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1955 – Welcome, Finn Hudson to the world of girls:


5-year-old Finn didn't want to go to kindergarten, he had never wanted to leave his house at 525 Berkley Street, he had lots to do at home and didn't think it was important when his Mommy said it would be good for him to go out every Tuesday and Thursday just to be with other kids. He saw other kids when his mom took him to the pool for swimming lessons or library for weekly read-a-long sessions or when they went to the park and even when they went out to dinner when his daddy was home, and he did have cousins that he saw every other week or so.

His mommy said, "He had to go so he could make friends and learn how to do important grown up things like write his name properly and learn all his colors and numbers and shapes and things, and wouldn't it be fun to have play dates with other kids at the park and go to each other's birthday parties?"

Scrunching his face at that, he shakes his head no, coz he didn't think that would be fun at all, other kids scared him and when he saw them in the park having a birthday party, he got cross, coz all they ever did was yell and scream and chuck cake at each other. He couldn't understand why his mommy said that coz, her and daddy, and nanas' and pops got him all the stuff he needed for birthdays and Christmas and sometimes when Daddy was home, just because. He had letter magnet thingies that he would make words with on the 'frigerator, and books of numbers and stuff, a chalk board and could already count to 10 and knew how to write his name, so what if it looked like a giddy snail had crawled through some paint, he knew that F-i-n-n made his name so he didn't need to go out all day to learn that, plus if he did his cowboy buddies on his bedroom walls and his best buddy Spoge the goldfish, would get real lonely.

But when his mom let him pick out a Mickey mouse bag and lunch box from the store, which she said she would fill with his favorite sultanas, apple slices, cheese cubes just for kindergarten, and pinkie promised the two of them could have a camp out in the living room on Thursday night and he could pick what to have for dinner, he knew he had to go no matter how big his pout was.

'Camping out' was something he really liked to do, and because he is only 5, he wasn't yet very knowledgeable about parents and their bribery tactics. All he ever wanted to do was make his mom happy, so he just nodded his head yes and went along with her, but at the same time asking worriedly,

"But… Momma if I goes to this kidagarden place, won't you gets sad? Coz if I gotta be away all day an' daddy is only home for little bits you won't have a tuff Hudson man to look afta you, only Spoge but he a fish…"

Finn was worried when his mom's eyes started to cry big fat tears, (like his did the other week when he fell off the slippery slide at the park and skinned his knee and bumped his head, and every single time his daddy goes away to his Captain soldier job). She pulls him on to her lap, kisses his freckles off and nearly hugs all his air out.

"Oh honey, I love you so very much, I promise I'll be ok. I know it is going to be different, you have grown into such a good and happy smart boy, but it's time for you to go to kindergarten and learn much more, plus I just know you will make lots of friends with the other kids. Yes, we miss daddy but he is due home on leave very soon, and I know he will be so very proud to hear you are doing so well."

A deep sigh, accompanied by a sniffle, a small head nod and a quiet whisper of "Ok Momma" was little Finn's answer.

Finn was trying to be brave when he and his mom arrived at the big building that was called, so mom said after reading him the big sign next to the gate…

"Seaview Elementary School – Kindergarten & Preschool Annex."

He looked around with wide eyes at the other kids, wondering if they had to stand in the garden all day or what, and how would they learn stuff when they are outside? See this is why he didn't want to go to a place called Kid-a-garden, he always got told off for getting his dirty hands and feet all over the sofa 'specially at his nana's house.

Some kids like him were holding tight to their moms' or dads' hands and some were crying and dragging their feet, he watched in wonder as one girl, he heard was called Angela and was much bigger than him told her mom loudly that she could go home now because she could do this on her own. Finn watched as she started to push her mom out the door and how her mom was wiping her eyes with a tissue. He just tightened his hold on his mom's hand not wanting to let her go.

"Good morning everyone, my name is Mrs Porter I'll be your teacher this year and this is Miss Ainsley, my assistant. Please come on in and have a look around our classroom, and parents, Perhaps you could help your child organise their bags into one of the cubby holes on the back wall? Before spending a few minutes on the puzzle mat, looking through the book corner, or playdoh table until it is time for class to begin. I have left name badges for everyone on the table near the fruit bowl so please take your child's and help them to attach it to their clothes."

Little Finn was looking at all the things the teacher said there was to do, noticing that in the book corner there were lots of his favorites that he and mom read at the library, and the painting table looked fun he liked all the different colors, some even had glittery stuff in it, and the fish tank that had one of those cool walking fish, his mom told him it was called an Axolotl, he wondered if Spoge would like to share his tank with one coz it was really cool, (he wonders if he could get a black one, and coz Spoge was white with an orange splodge on his head they would be friends and keep each other company). But even though the stuff all looked great and lots of fun, he still wasn't letting go of his mom's hand.

He picked out his own name badge after he put his shiny red apple in the fruit bowl, and looked around again while mom pinned it to his favorite blue striped sweater. They spent a little bit of time reading 'one fish two fish red fish blue fish' his favorite Dr. Seuss book, till Mrs Porter rang a bell letting everyone know it's time for class to start.

He notices as his mom wiping at her eyes when she says, "I have to go now Finny baby, but I will be here to pick you up at lunchtime ok? So, have fun." She leans down to give him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek, trying to hide her own tears at leaving her baby boy, not able to fully comprehend where the time has gone, because it only seems like yesterday she and Christopher were bringing Finn home from the hospital. Sometimes she wishes they'd been able to have more children, but she also knew it wouldn't matter how many they had, the day they started at school would be too much. But the minute she lets go of his hand he starts to cry and calls out for her to stay, running the few steps to catch up with her, clamping his arms around her legs and crying harder.

Until Miss Ainsley took hold of his hand and gently squeezed it saying "Come on Finn lets go and sit on the mat ready to start our day, your Mommy will be ok I promise, and maybe a bit later you can do a painting of your first day at kindergarten, I know she will be so proud of you for being such a big brave boy."

Finn sniffs away his tears and wipes his face on his shirt sleeve, taking one last look over his shoulder at his mom's teary face, nodding his head at the same time he looks up at Miss Ainsley and says in a little voice, shy but proud at the same time "Yeah, yeah… I gots to be a big boy an' looks afta Momma coz my daddy is away at his importan' soldier job."

"That's the way sweetie, now let's go and find a spot on the mat so Mrs Porter can tell us what we are going to do today, I'm sure when she asked me to put the magic, sparkly fairy dust in the paint it was for some special paintings, and I have a feeling you are very good at painting yes?"

Still nodding, but with a scrunch of his cheek that brought his dimple out of hiding and sounding a little happier Finn says "Yeah ok, kidagarden mite be fun afta alls! I gonna paint a pichure of my daddy an' me at the park las time he was home, when he pushed me super high on the swing. An' me an' Momma when we have a campout in the living room like she pwomised, she even said we cood have pancakes an' bacon for dinner. An' maybe even one of me and Spoge."

Later that morning Finn had decided that this going to Kindergarten business wasn't so bad after all, he had painted a very cool picture clearly showing his daddy and him at the park and one of the blanket tents he and momma will make, he wrote his name all by himself on the paper. Mrs Porter was very proud and gave him two golden star stickers. He even tried some different food at fruit time called mango.

"I'm Angela, ya wanna play in da sand box?"

For the rest of playtime that day and the next few weeks Finn and Angela had a great time playing with the trucks, making sand castles, talking about all sorts of things…, well, Finn spent most of the time nodding and keeping a very close eye on the road he was building, cos he figured with his 5-year-old logic that if he agreed, and didn't say much Angela wouldn't get mad and pick on him like he had seen her do to some other kids.

One or the other of them always managed to grab the grader truck, though sometimes Finn had seen Angela sort of snatch it away from other kids, so they could play with it, Finn knew it was wrong to just take stuff and that the toys were for everyone to play with, but when he told her she shouldn't just take it and that he was happy to play with the race cars for a change, she got all huffy and wouldn't talk to him, and because he hadn't yet made a lot of other friends Finn went along with her, coz she still scared him a little, (well, more than a little) but he was slowly warming up to her. Never having had a lot to do with girls before, cept his mommy and nana' but they weren't girls they were his mommy and nanas'! (his 5 cousins were all boys). He did try to make sure she didn't get close enough to kiss him like she always tried to do, cos girly kisses were extra supa yucky.

Angela was nice to him until the last kindergarten day before thanksgiving weekend when another boy Jeremy who Finn got to know after his dad brought in for show and tell some weird looking fish and some other creatures that got caught in his shrimp nets, (Finn thought they were really cool and was asking Jeremy's dad all sorts of questions about them, and happily telling him about his own fish Spoge). Jeremy came up and nervously asked to play with Finn and the bulldozer. Angela, wasn't interested in sharing so instead she pushed Jeremy over and blamed Finn when he told on her, so from then on, every day at kindergarten she would tease and pick on Finn for all sorts of reasons, the worst part was the way she kept reminding Finn in-front of the other kids that he cried on the first day of kindergarten, she was still bigger than him, calling him a baby and did he want his pacifier, and a bottle at nap time. HE never said anything mainly because she scared him and for some reason his words always went away when he tried to defend himself or answer her back.

He was however, very relieved when at the end of that year Mrs. Porter, announced that Angela was leaving their class to move to Florida and asked every kid to write their name in a goodbye card.

He didn't know it at the time of course, but by the time he was old enough to understand, this girl was the catalyst for his future dramas in a world filled with girls!

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