Hello everyone! I am Finch Daemon and I got an idea for a Fanfiction Challenge after reading about a RWBY x Persona 4 crossover challenge and a short fanfiction by thewhitepatch called Going Native.

The premise for Going Native is that for reasons unknown, the Agents of Project Freelancer were brought back to life on Chorus. The Freelancers decide to join our Favorite Fuck-Up Soldiers because reasons. Now, this Fanfic was created in 2015, and never got any sort of continuation. Knowing this, I thought to myself:

"This will NOT do."

So, I decided to create a challenge of my own so that this story might be continued. That being said, let's go over some rules for this challenge.

The Rules

1. This is to begin at any point of your choosing DURING THE CHORUS TRILOGY.

2. You are allowed to come up with any reason you want as to how the Freelancers got to Chorus, as well as why they join the Reds and Blues.

3. Speaking of Freelancers, you must have Agents York, the twins (North and South), Wyoming, Florida, Connecticut, Agent Maine (NOT THE META. After his revival, Maine is back in his right mind, Sigma's brainwashing is completely undone.), and for shits and giggles we'll throw in 479er.

4. You can add in Texas, the Director, and the AIs if you want, but please don't let Sigma brainwash anyone.

5. Anything after that is up to you, go nuts.

When you start the story, be sure to let me know either by replying on this page, or by PMing me on my profile. So with that, may the odds be ever in your favor. I look forward to seeing what you people come up with.