I'm back again, I know, this chapter didn't take a year.


The girl with the ice blue hair grabbed my hand and lead me to the gate tree, I had never seen the inside of it, as I was never asked by the headmaster to go inside. The warmth and golden light in the tree skimmed over my face, as I looked around I noticed plenty of wizards hiding in the tree. She looked around with her jaw dropped, in a surprised look, her surprise soon turning to anger, she let go of my hand and marched to the middle of the tree and yelled

"I see all you strong levels hiding in here waiting for this to be over! The fighting in the spiral wont just go away! You pansies need to get up and fight and get all of these monsters out of your home!" The wizards looked around at each other shamefully. One death wizard from the back, got up and yelled "YEAH!" Many others soon following him. This was something I'd never seen before.. Almost like a fire was lit within these wizards.. A fire lit within me. I could feel my health rise, faster than it should've. "I'm not a life wizard.. How did that happen.." The blue haired girl marched right back to me and held out her hand "I'm Angela, a rank 62 Storm Ice mage." My jaw dropped "SIXTY TWO!? I am literally a rank 2." She laughed, a smile coming to her pink lips as wizards marched out of the tree to go fight. She responded with a simple "Yeah. My father was an officer in Marley Bone- He a regular wizard though.. Not.. Furry?" I didn't really understand what she meant by 'furry' I thought all officers were normal wizards? I shrugged and said "Alright Angela, I'm Dakota. Nice to meet you.."