One cold night Ethan Morgan was running for his life away from his house as he was feeling scared.

Ethan started running faster breathing heavily as he finally caught up with a bus and then gave the bus driver a ticket and walked into the bus and sat down in one of the seats.

Meanwhile Erica was running to catch up with Ethan when the bus finally drove away She then growled angrily to herself she then swore to herself that she'd catch Ethan and get back together with him no matter what it takes.

back inside the bus Ethan had a scared and terrified look on his face as he sunk lower into his seat. Suddenly the driver turned around facing him. Hey you alright son? He asked yes sir Ethan said quietly he then continued it's just I'm running away from home because my parents are dead and I have no one plus I can't deal with my abusive girlfriend anymore Ethan said in a scared tone. So that's why I came onto the bus Ethan explained.

the bus driver smiled as he understood don't worry son I'll help you get away from your old life to start a new one The bus driver said. Ethan smiled at him then he yawned as he felt tired and fell asleep. Hours later the driver stopped the bus.

rise and shine boy your here the bus driver said as Ethan yawned and opened his eyes rubbing the sleep out of them. Where am I? Ethan asked looking around as he got off the bus.

your in Whitechapel Canada son don't worry you'll love it here it's great the driver said smiling.

wait does that mean you work and live here? Ethan asked. Yep the driver replied then he told Ethan good bye as he drove off.

Ethan then stood by the bus stop just admiring the beautiful city before he snapped out of his daze and walked off to look around.

Maybe this place won't be so bad after all to start my new life Ethan thought in his head as he walked faster breathing in the fresh air.