Wait Spinelli has son?!

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Chapter 1

Spinelli pov

It was meant to be nice study year in Britain.

Visiting her cousin Lily and her husband James and their newborn son Harry.

It wasn't meant to turn this crazy.

Well it all started quiet well... She got in Cornwall where her cousin lived and she was meant study be lawyer. Cornwall was nice city and house or mansion really... Had that Downton abbey vibe (damn Gretch and her love for that show).

Well anyway it all started nicely, her studies were interesting and she was doing great, and she end up having lots new friends, and on-off friends with benefits thing with handsome devil Sirius Black.

For long time she had all under her control and she enjoyed her trip.

But then everything go to downhill and her cousin end up hiding from some crazy terrorist moldy voldy or whatever he called himself. She did go hiding with her cousin, because she wanted be close her cousin and godson Harry, but she didn't mind Sirius that horny dog.

But one night when she was coming back from one Halloween party she found something that devastated her cousin and her husband death and house was completely destroyed.

She lost one of her best friend's and she truly liked James.

But like some miracle Harry was alive and I did something really bad at least point of wizards and I stole Harry and runaway.

I took cab or taxi as they say and I called some friends from university and with some help I was heading to airport.

Pretending that Harry is my son. But its only way that Dumbledork won't take him from me and place him that awful petty-Petunia's home.