Manna Week

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Chapter 01: First

Marco Diaz woke up with a headache. He kinda expected it, with the college semester coming to an end he was talking into celebrating with Janna. He had a few drinks after Janna decided to try some alcoholic beverages for the first time with some friends, he decided to keep an eye on her. It was both their first times drinking, Marco refused to touch a single beer unless he was at least 21.

The night started off normal enough, he made sure to drink plenty of water and have a starchy meal before hand but as he and Janna had more drink the night started to get more blurry.

It would seem that even Safety King Marco Diaz could let go and go little nuts.

Marco knew that Janna would never let him hear the end of this. Marco blinked realizing he didn't know what happened to Janna or what happened during most of the night.

Marco looked around and realized he was sleeping in a room he didn't recognize; it seemed to be some sort of cheap motel, he quickly found Janna snoozing next to him.

Marco rubbed his head happy to know she was safe; he probably got them a hotel room to sleep it off. He didn't panic; he saved money for all sort of emergencies this wouldn't even make a dent in his usual royalty check.

Then a thought struck him in the gut…

He and Janna…. Didn't…. Did they?

Marco quickly noted he was wearing a tux and Janna was wearing some sort of ratty white dress over her usual outfit.

They weren't naked, so that ruled out that idea.

Marco blinked as he as he started to question why they were dress in that odd manner. Had they decided to crash some sort of party?

Marco rubbed his temple when he spotted something glimmer on his hand.

"Uh… is that a ring?"

"Ugh!" Janna groaned as she opened her eyes. "Keep it down my head is killing me!" Janna tried to get up, "Why am I wearing a dress?" Janna noticed something else. "Where did I get this diamond ring?"

"Is that a wedding ring?"

They both turned to one another… slowly memories of the previous night started to filter in.

After getting drunk they decided they head out to Las Vegas, and Marco refused to drive, and Janna refused to wait. They decided to use the dimensional scissors Marco had earned and used them to go to the city. The cashed his royalty check and hit the tables at the first casino they saw. They quickly lost half his money.

But then fortune smiled on the pair, and they won six times the amount. They started to buy whatever they saw. As they walked down the city streets, they came across a small white chapel.

Marco felt his stomach turn as he remembers buying a tux and Janna buying the first white dress she could find, he remembered both of them standing before an Elvis impersonator.

Janna found a wedding license sitting on her nightstand, and it had both their names on it.

"Huh?" Janna let out, "I always figured I'd be your second wife not your first." Janna smirked at her new husband, "Let's go find a buffet and celebrate!"

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