Entry Number Two

I might continue where I last left off. I didn't show the last entry to anypony so far. Who should I show this one entry anyway? I can't imagine that some of our members want to know what I and my brothers did as foals.

Stealing food, running away, hiding, repeat. Nothing to be proud of. But it was our life. And we didn't know any other way of living so we continued.

We continued our lives like that for many years. Before we knew it, the years went by much quicker than everyone of us expected. This might sound like as if it was hard at first but as long as we three were together, we were happy. The whole world could have been against us but we would stick together.

However, we didn't forget our dreams. The dream of seeing the world and making it a better place. But in order to do that, we had to make sure that we could make it through every day. That was just the harsh truth.

But things started to change at one point...slowly.

That is what I am going to write now...

We decided to visit other places after we grew a little older. It became difficult to steal food in the same town over and over again. Eventually, ponies became more cautious, knowing that there were three ponies stealing food in their town so we had no choice to change town every once a while.

We had no choice to leave and find another place to live. Luckily, we were old enough to take better care of us at that point. We all earned our Cutie Marks, we were all good Flyer's and we knew every trick when it came to stealing food.

Not something to be proud of now that I think about it.

But that's just how life was back then.

And that is why it needed to change soon...

A few years ago...

The three ponies flew over a little town and carefully scanned their eyes trough the streets. Cyclone Wing gave both his brothers a signal to spread out a little. It was something that they got used to after doing it dozens of times before. All of them would spread to different directions of a town in order to find all the shops in it. After they were done with this process they met up again in the air and decided what to do next.

"I saw plenty, how about you?" Cyclone Wing asked.

"Plenty," Hurricane Wing quickly replied.

Tornado Wing only nodded in response letting them know that he found plenty shops to rob too.

"Alright then. Here is what we do..." Cyclone Wing said before he drew his brothers closer to them to explain how to act from now on.


At the end of the day, all three of them were successful and managed to steal a lot of food without getting noticed. Each of them was experienced enough to steal food without getting noticed. The town also seemed to not be very cautious when it came to stealing, making it easier for the three Pegasi.

All of them had bags of apples, carrots and even some sweets with them and were happy that everything went smoothly in this new town. They meet up in a corner of the town to celebrate their successful robbery while sharing their loot.

"Looks like, those ponies don't take much care for their stuff," Cyclone Wing said happily looking over the loot that they managed to gather. "With all this, we can easily make it through a week!"

"It was really easy..." Tornado Wing said while taking a bite of one of his apples and looking down to the ground depressed. "It makes me almost feel bad for the shopkeepers,"

Hurricane noticed the sadness from Tornado Wing and knew exactly what was bothering him. As usual, Tornado Wing was too kind and good-willed and got bothered by the fact that they were stealing again so he decided to say something to cheer him up.

"You don't have to feel bad. You see, because we stole so much at once, there is no need to steal more tomorrow or maybe even the day after, meaning that we don't have to steal as often as before,"

"Is that supposed to cheer me up?" Tornado Wing replied while narrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

"Yeah," Hurricane replied boldly, oblivious to Tornado's reaction. "Did it work?"

But Tornado only returned a mean look while Hurricane's expression remained unchanged. That was until Hurricane coughed up heavily for a few seconds, making his brothers worry instantly.

"Hurricane!?" Cyclone Wing said as he stood up in a panic.

Hurricane lifted one of his hooves to assure him that he is alright and seconds later, he did seem fine again, calming his brothers down.

"You do cough up a lot recently, Hurricane..." Tornado said worriedly.

"I'm sorry that I looked at you mean..." he apologized, feeling as if that was the cause for his brother's condition.

"That wasn't the cause for me to cough up, silly," Hurricane replied, making sure that his little brother wouldn't feel bad.

Cyclone and Tornado were both aware that Hurricane was trying to calm them down but they both realized that his "condition" was like this for a while. They both figured that Hurricane had a weak body and that he couldn't exhaust himself too much. It was hard to believe considering that he never seems to indicate that he feels bad or weak. In fact, he looks like the healthiest one of them. He was also the fastest flyer of the three, making it kinda sad that he was cursed with this "illness".

They decided to not worry about what just happened anymore and started to eat something. Cyclone Wing, who was sitting in a corner a few meters away from his brothers, was done eating one of his apples and reached out his hoof to one of the bags behind him to get another one. However, when he tried to reach out, he didn't felt the bag or an apple but instead fur. When he turned his head around, he saw dark gray leg that tried to grab the bag of apples beside him. Cyclone Wing's sudden instincts caused him to grab the arm and pulled it with full force towards him and throwing the pony that it belonged to, to the ground.

Tornado Wing and Hurricane Wing both noticed the sudden noises coming from their brother and turned around to look at him and what might have caused it. In front of Cyclone Wing laid a Pegasus with a dark gray coat and a short dark blue mane, who had his eyes closed due to Cyclone Wing's sudden reaction. The pony eventually opened his eyes and realized in what situation he was in, causing him to sweat nervously.

"Did you try to steal our food?" Cyclone Wing asked almost threatening with his eyes focused on the apple thief.

"Your food?" He replied confused. "You stole them! They are not yours!" He said while he got up on his hooves again.

"Yes we stole them, that means they are ours now!" Cyclone Wing replied, not even thinking about getting lectured by this pony in terms of morality.

"Are you about to call us thieves? You tried to steal one just now which would make you a thief as well,"

"No, it wouldn't! Because they would have belonged to us eventually,"


Suddenly, another voice could be heard from behind the gray pony.

"Cloud Head, did you steal the apples yet?" Another gray Pegasus showed his head around the corner and asked his companion while being unable to read the current mood of the situation.

"No, I haven't Featherbrain! I'm still negotiating!" Cloud Head exclaimed to which the other pony went back behind the corner in an attempt to hide, even though, he was clearly seen by everypony.

The three brothers did not seem to take the two Pegasi serious enough and looked at each other confused. They were clearly thieves as well but the way they attempted to "steal" was much too innocent or rather inexperienced. Cyclone Wing wasn't even thinking about giving those two anything. But like always, Tornado's good nature good the better of him.

"Can't we give them some of our food?" Tornado Wing suggested. "I mean, we still have plenty left, right?"

Cyclone Wing and Hurricane Wing knew that Tornado Wing already felt bad from all this stealing. Being mean to other ponies who were trying to survive as well would make him even more upset so Cyclone Wing decided to give them one of their bags so that they could make it through some days.

"Wait...you're seriously giving us something?" Cloud Head asked surprised by Cyclone Wing's offer.

"You can thank my brother for that..." Cyclone Wing replied.

"Thank you, brother!" Featherbrain said coming out of his hiding spot before vanishing again.

The three brothers invited the two to join them. Since they gave them a bag anyway, there was no point to be hostile to each other anymore.

As it turns out, Cloud Head and Featherbrain were the local thieves of this town and with the brothers appearing, the two got competition, making it harder for them to get food for themselves. They had no choice but to face their competitors in order to get their rightful share of food. What made it worse was that they both had no home or parents as well. This information made the brothers almost feel bad for showing up in this town.

"So you don't have a home either?" Tornado asked.

"If you are not considering the streets as home, then no..." Cloud Head replied.

"But, hey! We have each other! That is something too!" Featherbrain added lighting up the mood again, whether it was intentional or not given his always cheerful behavior that he showed this far.

"Sounds familiar..." Hurricane Wing said, mainly towards Cyclone Wing.

Cyclone Wing knew what he meant. Those two seem very similar to him and his brothers. They had no other choice but to live like this. While it is not impossible to go through living this way, it is not necessary a good one. Realizing that, reminded him of his dream. He was well aware that there were ponies out there who lived the same life as they do and he felt that it wasn't okay.

However, before he could think about it any longer, a loud voice interrupted his thoughts.

"There they are!" A voice shouted from the end of the street, revealing a group of angry ponies.

"They found us?" Cloud Head said in shock.

"I thought nopony of us got caught!" Cyclone Wing said towards his brothers, to which Hurricane Wing replied with shrugging his shoulders in confusion.

Suddenly, Cloud Head and Featherbrain ran past the three, escaping the angry group of ponies.

"Look those two even have new accomplices! Let's get them too!" One pony in the angry group exclaimed, still mistaking the brothers for accomplices of Cloud Head and Featherbrain.

Realizing that the three got caught up in all of this, they decided to fly away. Luckily their chasers didn't consist of many Pegasi, making their escape easy. They decided to fly away from the town and eventually, managed to shake off their chasers. Luckily, they were able to grab their bags before they escaped, making the trip to this town not for nothing.

"I think they are gone..." Hurricane said while looking behind him.

"You think, Cloud Head and Featherbrain managed to escape as well?" Tornado Wing asked a little worriedly.

"Don't worry we are alright," a voice that none of the brothers expected answered, causing the three of them to look at Cloud Head and Featherbrain who both flew right beneath them.

"What!? Why are you following us!?" Cyclone Wing asked annoyed.

"Well, we kinda were driven out by the town folks..." Cloud Head replied. It sounded like as if he wanted to blame the brothers for that, even though they were clearly the ones who got chased by the town.

"This is probably a good time to tell you all that we are not really good at all that stealing thing..." Featherbrain explained, actually making it the worst time to tell them right now.

"I would have never guessed..." Cyclone Wing sarcastically replied with narrowed eyes.

Apparently, the town knew about the two for a long time, making it hard to get something done in this town. Fortunately, they seemed to be able to take the bag of food with them as well which made Cyclone Wing a little relieved that the food wasn't wasted at all.

"So, where are we going to now?" Featherbrain asked casually, making Cyclone Wing return an expression of confusion towards him.

"We?" Cyclone Wing replied confused.

The two Pegasi practically invited themselves into the group. It may be because of the food that they gave them before. Or because they had nowhere else to go. But Cyclone Wing figured that those two would mean a lot more work for them which made it clear for him to not take them with them.

Until Tornado Wing spoke up.

"Can't they come with us?" Tornado Wing asked out of the blue shyly. "I mean, we kinda showed up in their town and tried to took over their..." territory"..."

Cyclone Wing didn't felt like as if that was reason enough. However, there was one thing that made him rethink everything. He looked over to the two and remembered how their life was right now.

They were the same...
No parents...no home...no food...they were thieves...
They were no different from him and his brothers.
This reminded him of his dream...to make Equestria a better place for everypony.
It was ponies like those two who he wanted to help to live a better life.
It was those ponies who he wanted to help.

Cyclone Wing looked over to Hurricane Wing for a second. Hurricane only nodded shortly in acceptance, letting his brother know that he was okay with it.

"Alright..." Cyclone Wing then said out of the blue.

Hearing that made Tornado Wing really happy. "You heard that? You can come with us!" He said in excitement.

Cloud Head and Featherbrain made wide eyes of joy and thanked Cyclone Wing for letting them join in. They even went so far to dance in midair in happiness.

"Yes, thank you, boss!" Featherbrain brain said gratefully.

"Boss? I'm not your boss!" Cyclone Wing replied.

"Yeah, Tornado is..." Hurricane added casually out of the blue.

"Huh?" Was the only thing that Tornado Wing could reply to that.

"He was the one who gave you the food and he was the one who suggested that you should come with us..." Hurricane Wing explained.

Tornado Wing felt a little modest after how Hurricane Wing put his words but Cloud Head and Featherbrain both saw what he meant and agreed that what he said was true.

"He is right! From now on you're the boss, Tornado Wing!" Cloud Head said, fully agreeing with what Hurricane Wing said.

Needless to say, Tornado Wing felt really awkward to be put in this position, especially since he was not somepony who would put himself over anypony else. Just imagining him to be responsible for those two was impossible for Cyclone Wing. However, he saw it as good opportunity for his little brother to gain some confidence and independence so he began to like the idea more and more.

"Alright, you are responsible for them, Tornado..." Cyclone Wing said, making the two his problem now.

"What!?" Tornado Wing replied in a mix of shock and confusion.

They then continued their flight to wherever their travels would lead them to next. Who knew what the five of them would do from now on. Or what the future would hold for them.

Those two were with us ever since. Tornado actually managed to keep them under his wings all these years. Though it is a really weird combination...
The shy and restrained little Pegasus and the two...let's say "a little hard to deal with" Pegasi.
But despite all that, they managed to be two vital members of the Storm Wings and I could not even imagine them not being a part of it.

For me...they are like a part of a family. Just like the rest of the Storm Wings. If not even a little more then the rest.
Of course, I would never say that out loud to everypony. But it's just a fact that they were with us since the very beginning.

This only left one more founding member who would join us shortly after...
But I think I will leave that for the next entry. There is no rush after all.

For now, I should go back to my work.
I never guessed that writing would actually be this fun.
To be honest, I can't wait till the next entry.

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