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Chapter 17:

Velvet was awoken by one of the worst feelings she had ever had. Without thinking, she nearly jumped out of bed and ran towards the only room where she really could release this feeling. Running into the bathroom, Velvet flung the toilet seat up and begun to get sick.

Just the way the bile had started to spew from her lips she could feel some comfort coming from it. It was a strange feeling to the poor Faunus. She often never found comfort in something like vomiting. But what was a little alien to her was the fact that she didn't know what was causing it.

Feeling a little like her legs were made of jelly, Velvet began to stumble a little as she decided to just kneel down on the ground. Her head staying in the toilet as another torrent of vomit begun to leave her.

She could hear some rushed footsteps towards her and the door opening, but she couldn't make out who is was. Not that it overly mattered to her. The person began to walk closer to her and started to pull her hair back. Hair that she knew was going to be speckled with vomit, but she had to admit that made her feel so much better.

"Had me thinking that Jason was getting sick." Reese said as Velvet just grumbled a little at the notion. The parents would be worried by the sound of vomiting would make them panic. Even if it sounded like said child was getting sick and in the process started to pull his organs out.

The shiver that overtook Velvet from how acid had started to leave her throat was alarming to her. Normally that had never even caused something like that. Spitting into the toilet, Velvet was a little glad that if there was vomit in her hair, which she felt like there was a good chance, it wasn't going to be nearly as bad.

"You feeling alright?" Reese asked, as the Faunus just closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. Trying her hardest to not get sick any more. "I take your silence as not very good. Was it something you ate?" Reese continued to ask as the woman with her head in the toilet just started to grumble.

"I can't make any of that out." Reese stated as she started to look around the room, trying to see if there was anything that she could give Velvet to remove the taste from her mouth. She didn't want to make Velvet any more uncomfortable than she absolutely needed to.

"If it was something I ate, then there would be someone else here as well. With the possibility of the split Jason made me being the exception." Velvet stated as she could feel her friend just looking at her carefully. She didn't know why and that didn't really matter to her given how she wasn't going to be of much help no matter what they wanted. Her goal for the day was simple, not to kill herself and visit Ruby again.

That was how simple her goal was and she wouldn't let her friends veer her away from that goal. She didn't care what it would take, she was sitting in front of Ruby's grave for a few hours and she was going to enjoy it as much as one could enjoy sitting in front of the grave of your late wife who committed suicide because of your stupid actions.

"Doesn't matter what it is. Here swish this around." Reese said carefully lowering the hair in her hands down as she stood up and walked towards the clear bottle filled with purple liquid and poured some of it into the lid before handing it to Velvet. She could see the Faunus just plugging her nose from what she just knew was probably a pure siege on her nose. As Velvet swished the liquid around she spit it into the toilet as well and begun to shiver from the taste that was left in her mouth.

"I. Hate. Mouthwash." Velvet said as she raised her hand and pushed down on the lever. She couldn't help but stare at the way the water was going down the drain. It was a very pleasant sight to her given what it had been.

"More than vomit?" Reese asked as Velvet just rested her head on the edge of the toilet seat. She didn't like how she couldn't even tell what was the reason for her getting sick, but the worst part to her really was the fact that she wasn't sure if that was going to be the last time that she would be getting sick that day.

"It is highly debatable. Ask Blake... there are no Faunus mouthwashes outside Menagerie. And those are expensive to begin with." Velvet said softly as she could feel what had to be a small amount of contents in her stomach wanting to be free but she really didn't want to let the contents out without a fight.

"Right, well we are heading out for breakfast in an hour. You want to come with?" Reese asked as Velvet started to breath deeply again.

"I'd rather not." Velvet said softly as she could hear the sound of Yang yawning, from what Velvet could assume was some drunken stupor she was waking up from.

"You don't get a choice Velvet. You didn't eat much of dinner, you need to eat properly." Yang yelled causing Velvet to just start to debate if it would be worth kicking everyone out just so she could do what she wanted. It was something that she that as the seconds progressed started to look like a better and better option. "So wash up." Yang yawned out as she walked into the room to just look at Velvet.

Velvet clenched her eyes and just started to count slowly. She knew that she was feeling angry, and she really didn't want to say anything bad to Yang, meaning this was her only real option. Once she reached ten, Velvet took one final breath and opened her eyes. "Yang, I'm not starving myself. I just don't want to deal with people." Velvet said trying to broadcast how angry she was getting without needing to remove her head from where it was resting on the off chance that she would vomit once again.

"Not what I'm worried about Velvet. But the way I see it is you can come with us, or I can call some friends to watch you write the letter to Summer for fighting back, and sending it to her. The longer you put this off and if she extends the olive branch first can mean so much worse than you could imagine." Yang said as Velvet just knew that counting wasn't going to help a second time.

"I'm not sending her a sorry letter. She attacked me, there are witnesses to that and even police reports stating things to that effect. Not to mention the only person that would possibly testify on her behalf is that spineless thing you once called a father who alone is getting done in most likely for racism. So I feel safe." Velvet said as Yang just shook her head. She knew that Velvet was going to act like this, but she was still going to try and get Velvet to write a few words and send them. Just because then her safety then would be set in stone.

"Velvet, I guarantee you. No one hates them as much as I do. But you need to write two sentences. I will give you the money to send it priority to them. You just need to write something to the effect of 'I'm sorry for what I did to you when we last saw each other. Please extend my sympathies to Taiyang.' That is it Velvet. Those two sentences will make sure if they do come after you, then you can keep this pig headed stance."Yang said as Velvet just wanted to glare at her, but could really take her head from the toilet. She was going to just focus on keeping her stomach in the same place.

"It isn't happening Yang. Now, can the both of you leave so I can get into the shower and wash the vomit from my hair?" Velvet asked rhetorically as she begun to pull herself from the toilet. Feeling a little light headed as she almost felt the vomit slip from her lips as she walked towards the door. Bracing herself on the door, she slowly pushed the women out as she closed it fully.

She could just hear them talking about how she might have looked. Shoving those thoughts from her mind, Velvet moved towards the shower and quickly started it, before she begun to strip. She was glad that this at least meant that she was going to be able to be alone soon enough. Just like she wanted to be. Just like she deserved.

Ruby just smiled as she could feel the bed she was asleep on with Velvet in her arms start to shift drastically as if a child was jumping on it. Ruby kept her eyes close as she could feel Velvet sit up and tried to glare at the child. "Peter. Don't jump on the bed." The older rabbit Faunus said as she rubbed her eyes.

"Peter, don't stop. Wake them both up." Ruby heard another Faunus say from the doorway as the small child clearly had an issue deciding which of the women he should listen to.

"Vi. Don't tell him to do it. It is dangerous. Plus Ruby is already up. She just doesn't want to ruin Peter's fun. And believe me she is going to get a talking to once you two leave." Velvet said as the sister that Ruby had heard stories about just let out an 'ah'.

"Should I come back then in a few hours with some water and some energy bars?" Vi said as Ruby knew Velvet was going to be blushing, it was even making her question if it was worth opening her eyes to just look at the sight.

"Not that type of talking to!" Velvet blurted out in a rush trying to save face with her sister and brother as Ruby could just hear some snickering coming from the direction of the door followed by rapid footfalls running towards the door.

"What ever you say Vel Vel." Vi started as she turned towards the child. "Come on Peter, let's go chase those crows and let the grown ups do grown up things."

"We aren't going to do tha-!"

"Thank you Vi!" Ruby interrupted Velvet as she heard the door closing causing her to just smile. She was actually starting to enjoy this. She had to admit, after the annoying trek they had to make, this was actually worth it if the previous night was anything to go by. Even if she did get surprised with all the eyes on her.

Cracking one of her eyes open, Ruby could see Velvet just glaring lightly at her. She knew that Velvet wanted to be mad, but she just couldn't muster up that anger. It was actually funny to Ruby. "What? We now have an hour or two more sleep. I mean what time is it?" Ruby asked as Velvet began to lie down again.

"About five thirty. I told you the sun rises early here." Velvet said as Ruby just shook her head. She couldn't believe that Velvet meant that early. She actually dread thinking about what winter would look like if the sun was up this early during summer. "But you shouldn't let Peter jump on the bed. He has already broken his arm from falling off of one." Velvet said as Ruby just closed her eyes and pulled her tighter to her.

"He is five Velvet. Let him enjoy his youth. But I mean... we are at an impasse. We can do some talking or we can sleep. And before you ask, yes I brought some to prevent some awkward conversations." Ruby stated as she felt Velvet just kissing her chastely. "I'll take it you want to do the taking option. Can you get me one? They are in my duffelbag's side pocket." Ruby said as she could feel Velvet leaving her embrace as she sat up. As Velvet walked over towards the bag, Ruby's heart nearly froze over as she saw where Velvet was going to.

She knew that if she tried to stop Velvet she was going to check regardless.

Velvet opened the pocket carefully as to not make any noise for her family to jump at. That was when she pulled out a small black box. "It isn't what it looks like Velvet... just can you put that back?" Ruby asked as Velvet just ignored her and opened the box to see a golden ring with a single diamond in the centre.

Letting out a gasp, Velvet jumped onto the bed, her legs on either side of Ruby's preventing her from escaping that she clearly looked like she was going to. "What is this Ruby?"

"An optical illusion?" Ruby said sarcastically as she tried to think of a way that she could still pop the question in the place that she wanted to. As a response to the question, Velvet just stared at her. "Okay, I was going to ask your family where your favourite spot here is and pop the question there. But we've been together for three years. I already know how much you mean to me." Ruby stated as she grabbed the ring from the box, and gently gasped Velvet's left hand.

"Yes you dummy." Velvet said not even letting the woman beneath her pose the question. As Ruby slipped the ring on Velvet's finger she let out a single screech before she leaned down and kissed Ruby. The moment being ruined by the door caving in to reveal Velvet's parents looking panicked.

Author's Note:

Welp, here is the chapter. But not sure if I mentioned this previously... but racism is actually a crime in most European countries. One that has a jail sentence that rivals first degree murder. But onto the guest reviews...

Guest 4: Of that I tend to do. Depending on how much sleep I get the night before hand. Right now it is actually about three hours. Give or take. But the point of Yang's comment isn't meant to be as on the nose as that. Her dependency on alcohol isn't known to her friends. They have their suspicions but that doesn't mean anything. The only ones that know of her dependency are Velvet and Ruby. One of which is dead.