Shouta wakes up from his sudden faint.

"You alright? you were out all night," Smokey asked.

"Ugh, I had the weirdest dream," Shouta said.

"Like what?" Smokey asked.

Shouta explained everything.

"Okay, so some guy with scales was fighting some dog man, then tried to help him but I got beat up, and you almost died, finally in the end, I became a superhero."

"You don't say," Smokey said.

"I know, right?" Shouta asked, "It was almost like I really became a superhero."

"Um, about that," Smokey said.

"What's that?" Shouta asked confused.

"You should leave the room," Smokey answered.

"Why? This is just our apartment bedroom," Shouta asked.

All in his bedroom was a king size bed, a small table, a T.V. with a game console and controllers, a dresser, a laptop. He also had a litter box, a scratching post, a cat tower, and a fluffy cat bed. All for Smokey. But then noticed the red door, a sliding door possibly. His normal door is brown, not red

"Where did that door come from?" Shouta asked as he walked up to it.

Shouta stood in the red door and it automatically slid open. Shouta and Smokey looked around from outside from room. They were placed in a hallway made of jade. They suddenly saw a young woman skipping through the hallway. She had on pink hair tied in low pigtails and was wearing a beige sweater, white collared shirt, a pink checkered tie, a miniskirt with a similar pattern, black socks, and brown shoes.

"Excuse me, can you-"

"Oh my gosh, a cat!" The pink haired girl yelled as she picked up Smokey.

After that, she gave him a big squeeze, almost crushing him.

"Gah! She's so strong!" Smokey yelled.

"You're so cute and fluffy," The pink haired girl said.

"Shouta help!" Smokey yelled, "I'm being murdered!"

"Um, can you please stop squeezing him?" Shouta asked nervously, "He doesn't like that."

"Oh sorry, I just love cats," The pink haired girl said as she put Smokey down.

"Gah! I can breathe again," Smokey said.

"I love cats too, but I'm more careful with them," Shouta said.

"I should introduce myself," The pink haired girl said, "I'm Kiki."

"I'm Shouta Mitsuru, and this is Smokey," Shouta said, "He's my little buddy."

"Smokey? That name is so sweet," Kiki said.

"Back home, the sexy lady cats find my name attractive," Smokey said.

"You do know she can't hear you, right?" Shouta asked Smokey.

"I know, I'm just saying to myself," Smokey said.

"Now you're talking to yourself?" Shouta asked, "And they I'm crazy."

"You tell people you talk to cats, of course they think you're crazy," Smokey added.

"Are you talking to your cat?" Kiki asked.

"Oh uh, sorry. I can be little-"

"Can you talk to cats?" Kiki asked.

"Yes, yes I can," Shouta answered.

"That's so cool and cute! So all humans can do that, right?" Kiki asked.

"No, just me," Shouta said, "Wait a minute, humans?"

"Of course, you're a human. And you got the dragon stone," Kiki said.

"And you are?" Shouta asked.

"I'm from the Pig World," Kiki answered, "And I hold the pig stone."

"Okay, I must ask," Shouta said.

"Yes," Kiki replied.

"Where am I exactly?" Shouta asked.

"Oh, you don't know?" Kiki asked.

Shouta and Smokey shook their heads no.

"Well then, you guys are in the Jade Palace," Kiki said, "It's a ship that travels through the Animal Multiverse."

"Shouta?" Smokey asked while looking at his owner.

Shouta couldn't process this.

"Now that we met, we must meet Boss," Kiki said as she's pulling Shouta.

"Who's Boss?" Shouta asked.

"He's our leader, he knows already," Kiki answered, "He used to be the dragon ranger."

Shouta then remembered the cloaked man.

'That must've been Boss,' Shouta thought.

"Here we are, the main lobby," Kiki said.

The walls were made of jade. There was big computer screen with a large panel of buttons. In the middle of the room, a large hallow crystal ball had tinier colorful balls rolling around inside, like a few motorcycles in one of those caged ball. There were also seats with cushions and a few tables.

"So we're in some sort of spaceship?" Shouta asked.

"Mostly, we call each universe 'worlds'," Kiki answered.

"Oh, I see you're already found the new recruit, Kiki," a voice said.

"Oh hey, Venom," Kiki said, "Shouta, right behind you is Venom."

"Well nice meet to-"

Shouta was going to turn around to see what Venom looked like and shake his hand. But then saw what Venom's appearance, and he didn't take it lightly.

"A snake man!" Shouta yelled.

Venom was an anthropomorphic white cobra with green polka dots all over his back, the back of his head, arms, legs but he had no tail. He was wearing a white lab coat, green a-shirt, purple pants, and black loafers.

"It's okay, Shouta. He's harmless," Kiki said.

"Sorry, I'm not used to all of this yet," Shouta said as he tried to breathe.

Smokey is still startled by Venom's appearance.

"It's okay, I get that a lot," Venom said.

"Well then, I'm Shouta Mitsuru," Shouta introduced himself.

"Venom, hope we can get along," Venom said as he Shouta shake hands.

"So Kiki, are you two the only rangers besides me?"Shouta asked.

"One more, all that's left is Babe," Kiki answered.

"Babe huh? I bet she's cool," Shouta said.

"Babe's a guy," Kiki said, "But yeah, he's awesome."

"Sorry I'm late, what I miss?" Another voice asked.

A man came through the door. He was muscular and had dirty blond hair worn in a faux-hawk style. He also had small ox horns and hooves for feet. He was wearing a blue and gray striped t-shirt, black pants, and rectangular glasses.

"Nothing much, but the new ranger is here," Venom said.

The man with horns walked toward Shouta.

"I'm Babe, nice to meet you," the horned man said.

"You too," Shouta said.

Babe then saw Smokey by Shouta's side.

"Who's this little guy?" Babe asked.

"Smokey, he's my cat," Shouta answered.

Unlike Kiki, Babe was more careful with Smokey than she was. Smokey got comfortable in Babe's arms, as he started to pur.

"Ah, he's so gentle," Smokey said.

"I think he likes me," Babe said.

"So what are you guy's zodiac animals?" Shouta asked.

"I am the snake, my color is green" Venom said.

His animal was kinda obvious.

"I'm a pig and I'm pink, my favorite color," Kiki said.

"I hold the ox," Babe said, "I'm blue."

The cloaked man in through another door.

"Alright, is everyone here?" The cloaked man asked.

"Yes sir, Boss," everyone except Shouta responded.

"First, we to take notice of the new ranger," The cloaked man said.

"You mean Shouta, right?" Kiki asked.

"That's correct," The cloaked man said.

"Um, excuse me," Shouta said, "I never got your name."

"That's right, we haven't exactly met," The cloaked man said, "I am Boss, the commander of the Zodiac Rangers."

"So what's the plan now, now that you can no longer use the dragon stone?" Babe asked.

"Just because I can't transform doesn't mean I can't still lead you," Boss said.

"Understood," Babe said.

"Now then, we have spotted the zodiac stone of the dog," Boss said.

"Where exactly?" Venom asked.

"Somewhere at the Capitol," Boss answered as he pressed a button.

The computer screen showed a round silver ring.

"That's a world?" Shouta asked.

"Not exactly, it's a city where people from all worlds can go to," Babe answered.

"And if we find the dog stone, we'll find the dog ranger," Kiki said.

"Possibly," Boss said, "Everyone, deploy in your Cruizers."

"I don't have one," Shouta said.

"Don't worry, I help you with that," Babe said.

"Shouta," Boss said.

"Yes?" Shouta responded.

Boss handed Shouta the black bracelet he had and the dragon stone.

"Here's your Zodiac Ring and the dragon stone," Boss said.

"Thank you," Shouta replied.

"Make sure the dragon stone never falls into the wrong hands," Boss said, "Animals like Lang will do anything to get the zodiac stones."

Shouta then nodded his head.

"I understand," he said.

"Like the others, I count on you to guard it," Boss added, "Good luck."

"Yes sir," Shouta said.

The four rangers found there way to the docking bay.

"So how do I get my Cruizer thing?" Shouta asked.

"It's simple," Babe said, "Just listen carefully."

The three placed their zodiac stone in their zodiac ring.




Babe started explaining the technique of the Zodiac Ring and Stone.

"To transform summon your Zodiac Cruizer, you put three fingers on stone."

He then put his three fingers on his stone.


Babe, Venom, and Kiki were then went inside these giant balls of light. Then the balls of light turned into a robot animals. Babe's turned into a robot ox, Kiki's became a robot pig, and Venom's became a robot snake.

"Ok, my turn," Shouta said.

He placed his zodiac stone in his zodiac ring.


He then put his three fingers on his stone.


Another large ball of light appeared in front Shouta. As he entered the light, it turned a snake-like robot dragon. Shouta then found himself in a small cockpit with two levers to steer.

"This is amazing!" Shouta yelled in excitement.

"I know, I thought you were gonna mess up," a familiar voice said.

Out of nowhere, Smokey hopped onto Shouta's lap.

"Smokey! What are you doing here?" Shouta asked.

"I got lost," Smokey answered, "Plus I got hungry, so I was looking for you."

"We really are joined to the hip, are we?" Shouta asked.

"Think of me as your sidekick," Smokey said.

The four rangers and Smokey flew out of the Jade Palace, which looked like a green thick circular ring.

"Next stop, The Capital," Kiki said.

"And the dog stone," Babe said.

"And possibly the Dog Ranger," Venom added.

"Okay," Shouta said, "Let's go."


Somewhere in some sort of prison, a girl is seen in a cell. She tan hair in a bob cut with blunt bangs. She also had no human ears, pointy dog ears and Shibu Inu dog tail. She was wearing a black jumpsuit with the sleeves tied around her waist, yellow tank top, yellow sneakers.

She looks out the prison window and sees the bright moon in the starry night sky.

"I will get out of here and come back home."

8 out of 12 remain