Chapter 6 – Many Secrets Revealed

On the roof, Sophie couldn't help but glare at Fitz. She had always been there for him. She'd been there and saved his father when his mind broke. She'd been there when it turned out Alvar was part of the Neverseen. Now, when she needed him most, he was backing out. "Ready?" she asked. Fitz nodded. "Oh! Zara, what you're about to see will probably blow your mind, but that's okay. Let me just touch your arm. It'll help me monitor your emotions. It'll probably take Sophie about 10 minutes." Keefe said. "3…2…1," Sophie yelled and with that she and Fitz ran and jumped of the roof.

Zara screamed. She ran to the edge, dragging poor Keefe along. She watched as they plummeted down. "They're going to die!" she hissed. Then a loud pop sounded and Sophie and Fitz disappeared from view. "Th-the-they're gone! Where are they?" Zara said frantically. "Relax! She just, um, teleported." Keefe said, trying to be reassuring, but failing. "They TELEPORTED? How is that possible," Zara screamed. It was too much to process and she fainted, right into Keefe's arms. He hefted her onto his shoulder and brought her to her office.

Zara woke up on her couch. Then she sat up suddenly, remembering everything. Sophie yelped in surprise. "You-you teleported!" Zara said astonished. "Yes, I did." Sophie said, unsure of what to do. "How?" she asked. Sophie looked to her friends and they nodded. She was going to tell Zara. "Whatever you hear in this room has to stay here, unless we say you can tell someone else. Promise," Sophie stated. Zara nodded. "Many thousands of years ago, humans were given help by another species. That species gave many gifts to the humans. For example, chocolate cake was one of them. Unfortunately, the humans took advantage of the gifts and turned them into weapons like chemical-filled Twinkies. They also started hurting the other species. The other species was forced to stage their own extinction and hide away forever. That species were elves.

"I know what you're thinking. Those tiny creatures with the pointy ears and little bells on their shoes? Shut up and stop laughing Keefe! That's just a myth. All six of us are elves. We were sent on a mission to see if the humans deserved our help again. The average elf is way smarter than any human. That's probably why you picked us up. Anyway, most elves have one to two abilities. I am a teleporter. I basically can teleport to anywhere I know or have seen. I know you want to probably know more, but that is pretty much classified. You'll learn more when the time is right." Sophie explained. Zara was in shock. She put her hand on her desk for stability. "When will that time be?" she asked. Sophie sighed. "Only time will tell." she replied. Zara glanced at the clock and almost let out a yelp. It was dusk and they hadn't taken their tests yet. "Ok! Um... Tomorrow you'll have to come back here before you will begin Basic Training, which starts in a week. There a series of tests that you have to undergo to establish if you are fit for CHERUB. Hopefully you'll pass. Good luck!" Zara said. She showed Sophie and the rest to different rooms and gave them a new orange shirt. They'd get their red shirt after the tests, but that was the farthest thought from Sophie's mind while she fell asleep. She was more focused on one question.

What does the Black Swan want with this place?

A/N: Wow! *Crickets Chirping* Hello? *More crickets* I guess I better wrap this up. I'm excited for creating their Tests and Basic Training! that will probably take like 20 chapters, but James & Co. will be joining the Keeper crew soon. Anyway...

Vale! (Latin)