Deep snores filled the whole barracks, while a glass of bright red Kool-Aid continued to spill a small stream from the slack hand that dangled over the bunk. A curly black haired teen mumbled incoherently in his sleep, most likely becoming disturbed by the torch that was being held over him. This time his mumbles became coherent.

"Turn the light off." he grunted, as he rolled over, dropping the glass in the process. This finally woke him up, causing him to jump up and nearly into the fire of the torch held over him. Reaching for his gladius, he jumped to his feet. "Who are you? What are you doing here? Man, I better not be seeing things!"

The torch moved slightly to reveal a woman with light brown hair in a neat bun, large, bat-like wings, and soft, brown eyes. Her attire was a simple, short white dress, with cross straps over the breast, and fur boots. "You must help me. You are the only one who can stop him, stop what he is doing."

The teenager gripped his gladius firmly. "What are you talking about? How did you get in here? Am I hallucinating? I really got to cut back on the Kool-Aid."

"No, Dakota, son of Bacchus, you are not hallucinating. Please, you must help me." The woman then turned, and began to walk out.

Dakota sheathed his gladius, and made his way out of the barracks, wondering why everyone else was still asleep. When he made it outside, however, there was no sign of the winged woman.

"Hey, Dakota! Never seen you get such an early start!" another centurion called as he walked by. It was still pitch black outside.

Dakota rubbed his eyes, and disgruntled, made his way back to his bunk. He groaned when he saw the mess his spilled Kool-Aid had made, and set about to clean it up. "Reyna will kill me if this stains the floor."


Sea spray splashed the sides of the ship as the warm sun beat down on the sailors. A pale male with spikey blond hair and gray eyes sat in the helm, rolling runestones absently around in his hands. The sun felt incredible on his skin, which was very healthy for him. In fact, if he kept out of the sun for too long, the consquences could prove fatal.

Unfortunately, that was the exact opposite of his friend, the Svartalf, Blitzen. Too much time in the sun would turn his friend into stone, which was exactly why Blitzen was not with them on this ship. Instead, they had a giant, one eyed boy and a woman headed bird that spoke very random things. He wasn't quite sure what to make of his new knowledge that there were other gods out there in the world other than the Aesir and Vanir, or that these other gods had children, too, and they also had missions to save the world, much like his friend Magnus did.

It seemed a bit confusing. For example, were these other...what had the Greeks said, Demigods?...on missions the same time they were? Was everything all interconnected? Could Loki's escape and the prospect of Ragnarok be the same thing as the Greek's fight with...whoever it was? All these names were so strange.

He glanced over when Magnus sat down next to him.

"So, supposedly, our companions are supposed to give us safe passage across the sea." Magnus stated. "The giant one claims to be the son of their sea god, which should prevent Ran from trying anything."

Can he be trusted? Are their giants different from our giants?

Magnus shrugged. "I trust Annabeth, Hearth."

Their questions and uncertainty was interrrupted when a unkempt man suddenly appeared infront of them. His clothes were exceptionally dirty and his red hair and beard were tangled.

"Ah! There you are! Been looking for you! Been kind of hard to find you; your new friends kind of threw off my search. Strange things, too, never seen anything like them!"

The one eyed giant waved happily at the wild looking man.

"Lord Thor, this is Tyson and Ella. They are accompaning us on our return from our latest mission." Magnus explained.

Let me guess, he has lost his hammer again.

"Good to see you too!" Thor exclaimed, as usual mistaking Hearth's sign language. Which was a good thing; half of what Hearth signed in Thor's presence wasn't generally praising.

"So, Magnus, I need your help with something. A certain thing of mine is not where I...ah...left it, and this misplaced item could be wrecking havoc. But, it is-"

Definitely not missing. Hearth wondered just how many times he would read those words coming from the thunder god's mouth. Unbelievable.

"See, your friend is already willing to help! What a great person you are!" Thor clapped Hearth roughly on the back. "And good thing your new interesting friends are here! I believe they can help with this!"

And with that, the god was gone. Magnus collapsed next to the Light Elf. "You know, I was looking forward to returning home, and actually having a day, just a day, of not having to save the world or anything."

Tyson leaned over Magnus with a cheery grin. "It's okay, Magnus! My brother says the same thing all the time!"

"Does he ever get a day off?" Magnus asked.

"Not really!" Tyson beamed, as he walked back to steer the ship.