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Luce and Daniel stood in the Emerald College car park helping Katie and Chris pack their car. They two older teenagers were finally heading back to their college after all the drama that had happened. Georgia College had originally wanted them back they day of the fire, but Katie had refused to come back while Luce had been in the hospital. After a twenty minute argument over the phone, Georgia had eventually agreed to give them two weeks leave. But now it was time for Luce's sister and brother to go.

Chris shut the boot of the car and the four of them turned to each other. Luce gave Katie a small smile before darting into her arms.

"I'll miss you"

"I'll miss you to Luci" Katie murmured stroking her hair. "You know we both are just a call away if you need us right?"

Luce nodded "I know don't worry Daniel will look after me"

"It's my job to worry about you" Katie kissed Luce's forehead "but at least I know I'm leaving you in the best possible hands." Luce smiled and Katie gave her one last gentle squeeze before letting her go and turning to hug Daniel.

Chris took his turn to hug Luce "look after yourself little one" he murmured

Luce smiled "I will big brother." Luce then stretched up on her toes to whisper in Chris's ear "maybe one day soon we can make that title official huh?" Chris blushed as both their eyes flickered to Katie

"I plan to" he whispered back in her ear with a smile. He kissed Luce's forehead then stepped back.

"Come on we should go" he said putting an arm around Katie as Daniel came up to put his arm around Luce. Luce lent her head on his shoulder as Katie and Chris got into the car.

They both waved as the car started to pull away. "We love you" Katie called threw the open car window.

"Love you to" Luce called back loudly. Tears pricked at her eyes. They both stood there until the car had faded from sight. Daniel turned to Luce and kissed her forehead.

"How about we go for a swim?" he asked. Luce nodded eagerly. Daniel gently steered her toward their dorms. He took it as a good sign that Luce didn't look back once.


Daniel and Luce spent a long time in the pool. Luckily there weren't very many people using it and being on the swim team Daniel and Luce got an extended time in the pool.

As Luce dived under the surface Daniel followed her down. When they had reached the bottom of the pool Daniel squeezed Luce's hand gently making her look over at him. Daniel smiled and brushed his lips against hers in a quick kiss. Luce smiled at him gently. Luce gestured upward and Daniel nodded. They broke the surface with a gasp. Daniel stroked Luce's cheek. Luce leaned her face into his palm and kissed it. Daniel was suddenly hit with the need to hold her but the pool wasn't the best place for that.

"Come on let's get out" Luce murmured as if she was reading his mind. Daniel nodded.

After changing, Luce into her red sweatshirt outfit and Daniel into a white t-shirt and jeans. They curled up on Daniels bed in his dorm. Luce lent her head on Daniels shoulder as he sketched one handed. When Luce had found out that Daniel sketched her she had blushed like crazy, but now it was one of her favorite things. Luce's eyes slipped closed as she relaxed. She felt a gentle kiss to her head.

"Are you tired?" Daniel whispered Luce shook her head.

"No not really just happy" she murmured.

"That's good to know"

Luce raised her head and stared into Daniels eyes. It scared her how much she loved him. She didn't know what she would do without him now.

"I love you" she whispered

"I love you to" "so much it hurts"

Luce lent in and kissed Daniel softly. Daniels sketch book slipped from his lap as he wrapped his arms around her. Daniel kissed her back gently pulling her into his lap. When he pulled away he placed tiny kisses all over Luce's face making her laugh, before she snuggled back into his chest.


Later that night Luce was working on her laptop when a Skype call from Katie popped up. Luce answered eagerly.

"Luccccccccccciiiii" Katie was almost beside herself with excitement almost bouncing in her computer chair. Chris stood behind her hands on her shoulders a grin on his face.

"What?" Luce laughed. Katie waved her left hand in front of the camera and Luce screamed so loudly that Daniel came charging out of the bathroom worried.

"Oh my god" Luce squealed on Katie's left hand was a sliver ring with a teardrop emerald flanked by two medium diamonds.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god" "I am so happy for you guys" Luce cried. Daniel came up and put his hands on her shoulders grinning.

Chris laughed and lent forward so he could smile into the camera. "I told I was planning it little one"

"Yes but I didn't think you'd propose this soon" "oh tell me everything how did it happen?" "I want details"

Katie laughed "we had a picnic at the park and did star gazing and while I was looking at the stars he pulled out the ring and asked me'

Luce chuckled "have you picked a date yet?"

Katie smiled "not yet but I have picked my head bridesmaid" she grinned at Luce

"Really?" Luce squealed

"Of course" Katie laughed

"Oh I wish you guys were here right now I want to hug you" Luce smiled "have you told Mum and Dad?"

"We wanted to tell you first" "Charlotte and Michael knew it would happen they just didn't know when" Chris said.

"Well I'd better let you tell them" Luce smiled

Katie chuckled "we'll talk details of your dress when everybody knows ok?"

Luce nodded happily

"Love you guys"

"We love you to" and they signed off.

Luce spun around threw her arms around Daniel with a squeal. He laughed and hugged her back

"That's brilliant" he chuckled

Luce nodded "and you know what the most brilliant part is? I already have my date."

Daniel laughed and kissed her "of course"

That night Luce went to sleep with the biggest smile on her face.

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