During the 12th age of Ruin our world of Eliknar was loosing its remaining Ether and once it did we, the Eliksni, would die. But one day a celestial object we called the Great Machine came and restored life to our world with its light, Ether once more filled the air of our planet and once more we could live. The Great Machine gave us the Servitors giant robotic orbs that converted matter into Ether, useful for when we enter an environment without it. We entered our own golden age that lasted for 1,000 years. During that time the Great Machine saw that its work was done and left us so that we may continue to live on our own. It was a time of greatness, we terraformed the planets of our system, our lifespan increased, and the Houses were at peace with each other. But one day an event that we called the Whirlwind came and destroyed our worlds. A race that worshipped a power that was the antithesis to the Great Machine's light brought destruction to our system. Many Houses were lost but many more survived and they turned on each other. We lost the knowledge of terraforming and the only source of Ether could come from the Servitors. We remember a prophecy from the House of Rain that foretold the coming of the Kell of Kells, a warrior who will unite the Houses and save my people. Before him, foes will flee or fall. But he will heal the houses, make them whole. The Great Machine will marvel, moved by might, and come to crown him Kell of Kells. What Whirlwind whisked away will be rewrought, and every Kell and Ketch will kneel to the Kell of Kells. Only Kell of Kells can save us, from ourselves.