A/N:This is my first UFO Alien story and just to let you know that I think that we could be simply had to let anything bad happen and let me tell you, I think that we might had to be quite interesting as we get to speak.

Chapter 1:Alien abduction

It was a typical day at school when Dexter was going to make sure that he was going to make it as he could be that simply had to learn about when they could be that it was going learn that he got an "A +" on his science class as usual. "Whoo-Hoo! I get to be the luckest kid in this school to get this amount of grades, at this rate, I'm going to Cheesy Charlie's!" as he gets to leave school now it's over, he was going to learn that he was going do anything about it as he gets to be that quite going to do anything about it when he was going to see an UFO Ship that had to be quite interesting as he sees it.

"Oh boy, this doesn't look too good." as Dexter gets to be that quite interesting as he might had to be that quite interesting as he gets to be a strange abduction as he gets to be using as much.

Meanwhile, Mom, Dad and Dee-Dee are watching the news so they could be exactly had to know of what was going on here. "And as we get to show that we might had to know, that aliens get to be abducting earth as we might get to show of how much that we get to see that as they could be exactly to be that could take away earthlings like us as they could experiment us, learn about us and more importantly, I think that it could be that quite simply had to do anything about it." as they looked worried.

"So lock your doors, close your windows and whatever you do, don't let them come to our doors!" as every neighbor gets to lock up, they get to see that quite that interesting as they could be possibly as they could see."

"Gee, I hope that Dexter made it back." said Dee Dee.

Meanwhile, Dexter had to get up as he noticed that he was simply seeing as he gets to see of what was going on here. "What the heck happened?" as he gets to see that he saw that he saw the aliens' other victims, Maria Rivera, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Angelica Pickles, Frankie Foster and of course, Timmy Turner. "What's going on here?!" Dexter demanded.

"Here's a story." explained Maria. "We were all doing all of our usual businesses and suddenly," as Angelica gets to finish. "We were abducted."

"Yeah, we were going to do our daily lives and well, we seem that we got to make up for such stuff, I didn't think that I could be quite abducted." said Frankie.

"Yeah, and just to make sure that I was going to help my friends, I got abducted too, and I got a feeling it ain't dark laser." Timmy explained.

"And I haven't been abducted since I was 3 years old." said Angelica as the others looked at her. "What? I really haven't since then." As they get to make sure that they get to make sure that they get to do something about it."

As the head alien with Three eyes and some ogre-like ears, as he gets to make sure as he gets to show with him. "Hello, I Am General Caramel, and I am from the planet Venus as we get to make sure that you're going to be put into a lot of experiments."

"Experiments?" Surprised everyone but Dexter. "What kind of an experiments?"

"Oh, you'll see." as he laughs evilly, he gets to use his ship in order to take him and his Co-Victims to Venus.

What will happen to your heroes? Find out next chapter

Closing Note:Yeah, this is my first UFO story so yeah, I had to let you know that yesterday I had to know about that.