There are probably loads of stories like thid on here, but I wanted to try myself.

Behind a Pair of Sunglasses

1: Sunflower Café


"Bells! Table 4!" I rushed over and grabbed my dads order from the bar and put it on table 4 with a smile.

"Izzy! Nelson wants his refill!"

"Coming!" I grabbed a full coffee can from the bar and filled his waiting cup. "Here you go, mr. Keller." He smiled and put something in my hand.

I looked at it and rolled my eyes while smiling. "Thank you, mr. Keller. Have a nice day."

I put the crumbled up 10 dollar note in my jar of tips and went back to work.

"Bella! Table 7!"

"Bells, pancakes with sugar or without? Can't read your handwriting!"

"Izzy! Get these tables clean before new customers come in, please!"

I almost dropped dead when I put the last chair upside down on the table and sat at the bar for some well deserved cake. "Thanks dad." I smiled as he pushed me the plate.

This was one of the most busy days yet. My dads café, Sunflower Café, was stationed right across from a big movie company, Cullen-Whitlock Productions, and today must have been a filming day.

Every so often an actor or filmproducer will walk in, wanting a coffee and to be away from the studio for a while.

We are not allowed to 'fangirl' over them or to ask for autographs or pictures. It is a strict polacy of ours. We want everyone to have a relaxed couple of minutes before they have to go back to their crazy lives.

"Bella, you did great today, honey. Why don't you go home and we will clean up the rest?"

The rest? What rest? I cleaned it all.. "Sure thing. Night, mom! Night, dad!" I grabbed my coat and stepped into the hot, summer air. I could see my crappy Chevvy on the corner of the street and got in it.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't quiet or clean, but Lucky Luc did what he was meant to do; drive.

Yes, I named my truck Lucky Luc. Got a problem with that?

When I got home it was around 11 at night and I took a nice cold shower. Believe me, it had to be very hot outside for me to take a cold shower.

I have always loved the heat and the sun. I used to write alot in the sun, next to the pool at my childhood home in my freetime, but now it feels like I only work in the café.

My appartment was pretty big, it had a bedroom with a twinsized bed, a desk, a bookcase which went from the floor all the way to the ceiling and was filled with books (what, I like to read?) and a closet. Then a little kitchen, livingroom and a small bathroom.

My bedroomwalls were covered in drawings and notes with little messages on them. If you would read closer, they were ideas. Story ideas.

As I said, I love to write, so whenever I get a good idea for a character or story in general, I write it down and stick it somewhere on my wall. Just like my bookcovers. I draw book covers for my own stories or for books who already exist.

I get into bed and tuck myself in under the covers.

The next morning I jumped out of bed, and started getting ready. Believe it or not, but Saturday is actually a day off for me.

After my degree in English Literature I started a study in the Art of Theatre, but never finished it as my parents had trouble to keep the café up and running, so I decided to pitch in.

On saturdays I usually run, then get some breakfast at a different restaurant then the one I eat at the rest of the week and sit there for an hour or two, I read a book, or if I'm really not feeling like paying attention, a gossip magazine. This was one of those perticular days.

Who is on the agenda today? Let's see. Don't know you, don't know you, you seem femiliar, don't know you, aha! A femiliar face!

It was Esme Cullen. I only knew her because she comes to the café sometimes to grab a cup of coffee, consideres buying a donut, doesn't buy it, than orders one anyway ones she is at her table.

She has written loads of books. I have read all of them.

Love on a bed of Roses, The Dreamcatcher, Snow in July, How the world turns, Sickly Sweet, Travelguide part 1 and 2, Eyes in the Dark and my personal favorite: Behind a pair of Sunglasses.

My dream is to become as good of a writer as her.

The magazine said that her book, Behind a Pair of Sunglasses, which is becoming a movie, already has a male lead. No other than her own son, Edward Cullen who has played in multiple stories of hers.

Wow.. that guy is H.O.T. I mean it, look at him! Those eyes, those lips, that hair.. ugh! Why can't there be guys that look like that and still be in my league?

Their looks is what keeps them out of your league!

Getting burned by my own imagination.

It said that she and her husband, Carlisle Cullen, co-owner of Cullen-Whitlock and the movie producer, are still looking for the perfect female lead. They haven't released anything yet, so the media doesn't have any information to share on that subject.

Then there were some pictures of last years Oscars with Edward Cullen and his girlfriend, Tanya Denali, posing and smiling on the red carpet.

I read further: Is Tanya Denali perfect for the role of Becca Shepherd to Edward Cullens' role, Cory Stone?

I rolled my eyes and threw the magazine back onto the table. Tanya Denali as Becca Shepherd? She would be the worst choice for that perfect role!

They are going to ruin this book for me, aren't they?

I looked back at the picture of Edward and Tanya and sighed. He was holding her against her small back and they both smiled at the cameras.

"What I wouldn't give to just stand there for one minute.."

Hope you liked it!