Manna Week

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Chapter 02: Trapped

"Damn!" Marco let out.

Things had gone badly, it was a hot day at Echo Creek and Star suggested that they all head out to a different dimension a much cooler one.

Marco had suggested they just go to a pool but others argued that it would be crowded.

Someone suggested something cold and they ended up in a dimension that as far as Marco could tell was constantly in winter. There was a nice little resort there where they had all planned to spend the day skiing.

It seemed harmless enough, a day with some snow.

Marco and Janna not having much experience in skiing had been forced to take beginner lessons while everyone else already hit the slopes. After hours they finally got up to the mountain to join their friends.

It seemed like it would all start off well and Marco was starting to have some fun.

That's where the trouble began as a sudden blizzard rushed the mountain forcing everyone to leave the slope and head back to the Inn. But both Marco and Janna being beginners had trouble moving in the blizzard and quickly got lost as the snow pelted them.

In the snow, Marco reached for her hand hoping they wouldn't be separated but they had already gotten lost from the rest of their friends. They held each other's hands tightly as they struggled against the snow.

After a few moments, Marco realized they couldn't see anyone else and that they had gone in the wrong direction and into some nearby woods.

Lucky for them, they found and old cabin and forced their way in. It looked old and forgotten but it would keep the snow out. They figured no one would object to them using in such a case.

The found some wood and a ready to use the fireplace and managed to start a fire to warm themselves. Marco found some blankets as well.

They managed to use their phones to contact Star and found out everyone had made it to the Inn except them. Star wanted to use the scissors to get them but had no idea where they were. It looked like they were forced to stay there until the blizzard passed. Star wanted to keep talking to them until it did but they lost the signal probably due to the storm.

Honestly, Marco was surprised his phone worked at all in another dimension, hell, most of the time his reception was better.

So, Marco and Janna hunkered down for the night.

Even with the fire and blankets, they felt the chill nip at their toes.

Janna wrapped an arm around Marco making sure they were snuggled beneath the blankets together as they sat by the fire.

"Janna! What are you doing?" Marco protested.

"Geez Marco, it is cold and we'll be warmer if we stay close together."

"I guess,"

"It would be better if we both stripped down so that nothing was blocking the heat from out of our bodies." Janna eyed him with a raised eyebrow.


"Yeah, didn't think so. Besides, it would be weird if they found our naked bodies frozen together."


"Kidding, mostly. I've seen enough survival shows to know this isn't great. We've got some wood but I don't know if it will be enough. I guess we can burn some of the furniture if it comes to it. But we probably shouldn't risk falling asleep."

"Yeah, we might never get back up." Marco held her closer. "Especially if the fire goes out or-"

Janna stopped him right there, "No, not going into that. Panicking isn't going to help so just sit down and stay here with me. We're trapped here together so might as well try and not die. So, let's talk."

"About what? You see me pretty much every day."

"How about the trips you take with Star? Done anything worse than this?"

"Oh, yeah, I nearly got killed for a sandwich once."

"Was it a good sandwich?"

"Don't know, I didn't get a bite."

They talked about whatever they could through the night, they held each other close only stopping to put more wood in the fire.

Slowly, the fire died out and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The blizzard broke during the morning and with a loud thud a rainbow colored fist tore through the door.

"Marco! Janna!" Star rushed in. "MARCO! JANNA!"

The first chance they could their friends looked for them, going off their general location and description they found someone who said there was an old cabin there.

Star rushed in to find her friend by the dead fire and went to them, "Don't be dead! Don't be dead! Marco! Janna!" Star touched them as her usually happy expression turned grim as they felt cold. "…Marco… Janna..."

Star felt her heart stop.

"Star?" Marco's eyes opened slowly.

Star smiled brightly and hugged them. Some of their friends rushed in with jackets, blankets, and some hot chocolate.

They were cold but not near death's door, they made it through the worse of it and when the fire died and they fell asleep it was just survivable.

"Hm," Janna moaned, "Five more minutes," She smiled burying her smiling face in Marco's chest.

Author's Notes: Okay so day two and what did you guys think. I honestly, just sit and write these while watching some tv so … never sure if they're any good.