Manna Week

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Chapter 07: AU

Janna had not expected this to go this way today. Marco had gotten his hands on Star's scissors and went a little nuts with them.

She had gone to the burger place and then got caught in the rain as Marco opened the familiar portal and used it to get into his room. She intended to get a ride from him but decided against it for the moment.

Instead, she spurred him on as he used the scissors. Both of them laid on his bed enjoying his portals when one turned red and a hand grabbed Marco tugging him. Janna barely grabbed Marco before being pulled in herself.

They ended up in another dimension where the forger of the scissors, Hekapoo, explained things. Marco determined to get the scissors accepted her trial to earn them. Marco managed to trick Hekapoo and blow out her flame to find out she was a clone.

Marco and Janna stood surrounded by hundreds of clones. The clones fled into portals, before another portal formed before them.

Hekapoo's voice rang out, "Why don't you two just head back to your little mud ball of a planet? This trial could take years, lifetimes, just go back now."

Marco grit his teeth, "I'm not going back without those scissors."

Janna smiled she knew that determined look in Marco's eyes, he wasn't going to give up.

Marco paused and looked at Janna, "Janna, you should go home. You don't have to do this."

"Marco, I'm not going back without you. What am I supposed to say to your parents or Star? I'm gonna help you out. I'm in this with you till the end."


They'd been on this trial for days, the portal home had long since closed.

It was night, they had made camp and Janna had fallen asleep. Janna woke up to find Marco's hoodie on her. Near was a Marco shivering in the cold.

Janna let out a say before pulling close to him she moved the hoodie over him too.

"Janna?" Marco tried to stop her.

Janna rested on his chest, "Just go to sleep."

Marco placed an arm around her.


"I thought you were dating!" Hekapoo was shocked as she walked through the forest. "You seem very close and cuddly."

"It gets cold at night!" Marco chased after her.

They'd been at this for a year now.

"And you still haven't bagged him?!" Hekapoo yelled to Janna.

Janna jumped around in the trees, "I've been trying to, for years! The boy is dense! I don't think he realized I was seriously flirting with him until like a few months ago!"

"Janna!" Marco yelled out.

"It was a bit chillier than normal and I said, Hey Marco let's have sex."

Marco moaned annoyed.

"And he said no?" Hekapoo continued their chat as she spun around a tree.

"He did. He thought I was joking. I just go and tell him that I'm serious and I've liked him and he just stares like a fish slapped him and named him king of the fish."

"Janna!" Marco tried to stop her.

Marco was quickly tackled by Hekapoo, he found himself staring at the woman on him. "Marco, I wouldn't have thought you'd disappoint a girl like that."

Hekapoo leaned in making Marco blush.

"Oomph!" They both let out and Janna jumped on them pinning her down.

"Well, here's an idea." Janna whispered with a smile, "Marco might just be too much for one woman. Want to help me test out the waters?"

Hekapoo smirked, "Oh, Janna, aren't you generous to share."

Marco realized he had two crazy women on top of him looking at him in a way that he could only image was how a fox looked at a rabbit.

Marco reacted by blowing out Hekapoo's flame and she vanished dropping Janna on him.

"Oh, Marco why did you do that?" Janna looked at him upset, "I was about to get our first time as a threesome with this hot demon chick!"


"Don't tell me you want your first tie as a foursome. Bold, but if we're doing that I have to figure out the mechanics."

Marco pulled himself from under Janna and started walk away with a huuuuge…. Blush.

Janna smiled, "Don't worry Marco I can wait until your ready."


Marco swung his sword and creating a gust of air that blew out one of the last Hekapoo clone's flame blow out.

The other clones held out her halberd and laughed, "Missed me."

"Nope, " Janna snuck behind her and put her in a shoulder lock and blew out her flame.

Soon the pair walked through the front door with their dragon-cycle, they found Hekapoo at the forge making a pair of scissors. Nachos quickly settled down on the couch to take a nap after their journey.

"Hm," Hekapoo mused to herself, "I have to say I underestimated you two. Twelves years to earn a pair of scissors. That's pretty impressive."

Hekapoo turned to them, Marco had certainly put on some muscle and he liked showing off his abs judging by how he wore his clothes.

Janna had matured into a fine young woman, her clothes were tattered a bit showing off her midriff under a long black leather cloak. Hekapoo wondered if showing off skin was a human thing, not that she was complaining.

Marco was now a skilled warrior and Janna was a stealthy rouge, the years had taught them many things and brought out their potential.

"Yeah, we would have been here sooner if Marco didn't have to have to stop so much to help everyone we came across," Janna told Hekapoo like she was an old friend.

Marco just shook his head.

The pair looked at each other before they moved close to Hekapoo and blew out her flame together.

Hekapoo happily gave them their scissors. "So, what are you going to do now?"

Marco looked at the scissors in his hand, "I guess go back home, not sure how we're going to explain everything to everyone."

"Well, If you don't mind waiting a bit I thought we might celebrate."

"Celebrate?" Janna grinned, "Like how we celebrated Marco's 18th birthday?"

"Yeah, or how we celebrated that night in Flevor or Zetra or in that field in that monastery." Hekapoo leaned against Janna.

"Oh, those monks were so upset when they found us and then we had to run off naked!" Janna placed an arm around Hekapoo before turning to Marco, "We really should make it up to her."

Hekapoo pulled out a bottle, "I've got some cosmic sand wine to celebrate."

Marco grinned, "How do I let you two crazy women talk me into this?"

"Because you got a type, Diaz." Janna bit her lip, "It just took you a long time to realize it."

Hekapoo grinned nuzzling Janna, "You have a great girl Marco. Just happy be happy already. Any number of guys would kill for what you've gotten to do and will do tonight."

Both girls grabbed Marco and playfully pulled him to the nearest bedroom.


Star kicked down the front door, "Hekapoo! Where's Marco and Janna!?"

One of the back doors quickly opened up with Hekapoo with messy hair stepping out pulling a yellow robe around her, "Huh? What?"

Then a tall muscular man walked out behind her tying a knot on his pajama bottoms.

"Oooh, abs." Star started to drool.

"Star!" Marco rushed over and gave her a hug.

"Okay," Hekapoo scratched her head, "I'll go start breakfast, you two catch up."

"Unhand me, beautiful stranger." Star pushed her way from him.

"It's me, Marco." He explained it to her.

"Marco?" Star looked around confused.

Nearby Hekapoo hummed to herself as she prepared breakfast.

"Ah, but-what is going on? You and Hekapoo? And where's Janna?"

Marco scratched his head, "Well, about that."

Janna tugged on a blue robe as she walked out of the room, "Can't a woman get some sleep here."

Janna walked over and gave Marco a kiss on the cheek and a smack on the butt. Then she walked over and gave a kiss to Hekapoo and smacked her butt too. Then she sat on the dinner table as Hekapoo gave her a cup of coffee.

Janna sipped at her drink and Hekapoo explained, "Yeah, give her minute, without her coffee she's really out of it."

Janna blinked, "Star? What are you doing here? Why do you look so young? Don't your people age in 16 years?"

"16 years? It's been 8 minutes." Star argued.

"Right, time runs differently here." Hekapoo shrugged, "I forgot to tell you that, keep meaning too. Sorry, not sorry."

"Wait," Star started to figure what was happening, "did the three of you…?"

Janna shrugged, "Yeah, kinda, a lot. But I'm the Alpha."

Marco and Hekapoo were about to argue but both just shrugged in agreement that she was.

"Mama! Papa! Mommy!"

Two little girls about 3 years old ran out of their shared room wearing their pajamas and ran to the grown ups. One small girl had messy red hair and small yellow horns and the other one had short dark hair and Janna's old hat.

The one with the hat tripped but quickly Nachos came up behind her and picked her up and gave her a lick.

"Ah, thank you Nachos." And she gave the dragon a kiss.

The both girls ran to their parents but Janna and Marco stopped them and scooped them into their arms.

"Let's leave Mama Hekapoo to cook our breakfast. Do you two want to meet your Aunty Star!"

"Yes!"Both girls yelled excitedly.

Star blinked with utter surprise, she had the feeling that they wouldn't be going back with her.

Author's Notes: Okay, so this AU was actually brought up in on the manna blog, it was about how Janna would join Marco onto the trial this is what came out. Anyway, let me know what you think. This brings Manna week to an end, I hope you guys enjoyed what I brought to the table.