The four rangers and Smokey finally made it to the Capital. The whole city was surrounded by a clear dome. The as four walked around the city, Shouta was amazing by the many animal people.

"Wow! That guy had a lizard tongue, and that little girl had a beak and talons!" Shouta yelled in excitement.

"Slow down, will you," Kiki said.

"I'm sorry, but everything here is just so neat," Shouta said.

"It is a lot to take in," Babe said.

"Yes indeed," Venom said, "The Animal Multiverse has over a hundred worlds, with one world representing one species."

"I'm surprised us humans haven't discovered this," Shouta said, "Why haven't humans been introduced to all of this?"

"Years ago, a person from the wolf world visited your world," Babe answered.

"But your world was going through the Pioneer Era, and they didn't take seeing a wolf man lightly," Venom added.

"So they accused him of being a demon and killed him on sight. Teehee!" Kiki said with a giggle.

"How was that a good thing!?" Shouta asked angrily.

"You're gonna have to mind Kiki," Venom, "She always looks into the bright side of things, even bad things."

"I can see that," Shouta said annoyed.

"Please stop!" A woman cried.

The rangers witness wolf man harassing a cat woman.

"Please stop pulling my tail," the cat woman cried.

The wolf man kept yanking the woman's tail.

"Do you know who I am?" The wolf man asked, "I can do whatever I want, and you people can't do anything about it."

Shouta had to help the woman.

"Let's go," He said.

"Shouta wait," Babe said.

"Why? He's hurting that woman," Shouta said.

"You can't be reckless," Babe said, "I got to at least think it through."

"Alright," Shouta answered.

He then went over the wolf man.

"Excuse me, Mister Wolf?" Shouta asked.

"What was that?" The wolf man asked, "That's not my name."

"I understand, but could you please leave the woman alone?" Shouta asked.

"As a member of the Empire, I don't have to take orders from you," the wolf man said.

"The Empire?" Shouta asked.

"You have no clue about anything, do you?" The wolf man asked.

"Look, I don't care about this Empire thing, but please leave the woman alone," Shouta said.

"Perhaps you should know what happens when you oppose the Empire," the wolf man said.

The wolf man then faced Shouta, and Shouta finally recognised the wolf man, revealing to be Lang from last time.

"You're Dog Face!" Shouta yelled.

"My name is Lang," Lang said, "And I'm a wolf!"

"This is for my friend," Shouta said as he pulled out the dragon stone and placed in the zodiac ring.



"Zodiac Unleash!" Shouta yelled as he formed his arms into a "Z" and then shot his arms forward.

He then changed into his zodiac form.

"King Spirit, Ryu Red!" Shouta yelled.

"The human," Lang said, "I let you get away once, but not this time."

Shouta ignored what Lang said, and immediately punched him in the face.

"Damn you, you're gonna pay for this!" Lang yelled, "Scalies, kill them all!"

"It's his first mission, and he's already in trouble," Venom said.

"We might as well, you guys," Kiki said.

"Right, let's go," Babe said.

The three pulled out their zodiac stones.




They then slammed their hands on their stones.


"Zodiac Unleash!" They yelled as they changed into their zodiac forms.

Venom had on green skintight suit with white gloves, white boots, a gold belt, and silver "Z4" on his the right side of his chest. He also had on a green helmet with the black visor shaped like a snake head.

Babe had on blue skintight suit with white gloves, white boots, a gold belt, and silver "Z6" on his the right side of his chest. He also had on a blue helmet with the black visor shaped like a ox head.

Kiki had on pink skintight suit with a pink skirt, white gloves, white boots, a gold belt, and silver "Z8" on his the right side of her chest. She also had on a pink helmet with the black visor shaped like a pig head.

"Slithering Spirit! Hebi Green!"

"Rage Spirit! Ushi Blue!"

"Charging Spirit! Buta Pink!"

Babe held off two scalies before he put his two fingers on his stone.


A flash of blue light magically appeared and turned into blue and silver bow but with no arrows.

He pulled the string on the bow.

"Wait, you don't have any arrows," Shouta said.

"Not a problem," Babe said.

An arrow made of blue light magically appeared as Babe fired the bow. The arrow then duplicated into five as they hit five scalies, making them explode.

"Very well," Venom said as he put his two fingers on his stone.


A flash of green light came out and turned into a green and silver three-pointed shuriken star.


Venom threw the star like a frisbee, as the star sliced through three scalies and it flew right in Venom's hand.

"Oh, my turn!" Kiki said in excitement. She then put two fingers on her stone.


Then two balls of pink light came out and turned two hand grenades about the size of her head.


"This will be a blast," Kiki said.

She threw her bombs at a group of seven scalies, causing an explosion bigger than Babe's.

Smokey climb on one scalie and started biting on its head. The scalie grabbed Smokey and threw him in the air.

Shouta was busy fighting Lang until he saw Smokey flying in the air.

"Smokey!" Shouta yelled as he ran off, "Smokey, I got you!"

He caught his cat from landing on the concrete pavement.

"Thanks a lot," Smokey said.

"What am I gonna do with you?" Shouta asked him, "Gya!"

All of a sudden, Lang slashed his claws in Shouta's back, causing him to revert back to his normal clothes.

"Shouta!" Kiki yelled.

"This is what happens when you oppose the Empire," Lang said as he snapped his fingers.

A giant hovercraft with giant robotic arms trapped Shouta in its hands.

"Take him to the prison!" Lang commanded, "And do not delay!"

Shouta then tried to free his arms. Once he did, he threw something.

"Smokey, catch!" Shouta yelled as the craft took off.

Smokey then caught the thing with his mouth.

"Shouta," Venom said.

"Oh dear," Kiki said.

"Boss, it's Babe," Babe said talking through his zodiac ring, "Shouta has been captured."

"I understand, well go over the rescue mission," Boss said, "But for right now, report back to the Palace."

"Yes sir," Babe said.

"Guys look," Kiki said, "It's Shouta's cat."

"What's in its mouth?" Venom asked.

Babe then picked up Smokey and took out what was in his mouth.

"It's the dragon stone," Babe said.

"He didn't want the Empire to get their hands on it," Venom said.

"Indeed," Babe said, "Come on, let's go,"

"Right," Kiki and Venom said.


Shouta is taken to the Empire prison and placed random cell.

"Well then," Shouta said, "First day of the job and I'm already arrested."

"Did they really have to give me a cell mate?" A feminine voice said.

"Who's there?" Shouta asked.

Shouta realized that he wasn't alone. He then saw someone in the corner, it was a girl. It was the girl with tan hair in a bob cut with blunt bangs. She also had no human ears, pointy dog ears and Shibu Inu dog tail. She was wearing a black jumpsuit with the sleeves tied around her waist, yellow tank top, yellow sneakers.

She looked irritated.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you," Shouta said.

"Whatever," the dog girl said, "So, had did you get sent here?"

"I attacked that stupid Dog Face guy," Shouta answered.

"You mean Lang?" The dog girl asked.

"So that's his name, I just call him Dog Face," Shouta said.

"He's a wolf," The dog girl said.

"I know," Shouta said, "I'm Shouta Mitsuru."

"Alpha," The dog girl said, "That's my name."

"Ok," Shouta said, "Not to offend you, but how did you get here?"

"Do you really want to know?" Alpha asked.

"I don't have to," Shouta answered.

"Don't worry," Alpha said, "I was sent here because the Empire wanted the leader of the dog world."

"You're the leader?" Shouta asked.

"No, my father is," Alpha answered,

"Three years ago, a small army from the Empire was to search for the zodiac stone of the dog. That's when one of the four generals wanted to enslave my world and have us search for the dog stone. During the time, my father was ill, so I posed as leader. To make them leave, I lied telling where the stone was. I said that it was in the Capital. Just to be sure, they took me as their prisoner, as they thought the stone would come to me."

"They took you just for that?" Shouta asked.

"Yes," Alpha answered.

"I'm sorry," Shouta said.

"I made a promise," Alpha said.

"To what?" Shouta asked.

"I promised that no matter what, I will return to my world," Alpha said, "And I attend to keep it."

"Probably the Zodiac will come by and help you," Shouta said.

"Why's that?" Alpha asked.

"Because I'm a member of the Zodiac," Shouta said.

"There is no zodiac for the human," Alpha said with a bored expression.

"I'm the dragon ranger!" Shouta said in anger.

"Not falling for it," Alpha said, "You have to be a dragon to become the dragon ranger."

"I'm not kidding, I really am," Shouta said.

(At the Jade Palace)

"So Shouta has been captured, correct?" Boss asked.

"Yes, but they didn't get the dragon stone," Venom answered.

"Thanks to Shouta's cat, he kept the stone safe with us," Kiki said.

"At least he was doing his job," Boss said, "Everyone prepare, we're raiding the prison."

"Just for Shouta?" Babe asked.

"Not just for him," Boss answered, "But for all the innocent people the Empire have imprisoned."

"Yes sir!"

(Empire Prison)

"If you're really part of the Zodiac, are there really twelve members?" Alpha asked.

"Not exactly, that's why we're looking for the zodiac stones," Shouta answered, "As they may even help us find the remaining rangers."

"I see, how are there now?" Alpha asked.

"Four including me," Shouta answered.

"I still don't believe that you're a ranger," Alpha said.

"What will it take to prove it to you !?" Shouta asked in frustration.

Suddenly Lang walks to their cell.

"Alright human," He said, "We will make confess everything."

(Interrogation room)

Shouta is strapped to cross like post, while Lang walks around.

"Where is the dragon stone?" Lang asked.

"I don't have it. I did, but now I don't," Shouta answered, "I think it was stolen."

"Don't lie to me, you can transform like that Boss guy," Lang said.

"I'm new to all of this, I'm clueless," Shouta said.

"I told you to stop-"


"What the hell!?" Lang yelled.

(Cell hallway)

A large hole was blasted open by a large laser. The laser came the three cruizers. Exiting out of them, Venom, Babe, and Kiki came in to the prison. All the inmates hide in their cells.

"Everyone remain calm, we're to free you all," Venom said.

"The Empire has no right to imprison you all," Kiki said.

"As members of the Zodiac, we are here to save you," Babe said.

The inmate cheer for their saviors. Babe and Kiki were freeing the inmates while Venom was looking lost.

"Shouta! Shouta!" Venom yelled.

Alpha realized that he looking for Shouta.

"Are you looking for Shouta?" Alpha asked.

"Yes, have you seen him?" Venom asked.

"Yes, I know where he is," Alpha answered, "I can take you there."

Venom opened Alpha's cell, as they went off for Shouta.

(Interrogation room)

"What did you do?" Lang asked.

"I'm thinking the same thing," Shouta answered.


"Holy cats!" Shouta yelled.

Lang was distracted by the explosion until Alpha came in and kicked his in the crotch.

"Shouta," Venom said.

"Venom, Alpha," Shouta said.

"Did they hurt anywhere?" Venom asked.

"I'm fine," Shouta said, "Thank you so much."

"You're really with them, are you?" Alpha asked.

"Told you," Shouta answered.

"Let's go," Venom said.

"Right," Shouta said.

"Right," Alpha said.

(Cell hallway)

Kiki and Babe were busy guiding the inmates out.

"This way everyone!" Kiki yelled.

"Find a safe place to hide!" Babe yelled.

"Guys!" Shouta yelled.

Shouta, Venom, and Alpha finally met up with the two.

"Who's the dog?" Kiki asked.

"This is Alpha," Shouta answered, "She helped us."

"Yes," Alpha said, "Gya!"

Lang came back and held Alpha hostage with a dagger to her throat.

"Don't think we're through with you, mutt," Lang said, "The Empire still needs you for the dog stone."

"Let her go!" Shouta demanded.

"Oh, I'm not gonna hurt her," Lang said, "She's just going to be our prisoner until we get the stone, even if it will take the rest of her life.

"I'm not your prisoner," Alpha said.

"What!?" Lang asked.

Alpha bit Lang's hand, making him let go of her.

"I am not your prisoner anymore!" Alpha yelled,

"I just wanted my world to be safe, even if it meant giving myself away. I was never leader in the first place, and your dumbass believed I was. I'm returning to my world, and no one is stopping me!"

After her speech, a small ball of yellow light appeared in front of her face. The light then turned into a yellow round stone.

"What's this?" Alpha asked.

"The dog stone," Babe answered.