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The kingdom of Magadan.

A legendary nation for multiple reasons, yet largely unknown.

To the common people, it was an insignificant presence. It yielded no valuable resources. It produced little crop. Covered in snow for most of the year. Its only exceptional feature was the efficiency of the fishing industry. In the wild and stormy seas, the fishermen learned how to best catch fish from a young age, and in a nation where farming was not an option, lives depended on the daily haul.

But there exist a set of people who saw it differently.

The set of people who could see what truly lay under the isolated appearance.

The reason why it was of infinite importance, while at the same time, insignificant.


An unnatural and mysterious force that defied the laws of nature.

An infinitely powerful tool with which to build the future.

An infinitely powerful weapon of mass destruction.

A place which Trolls, Elves, Goblins, Witches, Wizards, and every other magical creature regularly visited.

The place even attracted Gods.

Magadan had magic unlike any other place on earth. Constantly visited by people from all over the world, it was the center of the magical world.

This was the city where the first ever wand had been crafted.

This was the city where Gaia, better known as mother earth, was created by God.

This was the city where a human singlehandedly put Gaia to sleep.

This was the city where the first human ever to wield the power of an elemental was born.

This was the city where Merlin learnt to perform magic.

This was the city where the Philosopher's stone was invented.

This was the city where the four founders of Hogwarts met.

However, most importantly, this city was the only gateway to the true North pole, the source of all of Earth's magic. This was the power that drew in gods. Many spent their lives in vain, searching for it. Although it was common knowledge that finding the north pole was nigh impossible, even for gods, every year, hundreds of beings would come to Magadan to search for it, half of them never returning. Yet, the tradition continued through the millennia.

Because it was worth it.

The lone alchemist scurried around the dark, messy room, her eyes scanning the hundreds of shelves, each containing thousands of bottles, varying in size from being as small a human tooth, to as large as a tall man. She picked up a bottle every ten minutes, carefully measuring its contents before adding them to a massive cauldron sitting over enchanted green flames which provided just the right amount of heat. The cauldron stood in the center of the room, twenty feet away from everything else. After adding an ingredient, the woman would look at the potion within closely, through several pieces of enchanted glass. She would then go to one of several tables, all cluttered with scrolls and notebooks, and write down the observations for about five minutes, and then the next ingredient would be measured and added, and the cycle would continue.

The woman was named Chelsea Cross. She was rather short, only five feet in height. Her hair was long and black, tied tightly in a bun. Her eyes shone Amber in the light of the fire, and her skin was pale, bordering on unnatural. Originally born in a magical family in Europe, she had set out at the age of fifteen in search of the fabled true north pole. She had not hesitated in immediately heading out to sea, searching relentlessly. A year later, she was still searching, her determination unwavering, when it happened.

She saw it.

Like a pathway to heaven, she had found herself looking at the entrance to the true north pole. She had eagerly steered her boat towards the entrance. But an instant before she entered, she felt the magic of that place pass through every fiber of her body. In that moment, she had been so terrified that she had leapt out of her boat and into the freezing waters. She swam as fast as she could for days, her fear ignoring the limitations of her body. Three days later, she was picked up by an ordinary fishing vessel.

She had been bedridden for an entire month, and in all that time, she could never forget what she had sensed.

It was easy to understand why even gods lusted after that power. Whatever the hell it was, it did not belong on earth. In fact, if she could, Chelsea would have been happy to rid that kind of power from the galaxy itself.

When she got out of bed, she had discovered that there was nothing of her old life left. Her family had moved, leaving no trace of where they went, and she had no personal belongings whatsoever, save for the clothes she wore and her wand. So she had done the most logical thing and decided to settle down in Magadan, and get an apprenticeship under the old, legendary Felix Felicis, the inventor of liquid luck.

Now she stood over the bubbling cauldron as the only living person with the knowledge of the location of the true north pole, a master of alchemy, having taken over the position of chief potions master of Magadan from Felix three years prior, hopefully on the verge of a breakthrough. The order she had received was extraordinary.

After all, why would the King of Magadan, an ordinary human with no magical roots, ask her to make something to protect the kingdom from invaders?

And why was it that at the exact same time, the magical community began seeking a device powerful enough to stop a god, should they in their selfishness decide to claim Magadan for themselves?

Chelsea consulted her notes again, before removing a small box from one of the shelves, no larger than the palm of her hand. She carefully opened it, and measured exactly one milligram of the glowing powder before adding it to the cauldron, and putting the box back in her pocket. She then went back to her desk and wrote down a few more pages worth of observations, while simultaneously consulting other notebooks and scrolls. And then she waited. He would be there with the final ingredient any time now.

And with a loud crack, he appeared outside the door. Chelsea opened the door to reveal the tired face of Godric Gryffindor. His pointy hat was bent out of shape, and his robes had been torn in multiple places.

"Hello Chelsea. Mind giving me some of that recovery potion of yours?"

Chelsea quickly ushered him inside, before locking the door, failing to notice that quite a few people were observing the interaction discreetly. "What on earth did you get into?" she cried as she handed him a gourd. "You look like you got into a fistfight with a mountain troll!"

"That Gothel woman was a lot stronger than she looked. And she was extremely protective of the flower." Godric explained. He took a swig from the gourd, and within a matter of seconds, his injuries had vanished and his strength was replenished.

"So, did you get it?"

"Yes I did." And with that, he took off his hat and stuck his entire arm in it. From within its depths, he withdrew a photograph of him and his wife, which he put back, a giant sword with a ruby in its hilt, which he propped against the wall, an extra wand, which he put in his robes, and some enchanted chocolates, which were snatched and devoured by Chelsea. Finally, he found the object he was looking for.

It was a small, black box, five centimeters wide, ten centimeters long, and one centimeter thick. He slid off the covering, revealing a single flower petal which glowed gold, bathing the room in its light. Carefully, Chelsea took it immersed it in a bottle which sat isolated on one of her desks. The petal was dissolved in an instant, and the solution glowed gold. Quickly, she poured it all into the cauldron, not even a single drop sticking to the bottle. She looked closely at the mixture, sighed in relief, and walked back to one of her desks, where she promptly wrote down another five pages of observations and calculations. When she was done, she raised her arms above her head and stretched, her back making popping noises which no one would consider healthy.

"What's been going on with you?" Godric asked.

"Nothing at all" Chelsea sighed "I've been stuck here for months on end, with nothing to do except work."

"Sounds like you were lonely."

"Of course I was. You are the only person I've talked to in this week. Speaking of which, why did it take you two months to find something that you should have found in two days?"

"Hey, I have a life, you know. I have a school to build, conferences to attend, rouge dark wizards to stop. And now I am going to have parental responsibilities as well."

"So you're going to be a dad?"

"Yes. I am."

"Congratulations! How much longer?" Chelsea asked, bouncing on her toes.

"About eight months." Godric instantly realized his mistake as a sinister expression formed on Chelsea's face.

"Oho! So that's why it took you so long! You were lazing in the job so you could have fun with your wife, eh?"

"I'm sorry." Godric said, falling to his knees and placing is head on the ground. "Please forgive me."

"Oh, fine" Chelsea huffed. "I can't stay mad at you for long anyway." Godric got up from the floor and sat on a chair, facing her. "So, what have you been up to?" She asked, and then added "Aside from your 'private time'."

"Oh don't be so cross, Cross." he said. She smacked her forehead with her palm. It was an extremely old joke which he had so cleverly come up with.

"Okay okay, moving on." he said, under the intense pressure from her glare. "The construction of the school is going nicely, but Salazar is acting suspicious. Nothing too worrying, though. However, naming the school is more challenging than any of us thought. We're arguing over it day and night."

"Hufflepuff wins."

"But you haven't even heard what she suggested!"

"Don't need to. All I know is that she will win any argument that you four have."

"Oh come on! Salazar wants to name it the 'Wizarding school for Magical Families'. I can't even remember what Rowena wants to name it, it's so long. Helga wants to call it 'Hogwarts'. Hogwarts, I ask you! What sort of name is that for a prestigious school of magic?!"

"What do you want to call it?"

"The 'Dragonwing Institution of Magic'."Godric proclaimed in a proud voice.

"I'll visit Hogwarts when it's built." Chelsea said, her voice filled with mirth.

"Hey!"Godric protested, but was unheard by a laughing Chelsea. "It's going to be named 'Dragonwing Institution!'"

"Sure thing Godric. When your hat starts talking." At that moment, a solution to one of his problems appeared in his mind, but decided to save it for later. Instead, he decide to discuss a serious topic.

"Chelsea." The woman in question froze at the seriousness in his voice. "This weapon against gods thing…."

"I know." Chelsea said bitterly. "I don't like it any more than you do, but it has to be done. Everyone knows of the legendary selfishness of the gods, and clearing this city of life for their personal gain isn't much of a stretch. They may be immortal, but they have the maturity of a baby."

"But still…." Godric said "Something as powerful as this, which can be used by anyone. This is a perfect timing for something to go wrong."

"I know. Which is why there are safety measures. You need to be free of fear to be able to use it."

"Doesn't sound like much." Godric said skeptically.

"Trust me, it's much harder than it sounds. Being absolutely unafraid requires a unique type of mentality. I spent every day since I got back from there training to become fearless, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I had to lie to myself every day, turning my fears into dislikes and escapes into wants. And in return, I lost my humanity."

Godric was silent for a moment. "That seems like an awfully unfair trade."

Chelsea chuckled darkly "Humanity is defined by fear. Overcoming fear is what it means to be human. If all fear is destroyed completely, then there is nothing left, except for a perpetual state of loneliness." Both friends were silent once more.

"So, what now?"Godric asked tentatively.

"Now, we wait. The potion is complete, and the reaction may start anytime this week and will continue for about a minute." The cauldron gave a loud hiss, and the flames beneath it were extinguished as the contents began to distort the fabric of reality around them.

"Or it could start right now. Why not?" Chelsea complained, rolling her eyes. She pulled open a drawer and removed her wand from within it. With a single wave, the floor below the cauldron disappeared, allowing it to fall through the floor and into a special room designed to survive explosions. The floor reappeared, and a muffled boom was heard.

Chelsea willed it, and the floor disappeared again, and a vast amount of purple gas was expunged from the explosion room. She slid on her dragon skin gloves and jumped down into the room. She picked up the resultant of the explosion in one hand, while Godric grabbed her other and hauled her up.

In her hand, she held a cylindrical object with a five centimeter radius and a two centimeter height. Looking from above, it looked like the Yin and Yang, consisting of two completely different shades of blue. One was dark blue, bordering on black, which seemed to suck her soul out of her. The other was significantly lighter in shade, and radiated energy which brought with it a promise of destruction. There were spheres of opposing colors on either side, roughly a centimeter in diameter, but it was hard to see them through the translucent material that made up…. whatever the hell she was holding.

"It looks like a ….. cake." Godric concluded. Chelsea sighed. Of course, only Godric Gryffindor would be able to compare a weapon on par with the gods to something as docile and edible as a cake. But her thoughts were interrupted by the repeated sounds of metal against gravel, accompanied by the sound of clanking armor.


A second later, the door had been thrown open, revealing multiple royal guards, armed to the teeth. This was the drawback of Magadan- The constant flow of magic was so strong here that muggle repelling spells failed to work. It didn't help that the existence of magic was common knowledge to just about everyone on earth at this time. And thus, the primary defense of the magical world failed at the center of the magical world. There existed no greater irony.

"Pardon the intrusion." The tone of the voice was highly refined, and carried with it an air of authority. Its accent was exquisite, used only by noblemen. And there was only one person who fit all categories and would show up at this place.

Undoubtedly, King Erik of Magadan had arrived.

"Your Majesty." Chelsea curtseyed. Godric did nothing, choosing to remain eyes scanned the room, analyzing their positions. The king had six guards, four of them standing behind him, arrows at the ready, while the two in front had their spears pointed forwards. Even the king had his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to attack at a moment's notice. On the other hand, things weren't looking too good for Chelsea and him. Chelsea was unarmed, save for her wand in her robes. Not that it would make a difference, as she was a horrible duelist. He had his wand, but the moment he reached for it, three arrows and a spear were sure to impale him. And even if he somehow managed it, there was no way he'd be able to save Chelsea.

In simple words, he was in a lose-lose situation.

"That certainly looks interesting." King Erik said, his eyes focused on the cake. "But for a weapon against the gods, it looks underwhelming. May I see it?" he asked, his hand outstretched in front of him. It was not a question. Both Godric and Chelsea noticed that the archers' bowstrings seemed to be significantly tauter than they were seconds ago.

"Why do you want it?" Chelsea asked, her voice tense.

"Cant' a man be curious?"

"You're not fooling anyone, Erik. What do you want?" Godric said, his tone revealing open hostility.

"Godric Gryffindor" Erik said, finally taking notice of the wizard "It is truly an honor to meet a legendary wizard such as yourself."

"Don't change the subject." Godric warned. "I'll ask you again, what do you want?"

"Why would I tell you?"

"If you don't, I'll assume the worst, and consequently won't give it to you." Chelsea said, gripping the cake tightly.

"Tell me, potions mistress, what would you assume to be the worst?"

"World dominion? Becoming a god? Seems like it would match your personality."

King Erik sighed "I would gladly decline those accusations, but then I would be lying."

"Now, give me one good reason why I would even dream of handing it over to you." Chelsea spat.

"Chelsea Cross" Erik began "renowned witch, esteemed potions mistress, genius. You have discovered magic unlike any other, and if what I hear is true, you also know the location of the entrance of the true north pole." Godric's eyes immediately latched on to Chelsea. He had not known this. Erik continued speaking "You have the genius to be able to fight gods. So why do you limit yourself so? Why is it that you refuse to do your best? You could rule the world with the power that you wield. But you do not."

Erik's expression turned into a sneer "Because you are weak-willed. But I am not." He began to pace around the room, and he discreetly picked up a book from a table. "With this, I will be able to conquer all of earth, and you will be able to rule by my side." He turned towards Chelsea and drew up to his full height, distracting her from the guards' motions, who had now spread out through the room. "Why is it that you limit yourself to just this" he said, gesturing to their bleak surroundings "while you could have so much more." He was so close that she could feel his breath on her skin.

"Think about it." He whispered, his voice alluring. Chelsea bit her lip. It was tempting. Oh so tempting. She had lived her entire life in the darkness of the world, always having to draw the short stick. For her whole life, she had survived due to miracles and accidents, and never due to her own abilities. The idea of coming out on top for once was extremely attractive.

Meanwhile, Godric Gryffindor was in a pinch. In his eyes, there were only two outcomes to the current situation. If Chelsea accepted King Erik's proposal, he would have no choice but to get out of there. He was pretty confident that he would be able to get out by disapparating before any of the guards could hurt him. However, if Chelsea chose to oppose the king, he wouldn't be able to leave her behind. Which would in turn mean that the guards would kill them both. The only unknown factor in the current scenario was the source of power that Chelsea held in her hand. If she was going to oppose him, that cake had better be able to pack a punch.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Chelsea said, as two types of steam began to roll off the cake. One rose into the air, and the other descended towards the ground. "World dominion seems interesting, but having you at my side does not."

"Fine then." Erik said, every muscle in his body tensing "I suppose you needn't be by my side, then." He flicked his wrist, and an arrow was unleashed at Chelsea at point blank range. But by the time the arrow had been shot, Chelsea's gloves had disintegrated, and now the power flowed through her entire body.

The tip of the arrow made contact with her forehead, and as soon as it did, it disintegrated into nothingness, followed by the shaft, and in less than a blink of an eye, no remains of the arrow were left. Chelsea's arm shot out, accompanied by a burst of energy, at one of the guards who had taken aim at Godric. The man was hit square in the chest, and his arrow missed its target. Godric saw his opening, and in one fluid motion, he drew his wand and stunned the other guard who had an arrow pointed at him, While Chelsea simultaneously kicked the two spear wielders in their faces, causing their heads to be knocked clean off their shoulders.

But for a moment, they had forgotten about the last archer, who had expertly released his arrow, straight at the one vulnerable target in the room:- The cake in Chelsea's hand.

Chelsea gasped as the object in question slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor. Godric stunned the last archer, before catching sight of the rolling cake. At once, three figures leapt at it, but one got there significantly earlier than the other two.

King Erik snatched up the cake. "AHA!" He yelled "Victory is mine!"

"I wouldn't be too sure of that." Godric yelled, before launching a vast array of spells at the man before him. But he may as well have been throwing drops of water at him, for all the good it did. King Eric stood unflinchingly as every spell was automatically deflected off an invisible barrier surrounding him.

"Is that it?"

Godric let out a scream of rage, before yelling "Avada Kedavra!" The killing curse was one he had sworn never to use, but it wasn't like he had a choice. But it made no difference, as the spell was harmlessly blocked yet again. Godric spared a moment to gather his energy, before unleashing a continuous stream of magic at his foe.

This time, Erik reacted by launching his own stream of energy to counter Godric's. He grinned sadistically as he slowly pushed back Godric's power, smirking when he saw the wizard looking at his steaming wand in horror an instant before it exploded, knocking the wizard back into a wall, effectively rendering him unconscious. However, Erik had forgotten that Godric wasn't the only threat in the room.

He saw, a moment too late, that Chelsea was rushing at him with a sword. Godric's sword. He let loose a burst of energy, but it was deflected by the magical blade, before it pierced his right hand all the way up to its ruby-fitted hilt.

But his hand wasn't the only thing the blade pierced.

It had also sliced the cake, perfectly splitting the Yin and Yang into two separate pieces. The blade had barely avoided touching the contrasting spheres of the symbol.

Chelsea twisted the blade, and Erik roared in pain as half of his hand was taken off, but yet he managed to keep his hold on one of the pieces. In one fluid motion, Chelsea picked up the fallen piece and darted to the other side of the room. Both of them stood facing each other, breathing heavily.

"Are you ready to die?" Erik said menacingly, gripping his piece with the bloody remains of his hand.

"Not yet." Chelsea retorted. Erik glared at her, before placing his piece in his mouth and swallowing. Chelsea had no choice but to copy. Pain shot through her entire being seconds later, and she fell to the floor. Her hair turned red, and her eyes began to turn a bright blue. Steam rose off her skin, and the ground around her began to melt, just as her strength returned to her, along with a lot more. She got to her feet and looked at Erik. His hair had turned white, and his eyes were icy blue. The ground around his feet had been frosted over. His injured hand had been replaced by one made of ice.

"How is this possible?" Chelsea screamed internally "He can't possibly be fearless, can he? How did he gain access to the power?" She couldn't have possibly known that being the sixth born son, Erik had to abandon his humanity to get the throne in ways that would make most people sick to their stomachs. She pushed aside her thoughts and leapt at Erik. No matter how he did it, he had to be taken out now. They both crashed through the door and into the street. Passersby stopped whatever they were doing to look, and a few stepped back in fear.

There was an explosion of ice, and Chelsea was thrown into another house, her newfound powers preventing her from being killed instantly. Flames shot out from her palms and feet, and she flew right back at Erik. He jumped up with impossible strength, shooting towards the clouds, propelled by streams of ice and snow from his feet. She crashed into the spot where he had been, but instantly switched directions and flew right at him. He unleashed several massive bursts of ice, but Chelsea avoided most of them, vaporizing those which she couldn't dodge. A hailstorm with hailstones the size of houses rained down on the capital city of Magadan, bringing with them destruction. Magical and non-magical creatures alike screamed in terror as houses, people, and several other creatures were crushed beneath icebergs.

In the air, Chelsea and Erik threw attacks at each other, slowly but surely improving their proficiency over their new powers. Chelsea's clothes were burning off, being replaced by solidified flames. Erik's royal garbs gained a coating of ice, leaving the unnecessary parts to be burned away by Chelsea's attacks. Erik's new hand began to glow, and he slashed Chelsea across the face, leaving four parallel cuts from her left eyebrow to her chin. The cuts were fairly deep, but her injury glowed and began to heal rapidly. She summoned blue flames, and with all her focus, forced them to solidify into a large hammer. Erik's eyes widened as she struck him in the side of his head with the hammer made of blue fire crystals. Another strike, and he was sent flying towards the ground. Just for good measure, Chelsea threw the hammer after him. Erik landed hard, creating a crater in the ground. Then the hammer struck and exploded, destroying everything within five miles of the explosion. Chelsea gasped in horror when she saw what she had done, but before she could regret her actions, an avalanche exploded from the middle of the explosion in every direction, even larger than the explosion. Screaming people were swallowed by the walls of snow.

Those who could disapparate, did, but there was no mercy for those who thought they could hide. Every clash between Chelsea and Erik sent vast quantities of fire and ice in every direction, destroying more and more of what was the center of the magical world. Every burst of magic carried with it incredible power. Nothing less than their maximum output would be able to hurt the other.

Chelsea and Erik clashed yet again, and in an explosion of steam, both were thrown back. But before either of them could make a move, a spell detonated right in front of Erik, obscuring his view with smoke. With a wave of his hand, a burst of wind cleared the smoke in an instant to reveal Godric Gryffindor, panting, holding his spare wand in his hand. Erik growled in anger, and realized a moment too late that he had wasted precious time.

Chelsea's fist, burning with such intensity that it would blind most to look at it, made contact with Erik's solar plexus. His blood vessels exploded just as he was launched at speeds that made sound look bad with an almighty explosion. Erik was flung into the ground, creating a kilometer-long trench.

Chelsea nodded at Godric in acknowledgement, and flew after Erik. She landed at the end of the trench, but there were no signs of the king himself. Godric apparated next to her with a crack.

"So, he's been destroyed?" he asked hopefully.

She grimaced and shook her head "No. That wasn't enough to completely obliterate his body. He's escaped, but he's definitely wounded. He won't be bothering us for a while." The two old friends fell silent, surveying the destruction wrought upon the city. Several structures were on fire, while icebergs were scattered throughout the area.

"There's no fixing this, you know." Godric said at last.

"I know. Rebuilding this place will…."

"No, Chelsea. This place isn't going to be rebuilt. Given that hardly any non-magical people would have been able to escape, this is going to go down in history as one of the biggest failures of the magical community. Word of this will spread. No amount of memory alteration spells are going to get us out of this one."

"That means…"

"This is the end of Magadan as the center of the magical world. In fact, this will probably be the end of the magical world as we know it. We'll have to go into hiding, minimizing contact with non-magical people. There will have to be a statute of secrecy and everything. Everything will change."

Chelsea sighed "I know that saying I'm sorry isn't going to suffice, but still….."

"It doesn't matter." Godric said, cutting her off "We have more pressing matters to take care of."

Chelsea's expression was downcast "Right…." she said, and her armor once again began to turn into fire.

"I put up a shield spell around your lab. It's best that we go there first." Godric said before disapparating with a crack. Chelsea's feet and palms exploded with flames once again, and she flew towards her lab, knowing that Godric was very disappointed in her, as he hadn't taken her with him. In a matter of seconds, she had reached her home, only to see an aghast Godric. She landed next to him and gasped as well.

The entire interior of the room was coated in ice. "How…?" Chelsea managed to say.

"He must have gotten here first, and escaped when he heard me arrive. And he froze everything he couldn't take."

Chelsea placed her palm on the ice, and her disintegrating armor provided enough heat to clear a path for her. She twirled her fingers, and all the ice in the room receded in an instant. Her fire armor had disintegrated completely, leaving her stark naked, but given that she had just destroyed the magical center of the world, she couldn't care less. She went into her bedroom and put on whatever she got her hands on, before returning to the lab.

"Anything missing?" Godric asked. Chelsea scanned the shelves and tables with her eyes. Every scientist, librarian, and professor can tell at a single glance whether even a single tome is out of place, and it was no different for her.

"Rats. I know exactly what he found."

"Tell me, what did he find?" Godric asked scathingly "Your top secret recipe? An instruction manual on how to bypass the security system? Or the location to the entrance of the true north pole?"

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't risk revealing its location. It's too risky. No one should…."

"Save it, Cross. What did he take?"

Chelsea sighed yet again. It was all her fault, and she knew it. "No, none of those. He took the books on how the power affects the body. Each of our children will have part of the power, but not enough to have any external physical manifestation. Each of their firstborns will have the same amount of power, but when the family lines reunite, only the firstborn will once again have abilities like mine."

"So, not only do we have to worry about Erik, we also have to watch out for his kids?"

"Not all of them. All of his children will have a part of the power, but it will only be passed on to the firstborns from then on."

"Well, that's one piece of good news. Now pack up and let's go." Chelsea nodded and picked her wand off the table, exactly where she had left it. With a wave, parchments and tomes flew through the air, neatly packing themselves in sacks. Chelsea picked them up with ease, being far stronger than she used to be, and followed Godric out what was left of the doorway.

"Just one thing left." Chelsea said. She clenched her fist, and flames began to form around her head. A burst of energy shot from her forehead, and the lab caught fire, the enchantments burning away.

Both of them walked in silence, until they reached the docks. "Godric, you don't have to do this. This is all my fault. You have a school to build, a child to raise. As a matter of fact, I can't allow you to do this."

"You're going to stop me?"

"You may be the greatest duelist of our age, but you are no match for Erik."

"And if I decide to ignore your warning?"

"I'll tell your wife that you saw me naked."

"Oh, well played Cross."

"Relax, Godric. This isn't your war. You deserve to be with your family. Grow a beard or something. As it stands, I'm pretty much the only person in the world who can take him out. Trust me on this one."

"Are you sure you want to do this alone? It would be pretty handy to have some help."

"Thanks, but no. I can't risk your safety. The others would never forgive me. Besides, I've always wanted to do something like this!"

"Something like this?" Godric asked, puzzled.

"Yeah! Fighting against an evil tyrant, in an epic battle that will decide the fate of the world!"

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