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"You made me cheat on Ryouta didn't you, you freak!"

Hitoshi didn't reply or even bother trying to stop the slap he saw coming. It snapped his head to the side, leaving his right cheek stinging. Tamiko had a hardening quirk allowing her to make her hands feel like a solid rock which, of course, made her slaps all the more painful went she activated it. He supposed he was lucky he didn't lose a few teeth or get a broken jaw.

'Then again,' he thought as he cradled his already bruising jaw and tried to stem the blood flow from his nose. 'She knew that she was in the wrong, so she wouldn't use her full strength on him.'

The nurse simply tutted when he entered her office. "Honestly Shinsou you should stop using your quirk to tease your classmates."

He didn't bother to contradict her. There was no point when no one believed you even when you told the truth.

He was diagnosed with a brainwashing quirk when he was three in and half years old.

His parents had been worried about the lack of signs of a quirk manifesting and had taken him in for testing. Hitoshi only vaguely remembered the poking and prodding, but he still remembered his discomfort at being forced to go through all of the different tests to find out what type of quirk he had and still didn't like hospitals to this day.

Neither of his parents had a mind control quirk, nor did grandparents on either side of the family. His father had an Echo quirk allowing him to amplify and make his voice echo when he wanted, while his mother could make plants grow. He remembered being so excited that he would get one or a combination of either quirk like his friends did from their own parents. His parents humored him teasing back and forth on what type of quirk he'd get and which one of theirs was better. They were just as shocked as him when the doctor informed them of his actual quirk after three days of testing.

The doctor had explained to them that some quirks were noted as recessive and like any recessive trait it usually didn't show itself unless both parents had the same recessive trait. He handed them a packet designed for parents of children with unusual quirks and suggested they look into their family quirk history.

They found nothing on his mother's side, but after weeks of digging and a lot of strained calls to estranged family members they found a fifth cousin twice removed on his father's side of the family who apparently had a mild mind control ability that hypnotized his victims when they looked him directly in the eye and allowed him to make suggestions of them while they were hypnotized. They were only under his control for three minutes and since his control was weak he couldn't use it on strong-minded people. He vaguely remembered how his parents were ecstatic over finding someone who could help them understand and teach him to control his quirk, but they suddenly dropped it a week later after trying to contact him.

It was only when he was older, that Hitoshi learned that the man was in jail for abusing his quirk and committing robberies and muggings.

He was too young to understand it back then, but now that he was in his first ear of middle school he could pinpoint when things changed within their family because of him.

It was right around the time he started learning how to use his quirk.

Like most children, he stumbled his way through figuring out how to use his quirk, when to use it and why sometimes it wasn't appropriate to use it in certain settings. However, unlike the stories of his father accidentally waking his family and the whole block by mistakenly using his quirk or his mother's stories of overgrowing the plants in her house turning into a jungle that took weeks to clean out, his accidental outbursts weren't as amusing.

He remembered the first time he accidentally used his quirk when he was four to make his mother give him the box of cookies she had been adamantly telling him to wait till after dinner to eat. It was harmless. Just a child throwing a little tantrum and accidentally activating his quirk. However, when his mother snapped out of his control her face had twisted into a look of horror and she had shakily sent him to bed without dinner. He still remembered the look on her face, clearer than any of his other childhood memories. It had only taken a few similar instances to learn that his quirk was not appropriate at any time or place.

That, of course, didn't stop him from announcing his ability to the class when they tried to tease him for being seemingly quirkless.

"That was probably the biggest mistake of my life." He muttered to himself as he trudged home, nurses note in hand.

It took his classmates a little while to fully understand what brainwashing meant, but his teachers understood immediately and reacted with varying degrees of fear and aggression. His current teacher, Nakashima-sensei, refused to talk to him at all even to answer legitimate questions he had.

Once the students understood his ability, they split into two different groups. The first group feared him and refused to talk to him, while the more clever ones started blaming him for their own bad choices. Tamiko was a good example of the latter. They had attended the same elementary school and the girl seemed to take great joy in blaming him for everything wrong in her life. Lost her favorite toy? Obviously, Hitoshi did it. Failed a test? Well, Hitoshi did it. Caught cheating on her boyfriend? Hitoshi did it.

He sighed heavily as he entered his house catching the sound of his mother humming in the kitchen. He took off his shoes and made his way into the room plopping himself down at the kitchen table. His mother jerked at the noise and spun around.

"Hitoshi! Honestly, don't scare me like that!" Her hands immediately went to her hips. "You're supposed to be at scho-oh my! Who did that?"

She was on him in a moment gentle hands cupping his face and tilting his chin up so she could get a better look at the bruise now taking up half of his face.

"Oh, honey…it was that Minami girl again wasn't it? Minami Tamiko? Let me see the nurse's note."

Hitoshi handed it to her without a fuss and watched silently as her eyes ghosted over the words and her face fell into a frown. He knew what was coming before his mother opened his mouth.

"Hitoshi, did you use your quirk on your classmate again?"

'I have never once done that and you'd know it if you weren't so suspicious of my power.' He thought to himself but knew better than to voice it.

"No." He replied instead, ignoring the hesitation and suspicion on his mother's face.

It was expected really. Hitoshi learned early on that when someone claimed he used his power on them it was their word against his. And who in their right mind would believe the boy who could brainwash people over the crying 'victim'?

His mother seemed to catch his thoughts and forced a smile to her face, though looked more sad than supportive like she probably intended it to be. "Regardless, she shouldn't have hit you that hard. I'll call the school to see…"

"Don't bother." He replied standing up and meandering over to the fridge to pull out one of the many ice packs they had to hold against his throbbing face. "They won't do anything. They won't believe me either, even though I haven't even talked to anyone at school in weeks, much less talked to her specifically."

He left his mother frowning in the kitchen and trudged up the stairs to his room. He had homework to complete, but he didn't feel like doing it. Instead, he popped a couple of pain pills and laid down to sleep. He woke up briefly to raised voices downstairs but didn't feel like investigating so he rolled over and went back to sleep after tossing the now warm ice pack across the room.

His mother shook him awake what felt like a few minute later, though judging by the crust on his eyes it had been longer than that.

"Hitoshi, sweetheart, wake up. Your father and I want to talk to you about something." His mother murmured as she shook his shoulder softly.

"Hm." He replied scrubbing at his face as he sat up and wincing when he touched his bruise.

"I'll give you a few minute to wake up." His mother continued hesitating briefly before running her hand through his messy hair. "We'll be downstairs. I made your favorite, tonkatsu."

He sat there a few minutes waiting for his mind to catch up before he slowly stood and made his way to the bathroom. Once he used the restroom and splashed some water on his face he made his way downstairs hesitating briefly when he saw his parents at the dining room table with their heads together whispering. His cat, Mei-chan, choose that moment to accost him winding her way between his legs. He picked her up as and took a step into the room while scratching her behind the ears as she purred into his shoulder.

"Ah, Hitoshi!" When she noticed him and she jumped up to usher him to his seat and fuss over his now blackened eye. "Honestly, that girl it too much. She should know better than to hit people willy-nilly with that quirk of hers. You're going to have a bruise for weeks! It's a miracle she didn't break anything!"

Mei-chan jumped from his arms and to the floor where she sat and started to clean herself, ignoring the way she planted herself right his mother's way forcing her to awkwardly step over Mei-chan as she went to sit in her own seat. He smirked briefly at his cat before wincing at the pain and settling for a neutral expression. He picked up his utensils and glanced over at his father, who hadn't said anything yet.

He was looking at Hitoshi intently. Hitoshi looked back at his food and took a bite after his mother gestured for him to start. Their places were empty. He assumed that they had already eaten and wondered what time it was exactly. He should have looked at the clock before coming down.

"Hitoshi." His dad rumbled quietly. Despite his amplifying quirk, he was a fairly quiet man who rarely ever raised his voice, much less used his quirk outside of watching his favorite sports teams lose horribly. "Son, we wanted to talk to you about something that we've been considering for a while now."

Hitoshi glanced between them. "What?"

After a faint hesitation, his mother replied. "We've been considering moving."

He blinked. That was not what he was expecting. "Where? Why?"

This time his father replied tensely. "Well we've considered a number of places, but we're thinking seriously moving to an area over on the east end of Musutafu, closer to the ocean."

"So, not out of the city? But, still why?" He didn't understand why this was suddenly an issue. They had lived in this apartment since before he was born. Their neighborhood was a little ways north of the city in a quiet community. His mother always said she liked being further away from the bustle of the inner city.

His parent looked at one another briefly between turning to him again.

"Well, honey," His mother started. "You've always had a bit of trouble making friends since you got your quirk, but recently you've been coming home more and more with notes from your teacher's or even bruises like today. Your grades have fallen quite a bit since elementary school and you don't seem to have any friends at all. We thought, well, we thought that you can start over at a different school in a different neighborhood that doesn't know and won't judge you so harshly for your quirk."

"You mother and I have looked into the area," His father continued. "And it seems very nice. We'd be able to get an apartment about the same size as this one and there is a nice floral shop for your mother can work at and I won't even have to change jobs since we'll still be in the city."

"Ah." He replied and took another bite of his food.

His parents looked at each other again.

"W-what do you think, Hitoshi?" His mother asked softly.

"Does it matter?" He glanced between them. "You guys have obviously already decided."

He pushed his still half full plate away from him and stood up. "Thanks for dinner mom. I'm going to bed."

Despite what he said he couldn't manage to fall back asleep even after changing into some comfy pajamas and laying down for hours.

He sighed and rolled out of bed and ambled over to his computer desk. He flipped open his laptop and immediately went through his collection of videos of a certain hero. His father, an avid hero admirer-or fanboy as his mother liked to tease- had introduced him to this hero after noticing how upset Hitoshi was over having his power and the reaction his quirk got from other people.

"In this day and age, a quirk that cancels out other people's quirks is a scary thought. Eraserhead got a lot of crap at the beginning of his career and I remember reading about several heroes refusing to work with him. But that never stopped him and he's still a pro hero, one of the best, today."

He watched the shaky video of the hero swinging into the middle of a group of villains and taking them out, his hair flying up and his scarf lashing out as quick as lightning. The person filming muttered his awe as he tried to get a better view, but ultimately had to stay out of the way of the fight. Unlike most heroes Eraserhead didn't like media coverage and finding clips of him fighting was difficult, but Hitoshi managed. He had saved and download multiple videos like this. He watched and rewatched them for hours when he couldn't sleep and didn't want to do anything that would wake him up further. He wasn't sure when exactly he fell asleep, but he vaguely remembered seeing the sunrise peak through his shades before he lost consciousness at his desk.

Hitoshi didn't want to go to school when he woke up again a couple of hours later and his mother didn't make him. Instead, she pulled him into her apartment search and had him writing down the information for the ones she saw online that she wanted to visit.

He went to school the next day, ignoring the snide comments and laughter at his face not even bothering to spare a glare at Tamiko. When he got home his mother refused to let him head to his room and instead pulled him more into their moving plans. That weekend he was dragged into visiting some of the houses for sale and driving around their future neighborhood. Before he knew it a couple of months passed in a similar manner until they finally decided on a place and began their move when he got out of school for summer vacation. Finally, on the Monday of the last day of summer vacation, he found himself moving all of this stuff into their new apartment.

Their new neighbor, Midoriya Inko, greeted them enthusiastically apologizing repeatedly for her son being absent. Apparently, he was out trying to catch a glimpse of a hero battle in downtown. Hitoshi didn't care much despite his mother insisting that they'd get a chance to meet when the boy got home.

He didn't meet the boy, though not for his parent's lack of trying. He simply hid in his room claiming he was unpacking while he browsed the internet.

He barely left his room for the rest of the summer break. After a couple of days, his parents gave up trying to convince him to explore the neighborhood and meet kids his age. He supposed he lucked out that their neighbors' kid didn't seem to be a socialite either and only came over once when his mother dragged him over to introduce him. Hitoshi watched from his cracked door as the kid shuffled and fluttered his hands anxiously as his mother chatted with Hitoshi's own mother.

It wasn't until the new semester began a week later that his mother managed dragged him out of his room.

He trudged to school slowly in his new uniform. He wasn't sure what he felt about attending a new school. On one hand, no one wouldn't know about his quirk. On the other, since they didn't know they'd probably bug him since he was the new kid.

He just wanted to be left alone.

He had made it into the school and was just about to enter the building when he heard a shout.

"Kacchan, no!"

He blinked slowly as a pile of stuff suddenly landed on him. A few notebooks, pencils, pens, and then the entire backpack landed on his head. He sighed and pulled the yellow bag off of his head, ignoring the panicked voice apologizing repeatedly above him. He supposed he was lucky that the textbook lying at his feet didn't clip him.

He was just picking up the stuff when the sound of pounding feet made him look up.

"I'm so sorry!" The boy in front of him panted, apparently having just run down at least one flight of stairs to grab his stuff. "Kacchan was teasing me and you got caught in the middle and now the bells going to ring. Wait? Are you new? You couldn't be my new neighbor-"

The bell rang interrupting the boy. Hitoshi sighed and handed the backpack to the boy and made his way to the office leaving the other boy to run back up to his classroom when he realized Hitoshi left. He almost sighed again when he spotted the boy in his new classroom when he was introducing himself and held back another when he was directed to a seat next to the green haired boy.

The boy leaned over and held out his hand as he whispered. "Hello, my name is Midoriya Izuku."

He finally sighed, but still took the boys hand for a weak handshake. "Shinsou Hitoshi."

Midoriya gave him a smile that could rival the sun.

"Nice to meet you Shinsou. Welcome to Orudera Junoir High."

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