-Hello my fanfiction-ists. I am Weeb. This will be a..Odd story I mean..Its gonna be dramatic. And great but..Weird.-

Angela was a powerful wizard born in Marley Bone. Dakota was a newly found death wizard born in Wizard City. Can she protect him from his future? Can he learn from her? I hope..

Angela looked at her grandfather and said "Pop, do you need me to run to Wizard City to collect some good fish?" with stars in her eyes, she had hardly ever been to Wizard City, she had heard it was large and beautiful. Not as beautiful as her own Marley Bone of course though.

He laughed and looked into her large eyes. "Fine Angela..Fine you can go to Wizard City but don't go outside of the Commons. Also you must bring Pebbles with you!"

She laughed and jumped around being filled with excitement,wonder,fear and joy all at the same time.. She ran upstairs to her room and grabbed her pet Glacier Cat, Pebbles.

She then set off on her adventure to Wizard City.

Dakota stood in the commons looking at his wand "I am totally one of the best in the spiral!" He exclaimed with pride. That was until a dark rain cloud peered over. It never rained in the commons of this City thought Dakota "Something must be horribly wrong..".