Entry number nine

I knew it...
I knew it all along...

Mystic...he...got me right where he wanted.

What should I do?

Right now this is the only thing that I can think of now...
This is not fair.
I want to protect my brothers...
But in order to do that, I have to sacrifice something else...
It's all my fault...
I should have never trusted him in the first place...
It started all out of concern for my brothers but now I feel like I made everything even worse...

I don't know what to do...

Cyclone Wing ran through the halls of the Storm Fortress in a panic. His face colored in fear and concern. He was told that Hurricane Wing collapsed during his last mission and that he was now in a really bad condition. Naturally, after hearing that, Cyclone Wing was right on his way to his little brother.

"Where is he?" Cyclone Wing exclaimed as he opened the door of his and his brother's room. There he could see Tornado Wing, Featherbrain, Cloud Head and Breeze Flyer who were all at Hurricane Wing's bed. Cyclone Wing also rushed to his brother's side, even though he didn't know what exactly to do. Nopony did. Hurricane Wing laid in his bed and breathed heavily. He must have been in some real pain at this moment.

Frustration was beginning to grow inside of the room. They all didn't want to see Hurricane like this but there was also nothing that they could do. Nopony knew exactly what was causing Hurricane's sickness in the first place, let alone a way to cure it. Normally, it would just go away after a while, but this time this didn't seem to be the case.

"What do we do?" Breeze Flyer asked after Cyclone Wing arrived. She and Hurricane spent a lot of time together and went to many missions. She was also supposed to watch Hurricane most of the time because of his laid back nature. This caused her to feel a little responsible for this whole situation.

"I...I don't know. It usually went away after a while," Cyclone Wing replied in his frustration, not knowing what to do himself.

"But he is like that since we bought him back from his mission!" Tornado Wing replied in his own frustration.

To that, Cyclone Wing had no answer.

Everypony except Cyclone Wing, who stood at Hurricane's side, was leaving the room and tried to order some of the Storm Wing members to find a medicine in any nearby town. Cyclone Wing didn't know what to do just wished that somepony would come up with something that miraculously healed his little brother. Ironically, somepony showed up in the room.

"Here, give him this," said Mystic who just entered the room, presenting Cyclone Wing a little bottle levitating it in front of him.

Needless to say, Mystic's sudden appearance was the last thing Cyclone Wing wanted to see right now. Especially, since Mystic didn't even seem to be fazed by Hurricane's condition.

"What is this?" Cyclone Wing asked, instantly doubting what was inside of the bottle.

"It will make him feel better," Mystic assured. His response almost seemed annoyed, as if he was just dropping by while having more important things in his mind.
"It's a potion that will cure Hurricane for the time being," Mystic explained. "Do you want your brother to get better or not? If so then, then stop asking me questions and just give him this potion!" He advised.

Cyclone Wing had to admit that he didn't know what else to do. Hurricane was in so much pain right now and he didn't want that pain to last any longer. But on the other hoof, he didn't know what this "potion" from Mystic was and if it could help at all.
Eventually, his worry of his little brother has driven him to try the potion.
He gave Hurricane the potion to drink and waited if something would happen.

Hurricane's uncontrollably breathing stopped and actually went back to normal. This caused Cyclone Wing to calm down as well as he saw how Hurricane was sleeping calmly again.

After seeing how the situation returned to normal, Mystic attempted to go outside of the room again without saying a word. Cyclone Wing could just look at him confused and tried to figure out why he helped in the first place. All this time where he was a member of the Storm Wings, he did make the impression that he didn't care about anypony else yet he was ready to help in this situation without even expecting gratitude or bragging about it.

"Mystic!" Cyclone Wing exclaimed, getting the attention of the Unicorn again who turned around to the Pegasus before he walked out of the room.
"Thank you!" He added while he bowed down for a moment out of gratitude for saving Hurricane Wing.

"It's nothing. But don't tell the others that I was saving him!" Mystic said, looking at Cyclone Wing kinda embarrassed. "I don't want everypony to think that I became soft or anything!" He said, making sure to get his point across.

Cyclone Wing did never expect that Mystic would actually behave like that but it felt good to see a side like that from him.

Out of gratitude, Cyclone Wing didn't tell anypony that Mystic was helping Hurricane Wing. He told everypony that Hurricane Wing got better on his own. Hurricane Wing did not remember to drink the potion anyway.

Mystic gave Cyclone Wing little information from where he got those potions from, however, he assured that he would have another potion ready if something like this would happen again. For the moment, Cyclone Wing was relieved but it wasn't exactly a long term solution. But he also did not hope that something like that would happen again.

Some days later...

It was a similar situation than with Hurricane Wing. But this time, it was Tornado Wing who suffered. On his last mission, Tornado Wing started to feel some pain in his right wing and was unable to fly due to it. He was brought to his room and laid on his bed to rest for a while but the pain wouldn't go away.

Once again, Cyclone Wing couldn't do much to help besides standing next to his bed. That's when he remembered about Mystic and his potion. He asked him if this potion would work on Tornado Wing as well. Mystic actually had one more potion ready and said that it should work.

This only raised the question what exactly this potion was and how it could heal two different things like that.
After drinking this "potion" Tornado Wing's pain went away, just like it did back then with Hurricane Wing. It was strange. This potion seemed to cure everything.

In this moment, Cyclone Wing felt like he misjudged Mystic all this time. The Unicorn that always behaved like he didn't care one bit actually helped his brothers twice without wanting any thanks for it and all that Cyclone Wing did so far was mistrusting him for that. Whether he could be completely trusted or not was still a question but it was a fact that Mystic saved Cyclone Wing's brothers several times now. So Cyclone Wing felt the need to speak with Mystic about that.

A few hours later, both of them were inside the main hall from where you could overlook all of the courts in front of the fortress. Mystic was looking out of the big window with a thoughtful expression on his face while he was watching some of the Storm Wing members spending their time on the court.

"Mystic? Mind if I talk to you for a moment?" Cyclone Wing said, approaching Mystic.

"What is it?" Mystic replied while he didn't look away from the window one bit.

"You helped my brothers again...I haven't thanked you for that yet. So...thank you..." Cyclone Wing said while he bowed his head.

Mystic showed no reaction and almost seemed to be in a trance as he kept looking out of the window.

"So far, I didn't show you the respect that you deserve...You gave Tornado a new wing...and your potions helped them twice so far..." Cyclone Wing began but Mystic was stopping him in the middle of the sentence.

"That reminds me..." Mystic interrupted. "I was about to tell you something as well..." Mystic finally spoke up while he turned his head around to look at Cyclone Wing.
"I will no longer provide those potions anymore," he said boldly into Cyclone Wing's face.

Hearing those words shocked Cyclone Wing at first. "What are you saying!? You got to be joking, right?" He replied with a confused expression on his face.

"No, I am not..." Mystic said with a serious tone in his voice, now completely turning around to face Cyclone Wing.

"But...I don't understand! Why?" Cyclone Wing asked out of a mix of frustration and confusion.

"Because I don't care about your brothers, that's why," Mystic said boldly without regret.
"I guarantee you that this will not be the last time that your brothers will be in pain..." he added in some sneaky confidence.

"You..." Cyclone Wing's anger rose as he looked at Mystic. He instantly regretted to even consider of thinking that Mystic had something good inside of him. But now he saw his true face. Mystic looked at him with the most serious face that he ever saw. He could tell from his voice alone that he meant everything he said.

"If you want me to get you some more of those potions again...then there is one condition that you have to fulfill from now on,"

When it comes to his brothers, there was, of course, no price that he wouldn't pay but the way Mystic said it, made it almost look like as if he made sure that his brothers would suffer. Did he have something to do with it? Was he the reason for their pain? Realizing that made Cyclone Wing angry but he tried to calm himself down. Mystic knew the only cure for his brother's pain so if he angered him, then there would be the chance that he refused to give them the potions anymore. And that was the last thing he wanted.

"Alright, what is the condition?" Cyclone Wing asked as he looked into Mystic's eyes in anger.

"The condition is..." Mystic said in a really anticipated tone in his voice. HE clearly couldn't wait to tell him and smiled sinisterly about it.


"You plan to do WHAT!?" Tornado Wing exclaimed in shock after Cyclone Wing told him, Hurricane Wing, Featherbrain, Cloud Head and Breeze Flyer about a heavy change, regarding Mystic.

"You are joking, right?" Breeze Flyer asked out of shock as well.

"No, I am not...I just wanted to make sure that you would know it first..." Cyclone Wing explained as he struggled to look anypony in the eyes.

Needless to say, Tornado Wing was not happy at all to hear about this information that Cyclone Wing shared with them.
"How can you even say something like this? Do you realize what you just said?" Tornado Wing asked, getting closer to his brother's face this time.

"I have my reasons..." Cyclone Wing only replied before he walked out of the room.
"I'll tell everypony else later this day about this..." he added before he walked out of sight of everypony.

There was silence in the room, accompanied by confusion, sadness, and even anger, caused by such a casual explanation from Cyclone Wing.

"This little..." Tornado Wing said before he stopped himself to sound too rude in front of his brother and the others. " Mystic must have forced him somehow!" He figured, as he instantly blamed Mystic for Cyclone Wing's sudden decision. "That's it! I will throw this pony out of the Storm Wings myself if I have to!" He added before he made his way out of the room.

"Normally, I would not resort to violence but..." Hurricane admitted. " Mystic must have something to do with this," he added as he followed his little brother to confront Mystic.

"Don't forget us now!" Cloud Head said, ready to help the two brothers.

"Yeah! I'll never trust this sneaky pony in the first place!" Featherbrain added.

"I won't let him ruin what we all have built over the years!" Breeze Flyer said determined as she also followed the group.

Mystic had his own room in the Storm Fortress. He claimed that he didn't want to share any space with somepony else. Ponies also rarely came in his room because of that very reason. However, the five ponies were way to angered to even care one bit and smashed the door of his room open, before they all stood in line right in front of him.

Mystic stood in the middle of the room and had his body turned around to the ponies who assaulted his room. "Could you please knock before you enter the room next time?" Mystic said completely unimpressed by the five ponies abrupt entrance.

Mystic turned around and looked at the intruders with his face not fazed at all by the fact that they were not in his room to simply talk. All of them were prepared for an attack coming from Mystic but surprisingly, he kept his calm and didn't make an attempt to do so, making the group even more suspicious.

"Alright, Mystic. I think it's time for you to leave!" Tornado Wing exclaimed at Mystic but the Unicorn did not seem to be impressed.

"Big words, coming from somepony who was laying in bed a few hours ago, groaning in pain.
Who I helped to get up again, by the way," Mystic pointed out.

"Shut up! We know what you are trying to do!" Tornado Wing exclaimed angrily.

"I have no idea what you are talking about..." Mystic replied, obviously playing the dumb one.

"We won't let you ruin the Storm Wings!" Tornado Wing exclaimed.

"Yeah! Nopony will ruin our family!" Featherbrain added.

"We all worked way too hard to let it be ruined by you!" Breeze Flyer said, joining the conversation as well.

Mystic kept the same unimpressed expression on his face, despite the situation he was in now. It was five against one but Mystic was either confident that he was able to deal with all of them or he expected that the five were just threatening him without actually planning to attack.

"Family, huh?" Mystic said after staring at them for while. "If your family is that important to you, then I'll advise that you just let Cyclone Wing decide what happens to this family,"

To that, almost on cue, Cyclone Wing appeared behind the group of ponies in the doorway with a serious expression on his face. The group figured that he would join them on their assault on Mystic but he didn't move any closer and remained silent.

"Cyclone! You came just in time to throw this guy out of the Storm Wings for good!" Tornado Wing said confidently before he smiled at Mystic in his victory.

However, Cyclone Wing didn't reply to that and frowned while looking at the ground.

"Cyclone?" Breeze Flyer said, wondering about Cyclone Wing's hesitation to say anything.

Mystic enjoyed seeing this expression on his face and felt the need to make it worse.
"Looks like this family is not as close as you might think..."

This was the last straw for Tornado Wing. He no longer could stand in the same room as with Mystic and began charging right at him out of anger. Surprised by this sudden outburst, Mystic got startled for a second before he prepared himself. His horn began to glow in a dark blue light and he returned a concentrated expression towards Tornado Wing.

Both of them were about to clash but something stopped them at the last second. It was Cyclone Wing who jumped between the two. It was a shocking picture. Cyclone Wing stood in front of the group to protect Mystic.

"What are you doing?" Tornado Wing asked confused seeing how his brother literally protected his enemy.

"You can't hurt him..." Cyclone Wing said looking at Tornado Wing's eyes in all seriousness.

"What?" Tornado Wing only replied in shock.

Of course, Mystic was happy to hear this and smiled right at Tornado Wing, mocking him in the process and angering him even more. Leading Cyclone Wing to do something like this could only mean one thing, the group figured.

"I already made my decision..." Cyclone Wing replied, avoiding eye contact with his brother.

"But..." Tornado Wing said before he was cut off by Cyclone Wing.

"No buts!" Cyclone Wing replied in a serious voice, startling his little brother.
"I am doing that for the sake of the Storm Wings and for you! I will take full responsibility for whatever happens from now on. And all I ask of you is that should trust me...Even if it means to do that..." he ended, lowering his head in sadness.

His two brothers looked at him in concern and didn't know what to say. They could see how serious Cyclone Wing was about this but none of them wanted him to make a sacrifice like this for their sake. But Cyclone Wing has set his mind and all that the others could do was to respect that.
It was thanks to Cyclone Wing that they all got this far, making him in charge of the important decisions as well. They hoped that he was planning something by making such a big decision.

At the end of the day...

The only thing left was to fulfill Mystic's condition. For that Cyclone Wing assembled all members of the Storm Wings in the Storm Fortress. Except, Cyclone Wing and his brothers, Featherbrain, Cloud Head and Breeze Flyer, nopony knew what this was about and waited for Cyclone Wing to explain. He walked in front of the mass of ponies and looked over to them with a serious expression on his face.

"I have an announcement to make..." He began, quickly grabbing the attention of everypony.

He took one big moment to look over every single member of the Storm Wings and prepared themselves for their reaction until he finally spoke up.

"From this moment on...
I will no longer be the leader of the Storm Wings..."

This information spread a huge gasp around all the members. Needless to say, they were all confused and wanted an explanation. But Cyclone Wing spoke right out of their minds.

"I can't give you an explanation why I made this sudden decision...
All I can hope is that you will accept it and continue to work as Storm Wings...
Even if it is now under the command of somepony else..." he paused for a moment before he stepped back to the side to reveal the pony who was now in charge.
"Let me introduce you to the new leader of the Storm Wings..."

Mystic stepped for...
He had a smug smile on his face and stood there in confidence while he looked at the members of the Storm Wings who all returned confused looks to him.

"Do not worry..." Mystic started.
"Cyclone Wing will still be a permanent member of the Storm Wings. But now I am just another stage above him," he explained, fueling the anger in Tornado Wing who tried his best to not snap at him.
"The biggest change for you is simply that I am the one who will you assign you to your future missions now.
But that doesn't mean that things won't change around here," Mystic assured, getting a little more serious this time.
"I do intend to change some things around here and I hope that those changes will bring the Storm Wings into a glorious future!" Mystic said, ending his little speech as the new leader.

The six founding members of the Storm Wings only looked quietly over to Mystic with either angry or sad expression on their faces. But by far the most depressed, was Cyclone Wing because he knew that he just let the Storm Wings into the hooves of somepony who wasn't sharing the same ambitions and dreams than any other member. But if he wouldn't obey Mystic, then his brothers would have to suffer.

Just how Mystic said, Hurricane's sickness returned, as well as the pain in Tornado Wing's wing. Thankfully, Mystic kept his end of the bargain, otherwise, Cyclone Wing would make him pay in an instant. But as things are now, Cyclone Wing's actions were in full control of Mystic.
As long as Mystic kept his promise, his brothers could be healed.

Cyclone Wing planned to do something if he found out what exactly those potions were but that was easier said than done. He also kept a close eye on Mystic's action, to see if he was causing the pain to his brothers but that didn't seem to be the case either.

He was confused about what he should do. But as things are now...there was nothing that he could do...

The new leader of the Storm Wings...
So this is the destiny of the Storm Wings?
I have no idea what he is planning to do with all of us but whatever it was, it was definitely not what this group was intended to do.

By Celestia's sake...
I see a very dark future for the Storm Wings...

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