprised. "I highly doubt your sister would be okay with meeting a simple courier like me regardless of the fact that you are royalty." He replied.

At that Lissa was surprised alongside Chrom while Robin was left open mouthed gasping at what she heard.

"Wait so you knew we were royalty? Since when?" Chrom asked curiously.

Marcus shrugged a bit. "There were a lot of hints here and there if you pay attention." He replied as Frederick looked at with an expectant look. "The first that gave you guys away was your manner of speaking, it is refined and has proper grammar for the most part. The second part was the fact of how clean you guys were, it can't be easy trying to keep that clean in comparison to the villagers we saw and compared to how clean Frederick was and you two are still cleaner. The third part was the fact that you guys have clothes and armor of fine make and the likes, take for example Chrom's boots, top quality leather and Lissa's dress, it has silk in it if I'm correct. But the biggest hint was the birthmark on Chrom's shoulder looking exactly the same as the one on the Exalt's forehead." Marcus explained leaving the minds of two royal members blown.

Frederick chuckled at their expression now. "You are very observant Marcus." He said with a hint of grudging respect that Marcus nodded to.

"Then why didn't you tell me or share your suspicions with me!?" Robin hissed as she started to bow to the two causing the two royal members to get out of their shock and chuckle at Robin's expression and bow.

"Because if they wanted to be treated like the top then they would have told us from the beginning or demand it from us. So, they most likely didn't care." Marcus explained as Chrom nodded.

"Indeed, you're correct, and please Robin stand up, you're making me blush a bit. Just Chrom is fine, after all. Titles make me rather uncomfortable." He explained causing Robin to stand up blushing a bit.

"Sorry about that Chrom." Robin said as she rubbed her head a bit.

"it's no problem, now come with me I wish to introduce my sister to the Shepherd's newest tactician and the guest from outside." Chrom said as both Marcus and Robin nodded.

'Been here less than two days and already meeting the Exalt. Wonder what does fate have in store for me.' Marcus wondered to himself he entered the largest building to meet the Exalt.