It had been days since their first arrival, or it could've been weeks. Ryoko wasn't sure which of these options it was since neither of them really took note of how many days had passed.

They did however realise that the desert they had been walking through seemed endless.

"I'm so thirsty, this heat is killing me.." Miya complained as they seemed to walk on endlessly.

"Tell me about it, you don't even know how much I crave a cold coke right now"

Ryoko almost drooled as she imagined herself having a cool soft drink. It would only be a matter of time, until they'd be too exhausted to go on. Just as that thought passed Ryoko's mind she noticed something in the distance.

"Is that a vending machine?" She exclaimed, squinting her eyes ever so lightly to make sure she was seeing it right.

"It sure looks like it" Dorumon replied, even Miya nodded in agreement.

In their exhausted state they made a run for it, hoping to receive something to drink from the said vending machine. At first it seemed like the vending machine was moving further and further away. Deciding it would only be their imagination due to being so thirsty, they didn't give up.

Finally they had arrived at the desired destination where the vending machine stood, only to be disappointed when a Numemon came out, leaving the vending machine empty.

Both girls sat down letting the disappointment sink in when they suddenly heard a vehicle honking from a distance, Dorumon's fur stood up and he growled ever so lightly.

"What's wrong with you?"

Ryoko raised an eyebrow at her partner's behaviour, wondering what would get him so on edge to react like this.


Miya was the first of both sister's to realize what Dorumon probably meant, an enemy was all this Etemon could be. She stood up on her feet dragging her sister up as well.

"I think we better make a run for it"

However as both girls wanted to go ahead, Dorumon stood there frozen glaring and growling in the direction of the vehicle. The older watanabe sister gently put her hand on Dorumon's head petting him ever so softly. As he felt the gentle gesture of his partner he snapped out of it and followed the sisters to wherever they might be going, looking back ever so often.

The sound of the vehicle came closer, making it obvious that it was much faster than those whom were running away from it. It would only be a matter of time until it would catch up to them. Though suddenly it seemed like a sort of portal opened up right in front of them, they ran inside as they didn't have the luxury of thinking about where they were headed. As the portal closed both girls collapsed to the floor both panting to catch their breaths, while Dorumon could only observe them.

"You know, I could've just evolved and take him on easily"

His pride was hurt and it was pretty obvious too, he wore a pout on his muzzle as he avoided his gaze from them closing his eyes in the process. They heard someone continuously say the word pi over and over again, obviously all 6 eyes gazed at the direction they had heard the sound come from. They came face to face with a small round pink fairy like creature, with big eyes whom was walking around.

"Did you open up the portal for us?" Ryoko questioned him while Miya only commented on how cute he looked.

"Yeah I did, seems like you were running away no? It looked like you could use some help, pi!"

Dorumon only gazed at him for a while until he finally seemed to remember what the creature's name was.

"Aren't you Piccolomon?"

The one now known as Piccolomon nodded "I am, and I only helped you because you are to receive training from me! You were running away because you aren't strong enough right? You've been slacking off ever since coming here. You lack guts, pi!"

The ones addressed only looked at each other in confusion, what did he mean slacking off. They did everything they could to find Dorumon's friend and to seek of a way home. It was true that they succeeded in neither but they were doing their best right? Maybe this training could get them somewhere though as it seemed like they had been walking around somewhat aimlessly.

"So… about this training you mentioned, where do we need to go?"

Seemed like he wanted them to follow him as he just started walking away from them. And thus they followed him, through the jungle. At some point Dorumon stopped, staring at his right were the vehicle that seemed to come close to them before passed.

"Don't worry, the barrier makes us seem invisible to anyone outside pi!"

This seemed to calm Dorumon down and they all continued walking, after a while Piccolomon came to a halt at a really long set of stairs.

"This is where the training begins, pi. My house is up there, pi"

He pointed up with his staff, and Miya sank down due to her disappointment of having to tackle those stairs. Her sister looked somewhat eager to start walking though, she didn't mind some physical exercise and she was really curious as to what this training would eventually bring them.

It seemed to take ages, but soon enough they reached the top of the stairs only to be greeted by a small blue digimon with a cute blush, it didn't have any legs but still jumped into Miya's arms right away.

"You are Miya right? I have been waiting for so long to meet you!"

The twin tailed girl seemed to receive some sort of deja vu from the statement. Partially because Dorimon said about the same thing when meeting Ryoko. Could this mean that this little blue fellow might be her very own partner? Eventually the excitement she felt could be seen in her eyes as they lit up. Her lips parted slightly to reply but she was interrupted by Dorumon whom was overjoyed "Moonmon! I was looking for you everywhere, to think that you were here…."

"Yes! I was running away from Etemon a few days ago and Piccolomon opened up a portal for me! I tried my best to train hard and become strong, but I wasn't able to evolve…."

While excited at first the small digimon looked somewhat disappointed when finally finishing what she was talking about. Dorumon seemed happy nonetheless to have found the friend he was looking for.

"But it doesn't matter anymore because I have a feeling I'll become much stronger now that I've met Miya"

The cheerfulness returned and Miya looked worried, this digimon seemed to expect quite a lot of her. Then again if it was like it is between Ryoko and Dorumon then Moonmon would indeed be able to become stronger at some point. Miya was just worried that she wouldn't be able to live up to those expectations.

Piccolomon coughed, making his presence known to those whom up till this moment hadn't been paying attention at all. His staff pointed at the buckets and sponges behind him, and the girls followed that gaze.

"No time for happy reunions, I want you to start your training right now. I want you to clean this floor until I come back, pi!"

Ryoko arched her eyebrow, was this digimon actually telling them to clean his temple? What kind of training was that supposed to be?

They didn't have time to question him any further though, since he had disappeared somehow, leaving the confused sisters behind.

They had been at it for a while now, and during the cleaning they talked. While the sisters told Moonmon all about what happened to them and how they were looking for a way to return home, Moonmon told them all about what had happened since she had split up with Dorimon. It didn't really bother them that they seemed to slow down on the cleaning while talking, since Picolomon was still nowhere in sight. Dorumon however only watched them interact and decided not to intervene so much, and in the end he was also curious about what had happened to Moonmon in the time they didn't see each other. He was glad however to have found his friend and that she in turn had also found her partner.

"So what are we going to do now? I hardly think cleaning Picolomon's place is going to help in finding a way home…."

The younger of the sisters seemed more than eager now to finally leave this world, now that they've found Dorumon's friend that is. Ryoko frowned a little while thinking.

"I think the best we can do is wait until he comes back and see what we'll do afterwards. All this talk about training before must have some meaning to it, I suppose. We should definitely question him about that, because I can't shake of this feeling that he knows what's going on to some degree."

It wasn't until several hours later that they heard voices on the upper floor, now that they finally finished cleaning the floor they had been on they were keen on knowing where Piccolomon went. It sure seemed like he wasn't the only one up there as they heard several voices. Wondering if he made any more victims with his supposed training they slowly went up the stairs only to find the ones the voices belonged to.

They stared, at the huge group of children and digimon. While Miya kept staring in awe, Ryoko was the first to run towards them since she recognised her fellow soccer club member Sora among the group.

"Sora! So you ended up here aswell, weren't you supposed to be at summer camp?"

The girl was slightly taken back by the fact someone called out to her, but turned around nonetheless and she smiled brightly at the sight of a familiar face.

"Ryoko! Uh yeah, that's kind of a long story."

"Maybe we should start with some introductions then before the long story starts?" The younger Watanabe sister suggested and the other kids agreed with her.

When all introductions where said and done Sora and the other kids explained how they had been sucked into a strange light after it started snowing at summer camp. Meanwhile Ryoko explained on how Miya and herself had been sucked into the computer.

"What do you mean sucked into the computer?"

Koushiro questioned with interest, seeing as he was a real fan of technology this intrigued him very much.

"Well I don't really know how, all I know is that we picked up these devices in the backyard after they dropped from the sky." She showed them the devices they'd picked up at that time. "And when we went back inside our home, dad's computer started forming all sorts of digits on the screen. There was a bright light and we blacked out afterwards"

They all listened to their story with interest and when the older sister showed the device she and her sister picked up, Koushiro had what seemed like an enlightment.

"You have digivices as well? Could this mean you're chosen children just like us?"

At the same time Mimi started rummaging through her shoulder bag, finally taking two necklaces out of it. "I think these two tags belong to you then. Good, I didn't want to find any more tags and worry about how to raise Palmon properly"

Ryoko and Miya alike each took a necklace that Mimi handed them, the older looking at the pendant with interest.

"What do you mean with chosen children exactly?" Miya questioned no one in particular.

The group told them all about their meetings with gennai and how he told them to start at defeating the villain on server continent. But they ended up here because they didn't know how to raise their digimon the right way to make them evolve to the next level.

"So I could evolve further then Dorugamon if Ryoko raises me the right way?"

Dorumon questioned the other digimon and they all nodded in agreement to his question. Gomamon's stomach grumbling interrupted the ongoing conversation and the kids finally remembered why they were here and what Piccolomon asked them to do.

Ryoko sighed in annoyance, helping the other children clean while Miya had started a race with Takeru and both their digimon. At least Piccolomon had promised them dinner after they finished cleaning so there was something to look forward to.

To be continued…