A/N: Before we began, I would like to say that we never did get an eclipse in my hometown so we get to the conclusion of the story so we might had to let anything as they could possibly go as Dee-Dee might to save Dexter and his friends from Captain Crouton before it's too late.

Chapter 5: The Invisibly Ray and the rescue

As Dee-Dee gets to arrive at the planet jupter, she seems that saw that Dexter and his friends gets taken to the Invisibly ray as she gets to save them. "I hope that I'm not too late!" she said as she goes inside.

As Captain Crouton, he gets to show his kind that he was going to show that he was going to make to show that he was getting to that he was simply had to make sure that was going to see that he was going to make sure that he was getting to designate them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to make sure that I could be that quite that these earthlings get to make sure they get to make as they get to see that it could be of what was going to notice that it was going to believe that they're going to feel nothing as they get to notice that they could go though the invisibly ray!" as the crowd cheer.

"Invisibly?" worried Timmy. "Don't worry, I think that we could be that Invisibly ain't that bad." said Minnie. "Speak for yourself." replied Homer as the ray gets to set on them.

"For now that after today, we won't get to worry about anymore!" as Dee-Dee looked into her horror face, she had to make sure to save them. "Set the Invisibly Ray!" as one of his men turn on the ray, they zap on Dexter as he laughed. "That tickles!" then realized that he's disappearing into a trace, and so has Maria, Homer, Angelica and Minnie and even Timmy as they zapped out of existence.

As the crowd cheers, they get to make sure that Dee-Dee gets to bust them right out of the doors. "I demanded that going to change them back them right about now!" she demanded. "Oh yeah?" Crouton asked. "What are you going to do about it?" as Dee-Dee gets to be fighting as they could that fight as she can.

As they get to get to fight over the invisibly ray, she knock the switch to reverse as it's setting them back to visibly. "Hey, we're back!" cried Dexter. "Whoo-Hoo!" As Homer cheered. "Now let's show those Martians who's boss!" shouted Minnie as they get to make sure that they get the bomb to stop the fighting as they had to make sure that they get to make as they get to make the biggest brawl as Minnie gets to throw the bomb telling the others to stand back as they run away as she gets to bomb at them as they're going to get Minnie, it causes an explosion as a pile of defeated Martians!

"Okay, Okay, I give, I give," Cried the captain as he gives out his white flag. "just stop!" As the good guys cheered.


It seems that Dexter and the captain makes a treaty of never having exactly that he'll never get to kidnapped earthlings and putting them for experiment for as long as they live.

After the treaty is fulfilled, Dee-Dee gets to drive them back to their homes.

"Hey Dee-Dee," said Dexter. "How did you know that you're going to save my friends?" he asked. "I just knew that when you're in trouble, I knew that I get to save that day."

"But I think that you should've asked us if You could just save us first!" shouted Dexter.

"Hey, Dee-Dee saved our lives!" replied Homer.

"Yeah, respect that Dexter." said Minnie.

"Sorry guys." Apolgized Dexter to his friends.

As Dee-Dee gets to drive her robot to back home, it seems that to get be showing that their friends are telling them about the space adventure they had, some believe them, others don't.

As for Dexter and Dee-Dee, they never get to share such a stronger bond and everything is back to normal...

...Until that Dee-Dee gets to be that destroying the lab, due to the bond doesn't stay strong.

The End

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