Chapter 27

Within the Prime Servitor room of the House of Whirlwind's lair a fight was going on. Velas, Dark Kell of Whirlwind, and the Titan Guardian Jason were locked in combat. Velas was using Darkness abilities to fight Jason. He was able using Darkness Blasts, Axiom Darts, and casting Poison Clouds at the Titan. Jason ran around the room to avoid getting hit and retaliated with gunfire and fusion grenades. Velas possesses a very remarkable resilience that helps him survive and to keep on fighting.

Jason (Taking cover behind a pillar): Ghost, any idea on how he's surviving all of this punishment?

Ghost (Voice only): I'm scanning him to find an answer. I'm detecting a lot of Darkness energy coming off of him. Almost like Oryx.

Jason then fires at Velas' gut. Blood is coming from the gunshot wound and what really strikes Jason was the Darkness energy coming out of the wound. And when it stops the Kell's wound has been healed.

Jason (Shocked): He can heal just like any other Guardian!?

Velas: My power was far stronger then that of Nakhis.

Velas then becomes enveloped in a dark flame and disappears.

Ghost (Shocked): What!? Where did he go!?

Jason looks around for any sign of Velas and then...the Dark Kell appears in front of him in a burst of dark fire and delivers a Darkness infused Ultra Smash to him. It happened like this, once the Kell appeared, he brought his upper hands together a lit with dark flames, and smashed them into the ground causing Jason to fly back ten feet. Jason managed to get back up but his armor had been damaged from the hit. Cracks were in the chest piece, gauntlets, and leg armor, while the left shoulder piece was missing.

Jason: I'm mad!

Jason activates his super and becomes engulfed in Solar flames. He then charges at Velas with a Hammer of Sol in his right hand and then jumps up and smacks the Kell in the head with it. Velas falls to his knees and fires Darkness blasts at the Titan, which he then blocks by hitting them with the hammer. As soon as Velas gets back up Jason then throws his hammer and then more at the Kell. Once he was out of energy for his super Velas then teleported away to a safe distance and fired Axiom Dart clusters at the Guardian. Jason responded by switching back to his Auto Rifle and shoots them. He also rushes at Velas to keep him from recovering completely. Velas then took out a Darkness infused long sword that he had on his back and started swinging it at Jason. Jason managed to avoid the swings and came to the corpse of the dead Warlock and picked up an Arc Blade that was on him and engaged Velas in a sword fight. They each made a swing of their blades at each other but both warriors managed to deflect each strike with their own blade. Eventually they came in front of Chimiks Prime's eye and locked blades.

Velas (Disdainful): You...can not...defeat...ME!

Jason: Don't count your chickens until they hatch.

Both swordsmen break away from each other with Jason standing in front of Chimiks Prime eye. Velas and Jason were already tiring out from the fight, evidence from the fact that the two of them were both breathing heavily, slouching, and they both had their swords down. It was clear that they are both evenly matched, what it came down to this point now was who could last longer.

Lat City, Earth

Meanwhile in the Last City

The Speaker was observing the Traveler with Frigiks and the two of them noticed a faint glow on the massive sphere.

Frigiks: What's happening?

Speaker (Amazed): The Travel's awakening!

Frigiks: The prophecy! "The Great Machine will marvel, moved by might, and crown him Kell of Kells!"

Speaker: Jason must be fulfilling the rest of the prophecy.

Back in the Prime Servitor Room

Jason and Velas both stood straight and raised up their swords. Then they stared at each other straight in the eyes and charged at each other screaming at the top of their lungs. When they got close they both swung their swords.

There was a pause as they both stood still from that last attack. Then the sound of metal breaking and an arm hit the floor with blood gushing out of the wound it came from. Velas fell to his knees and looked at where his lower left arm use to be, he also saw that his sword is broken as well. Jason then turned around and looked at the Kell who then looked back at the Titan. Jason had a white glow on his armor that clashed with its black color. This white glow protected him from receiving any injury from that last sword strike

Velas (Voice filled with hatred and shock): Impossible!? The Traveler...SHIELDED YOU!?

Jason then examines himself as Cayde-6, Solix, House Alliance members, and other Guardians enter the room.

Jason (Confident): It seems that the Traveler has finally awakened and that's bad news for you.

Cayde-6 (Activates comm.): Zavala. Ikora. Are the two of you hearing this?

Zavala (Voice only): We hear you Cayde.

Ikora (Voice only): Solix was right; the House of Rain's prophecy was referring to a Guardian.

House of Light Eliksni (Voice only): My Kell, something is going on with the Servitors.

Solix: What do you mean?

House of Light Eliksni (Voice only): Their eye rings turned white and they seem to be changing inside.

Solix: The Great Machine has awakened. "What Whirlwind whisked away will be rewrought." A white aura is on Jason, the Great machine has crowned him Kell of Kells and now it is modifying the Servitors.

House of Light Eliksni (Voice only): For what purpose?

Solix: To give us an endless supply of Ether. Ether was once endless in the glory days of our people until the Whirlwind event whisked it away. We don't need to scavenge subsistence for more now.

House Alliance Eliksni (Voice only): Sir! We have reports of House Whirlwind Servitors are exploding for some reason.

Solix: Those Servitors have no Light. The Great Machine's modifications are destroying them.

Jason: I know you can't grow back lower your arms Velas. The deal you made with the Ahamkara made sure of that. Now surrender and we won't have to kill.

Jason points his sword at Velas and the others point their guns at the Dark Kell. Velas looks at the eye of Chimiks Prime and looks back at his enemies.

Velas: I'd rather die.

Velas charges at the eye and stabs it with his broken sword. It then falls apart and releases some sort of black mist that turns him into a metal statue.

Everyone was shocked at what just happened.

Cayde: HOLY MOTHER OF SAINTS! What just happened!?

Jason (Walks to the statue and examines it): If I were to guess he couldn't handle pure Darkness. Sure he could take in Dark Ether but that doesn't make it pure Darkness.

Cayde: Well it's over now. (Looks at Eir's body) So what do we do about him?

Jason then walks to Eir's head, the whtie glow on his armor shifts to his blade and he impales the dead Worm God's head. The corpse is then covered in a white fire that turns it into ash.

Cayde (Walks up to Jason): How did you do that?

Jason: I didn't, the Traveler showed me what to do.

Cayde: Impressive. Come on let's leave.

Front entrance to the Hall of the Consensus, Last City, Earth

A day had passed since the defeat and disbanding of the House of Whirlwind. Their remaining leaders were put in the Prison of Elders along with those who continued to fight. Though some chose to join the other Houses so they could live a new. More Eliksni Houses were coming to the system to join the Traveler, the people it came to, and the other Eliksni in the system. Now Jason was to give a speech to the people of the City and the House Alliance. In front of him stood Humans, Awoken, Exos, and Eliksni that came to hear his speech.

Jason: With the Awakening of the Traveler and the arrival of new Eliksni Houses to the system we have never seen anything this glorious since the Traveler first came to both of our worlds and brought us many gifts. But now it has united us to stand against the rising Darkness and we will prevail against it. To the Eliksni I am the Kell of Kells, to the people of the City a hero. But, I see myself as a Guardian and will continue my duty to protect us and to fight the Darkness at it's heart. Today is a new day for us all!

The crowd then claps and cheers at Jason's words. The Darkness may have brought ruin to them all but they survived and intend to defeat it.

Jason then walks into the building and sees Jack-10 and Grace.

Grace: Nice speech out their Jason.

Jason: Thanks, but we all know the fight for the system isn't over yet.

Jack-10: I hear that a Cabal Valus is preparing his troops for a raid on a Golden Age facility near the Lost Oasis on Mars.

Grace: I've heard reports of Vex in the area, might get a little hot over there.

Jason (Smirks): Well then, let's get started.

The End