O Drizzt, how fate has doomed you!

Tired, beaten, hungry, and sore,

You travel the world alone and poor.

No place to go home to,

No one to call friend,

A lonely soul to the very end.

Your steel is what guides you,

The ranger at heart,

With no one beside you,

You stay in the dark.

But can you really live without living at all?

Sooner or later,

Those morals will fall.

And what will you do,

When the beast inside you rears?

When the voice of the silence,

Is the only one you hear?

Off to the surface,

With the sun's scorching rays?

A world where all you've known,

Becomes frail and decays?

This winding path of shadows,

Which never sees the light of day,

And brings joyous men to sorrow,

Is the one where Drow souls stay.