"Yes," Alpha said, "Gya!"

Lang came back from behind and held Alpha hostage with a dagger to her throat.

"Don't think we're through with you, mutt," Lang said, "The Empire still needs you for the dog stone."

"Let her go!" Shouta demanded.

"Oh, I'm not gonna hurt her," Lang said, "She's just going to be our prisoner until we get the stone, even if it will take the rest of her life."

"I'm not your prisoner," Alpha said.

"What!?" Lang asked.

Alpha bit Lang's hand, making him let go of her.

"I am not your prisoner anymore!" Alpha yelled,

"I just wanted my world to be safe, even if it meant giving myself away. I was never leader in the first place, and your dumbass believed I was. I'm returning to my world, and no one is stopping me!"

After her speech, a small ball of yellow light appeared in front of her face. The light then turned into a yellow round stone.

"What's this?" Alpha asked.

"The dog stone," Babe answered.

"What do I do with this?" Alpha asked.

"Here, put this on your left wrist," Venom said as he gave her a zodiac ring.

"Oh, Shouta," Kiki said.

"Yeah?" Shouta asked.

"You're gonna need this," Kiki answered as she gave him the dragon stone.

"Sweet," Shouta said, "Let's do it!"


"Do what?" Alpha asked.

"Follow our lead," Shouta answered.

The five place their zodiac stones in their rings.






They then slammed their hands on their stones.


"Zodiac Unleash!" The five yelled.

They formed their arms into a "Z" and then shot their arms forward. They turned into their zodiac forms.

Alpha's outfit was yellow skintight suit, white gloves, white boots, a gold belt, and silver "Z3" on his the right side of her chest. Her tail turned into a furry skirt. She also had on a yellow helmet with the black visor shaped like a dog head.

"King Spirit! Ryu Red!"

"Howling Spirit! Inu Yellow!"

"Slithering Spirit! Hebi Green!"

"Rage Spirit! Ushi Blue!"

"Charging Spirit! Buta Pink!"

"Twelve signs! Authorized by the court of Heaven! REVOLUTION SENTAI ZODIAC RANGERS!"

"Damn you, I had enough of your insolence!" Lang yelled, "Scalies kill them, all of them!"

Lang summoned twenty scalies.

"No, I had enough of you," Alpha said, "Let's go!"

The five rangers charge at the scalies. Venom took out two fingers to summoning his weapon.



Venom's star sliced through two more scalies.

"Hold on, how did he do that?" Alpha asked.

"Put two fingers on your stone," Babe answered.

"The zodiac stone goes deep into your soul," Kiki added, "Then it gives you a weapon to match your personality."

"Really?" Alpha asked, "Let's see."

She place her two fingers on her stone.


A flash of yellow light come out and turned into a yellow and silver war hammer.


"A hammer?" Alpha asked herself, "I can work with that."

She then smacked four scalies, sending them flying.

"Woah, nice," Kiki said.

She then place her two fingers on her stone.



She then blew up ten scalies. Babe then summoned his weapon.



He shot the arrow and it multiplied to seven. Each one hitting one scalie, making them explode.

"A personality scanner with weapons to match?" Shouta asked himself, "I'm next!"

Shouta then placed his two fingers on his stone.


A flash of light came out and turned into a large red and silver sword.


"Awesome!" Shouta yelled in excitement, "I love this job!"

He then swung his sword through five scalies killing them all.

"Perfect!" Shouta said.

All scalies were all either in pieces or in smithereens. All that was Lang and the rangers.

"It's time to end this," Babe said, "Guys?"

Kiki and Venom nodded their heads.


The three tapped on their stones three times.


Three large beams of light shot from their stone and hit Lang.

"This is gonna hurt!" Lang yelled before exploding.

"That's that," Venom said.

All of a sudden, the five rangers hear Lang's voice.

"Not yet it isn't,"

A black crystal ball was floating in the air, then shot up into the sky. The ground then shook as the rangers saw a large shadow. They turn around to see Lang brought back to life, but to as big as a skyscraper.

"Holy cats!" Shouta yelled, "He's huge!"

"Let's go, guys," Kiki said.

"Right!" Kiki and Venom said.

Shouta and Alpha were lost at what to do.

"What are we going, exactly?" Alpha asked.

"Summoning Cruizers," Babe answered.

"Oh right, duh," Shouta said.

All rangers except Alpha placed three fingers on their stones.


The four rangers went inside their giant balls of light. Each one turned into robot animal.





"I might as well," Alpha said as she placed three fingers on her new stone.


A large ball of light appeared in front her. She entered into and the light turned into a robot dog.

"This is amazing," Alpha said observing the cockpit of her cruizer.

"I know, right?" Shouta asked.

Suddenly, Shouta hears Boss through his zodiac ring.

"Shouta, place four fingers on your stone," He said.

"Why?" Shouta asked.

"Just do it. You'll see," Boss answered, "I informed everyone else."

"Fine," Shouta said to he put his four fingers on his stone.


The arms and legs on all five cruizers disappeared. Babe's cruizer became a right arm. Alpha's cruizer became a the left arm.

Venom's was the left leg, and Kiki's was the right. And for Shouta, his was the head.


"Okay, this is cool," Shouta said, "What now?"

"Ain't it obvious?" Babe asked.

"We take him down," Kiki said, "Go!"

Kiki made the right leg kick Lang's stomach.

"You mother!" Lang yelled as he punched the giant mech.

"Literal son of a bitch!" Alpha yelled as she made the left arm uppercut Lang's jaw.

"It's time to end this fight," Babe said.

"How exactly?" Alpha asked.

"Everyone, place your stone on the long joystick in front of you," Venom said.

Shouta then noticed the long joystick in front of him. He took out his stone from his ring and placed it in the joystick, as everyone did the same.

"Now what?" Shouta asked.

"Tap the stone three times," Kiki answered.

Each ranger tapped their stone three times.



Large beams of light shot from the hands, knees and chest and hit Lang.

"I refuse!" Lang yelled before blowing up once again.

"Excellent work, the enemy has become our friend," Boss said.

"Go Zodiac!" Shouta yelled in excitement.

(Jade Palace)

The four rangers, Boss, and Alpha were all in the main lobby. Boss had a orange ball of light in his hands.

"What's that?" Shouta asked.

"It's Lang," Venom answered.

"That's Lang!?" Shouta asked.

"Yep!" Kiki answered.

Boss closed his eyes and the ball of light that's supposed to be Lang turned into a white kitten with orange and black spots.

"He's a kitten now!" Shouta yelled already in love.

"This is what represents the cat in the zodiac," Boss said,

"While the twelve animals got to become parts of the zodiac, the cat was forgotten and didn't join the zodiac."

"So the Empire are animals that were angry that they didn't become part of the zodiac?" Shouta asked.

"Correct," Babe answered, "While the cat and other animals forgave the zodiac god, there are others who despise the god."

"So turning them into cats helps them new people to atone?" Shouta asked.

"Indeed, this will let them live with love instead of hate," Venom answered.

Shouta, you did well," Boss said, "I'm proud."

"Thanks," Shouta replied.

"Excuse me, but I want to ask something," Alpha said, "Can you help me get back to my world, the dog world?"

"Do you wish to go now?" Shouta asked.

"I thought about it," Alpha answered, "I want to go home, and I don't want other worlds to suffer what I did."

"Welcome aboard, Alpha," Boss said.

"Yay! Another girl on the team," Kiki said as she gave Alpha a big hug.

Alpha didn't know what to do. But then she saw Shouta smiling at her, so she smiled back.

7 out of 12 remain