A few years later Benny and Ethan were laying out in their backyard looking up at the stars.

Benny then looked over at Ethan and smiled.

im so gald we have our own family E it's amazing Benny said.

yeah it's like nothing I've ever known Ethan replied.

then suddenly Benny stood up and grabbed Ethan's hand as he started spinning him around.

what are you doing Benny? Ethan asked.

im dancing with my husband what does it look like E Benny said.

oh Benny your such a goofball and that's why I love you Ethan said.

thanks E your so beautiful your eyes are like sparking stars in the night Benny said.

aww your such a gentleman Benny just when I think I can't love you enough already you end up making me love you more Ethan said.

well Ethan my parents raised me very well to be a very nice and polite person Benny said.

that explains it B Ethan said as he spins Benny around on his feet.

then he drips Benny down and slowly brings him up close to his face to kiss him.

i love you babe and lastly one more thing you should know if we ever get lost and lose eachother we'll always return and find our way back to one another when we do get separated Ethan said.

yeah because no matter where I am I'll always remember to find you and return to you Ethan Benny said smiling.

same here B Ethan replied as they kissed eachother under the moonlight.

I hear the wind call my name

the sound that leads me home again

it sparks up the fire

a flame that still burns

to you

i will always return

I know the road is long

but where you are is home

where ever you stay

I'll find the way

I'll run like the river

I'll follow the sun

I'll fly like an eagle to where I belong

i can't stand the distance

I can't dream alone

i can't wait to see you yes I'm on my way home

now I know it's true my every road leads to you

and in the hour of darkness you're light get's me through

you run like the river

you shine like the sun


you fly like an eagle

yeah you are the one

I've seen every sunset and with all that I've learned

oh it's to you I will always... always return