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chapter 1 : my love

it start on a beautiful day in California beatrice is clean while his dumb husband is on the couch watching TV while drinking whiskey.

beatrice: honey, Honey ,HONEY!

dogberry: what sweet beatrice ? is there something you want me to do?

beatrice: actually yes i do , can you wash the dog.

dogberry: no, honey can't my favorite show is on can you , do it! (dose puppy eye)

beatrice:(say this out loud by dogberry didn't heard it ) i can't be you don't know that i cheating on you sicker!

dogberry:what? did you say beatrice?

beatrice:(looks at her husband) nothing!?(goes back to work)

then a few week later beatrice move to Messina to go see her family for a while then she then when to go meet hero for there date.

hero : beatrice!(wrapped her hand around beatrice neck)

beatrice: hey hero!

they both lean in and kisses each other as they intertwine there tongue together hero could feel beatrice warm heat from her mouth make saliva in hero mouth as she open her eye she look up at her sweet beatrice look at her poor face .

hero:(in hero head ) what has dogberry done to my sweet beatrice.

as beatrice pulled into hero one more time she new that hero was her whole world then dogberry just stay his name made her gag but when she with hero she feel right with her as she pull away i look into hero eye then hero look into mine then i heard hero speak.

hero : beatrice do you love me or dogberry better?