A/N: I just love the Cherub series and the KOTLC. This takes place after the 6th book. In KOTLC time, the Neverseen has somehow been defeated and the Council now respects the Black Swan. Anyway, enough chatter! Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - The Mission

James had a dumb look on his face as he sat in Meryl's office across from his sister, Lauren, and his friends: Kyle, Bruce, Rat, Lydia, and Kerry. He couldn't believe he'd blown it! He was trying to go a whole month without getting in trouble. Now he'd probably be spending his Christmas break scrubbing toilets while the others were eating dinner. "Well guys, you certainly outdid yourselves this time and have managed to be in just enough trouble to go on a recruitment mission!" Meryl said. Everyone groaned. "This one will be different though. Instead of separating you all, I'm sending all of you to one Foster-Care Center in California. There are rumors that 7 kids appeared there in one day. These kids are apparently exceptionally smart and fit. Your job is to drug them and bring them back here." (A/N: I know that's not how recruitment missions work, but just pretend it is!) Meryl said. "But Meryl! It's Christmas!" Kyle exclaimed. "You should've thought about that before you went ahead and got in trouble. Now without any whining, I expect all of you to go ahead and pack up before the plane leaves. You have about 2 hours."


One day earlier in the Lost Cities:

Sophie walked up to Everglen and rang the doorbell. (A/N: Do they have doorbells in the Lost Cities?) When the door opened, she expected to see Biana, but to her surprise an extremely grumpy face with pointy ears met her. It was Bronte, he Inflictor mentor. "Sophie! Come inside. We were just about to get you!" Bronte said. Sophie saw all of her friends standing there. "Hey guys! What's going on?" Sophie said, greeting them. "Ask Mr. Pointy-Ears over there because he wouldn't tell us anything before you came." Keefe said, pouting. "Bronte?" Sophie asked. "The council has chosen all of you to do an assignment. It takes place in the Forbidden Cities. I can't tell you anything else before you agree to it. It is confidential, therefore meaning you can't tell anyone!" Bronte said, giving Keefe a glare as he said the last sentence. "What?" Keefe asked, innocently. "Are you all on board?" Bronte asked.

Sophie was first when she said yes. Keefe was second and Fitz was third. Biana was fourth to say yes and Dex was fifth. Linh and Tam, however, were fighting. "I'm going whether you like it or not! When will you stop telling me what to do?" Linh screamed. "Linh, We don't even know what the assignment is! How could I let you go? For all I know, we are going to be offered to the Neverseen!" Tam replied, every bit just as angry. "Even Biana is going. Why are you so nervous? You know what? I'm going whether you like it or not!" Linh said as she yanked her hand from Tam's grasp and stomped over towards her friends. "Well then. I guess that means I'm going too!" Tam fumed. "Great then! You are going to be placed in the Foster-Care system so you can get to know the humans and evaluate their need of help. If you think we should, then we will start helping them again." Everyone gasped. They were going to start helping humans again? "When are we leaving?" Fitz asked. "In about 3 hours, Sophie will teleport you all to her home. Then you will find the address of the foster care system and sign up. (A/N: Is that what it's called?)

The friends concluded that Dex would get them some money and they would get some human clothes so they could blend in. "Hurry up! We're going to be late!" Sophie yelled. Biana came down in an extremely fancy and sparkly dress. "How do I look?" she asked. "Not going to work because we are trying to blend in, not stand out. In the Forbidden Cities, only millionaires would wear that dress. We are supposed to be almost poor orphans." Sophie said. "You'll have to borrow some of my clothes, then. You too, Linh." Sophie suggested. Biana gasped. "What? You wear brown, a lot!" Sophie rolled her eves and grabbed Biana's hand and dragged her into her room. She went into her closet and pulled out an old t-shirt and leggings from before she moved. "Try these on," she said. Biana walked into the bathroom and changed. "Linh, you can wear these for now, until we get some new clothes." Sophie handed her the gray and yellow shirt she wore when she agreed to go with Fitz and some leggings. "Perfect! Let's go get the boys now."

The boys had dug into Alvar's closet and pulled some clothes out. Keefe had chosen the Batman shirt, obviously. Fitz chose a Superman shirt and Tam chose a regular back t-shirt, which left Dex with the Captain America t-shirt. All the boys wore jeans. When the girls arrived, they were all speechless. Sophie spoke first, oblivious to the boys staring. "Let's go, or we're all going to be late. Mr. Forkle will be furious." They all ran to the cliff, jumped off, and Sophie teleported all of them to her old home in California. They were hidden by obscurers and didn't attract any attention, whatsoever. "Can we get some Gelato?" Keefe asked. Sophie just rolled her eyes in response.

A/N: I know, I know. That was definitely not as good as I expected it to be! Don't worry, though! It WILL get BETTER. I think Sokeefe is going to evolve in the middle of this! It's definitely going to be fun to write. Also… My Big Promise: None of the important characters will die! I hate it when that happens. Enjoy!

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