Uraninite crystal, pitchblende to be formal about it. A radioactive, dangerous mineral which can hold more than you might think. A long time ago I was planted here, on this planet. Long before most other gems. I was a test, a trial, to see if this planet could support a large-scale colonization from homeworld. Only… something went wrong with me. There was more life on this planet than the diamonds knew. One of these creatures, an old specimen, which had probably endured much in its short lifetime, was dead on top of my injection site. All of you humans who think that it was the radiation which changed the beast are wrong, it was that beast that changed me. It's genetic code slowly seeping into my gem, shaping my not-yet-formed physical form, slowly changing what I was meant to be, from a lowly warrior gem to a god. I still had a human form, but it took much power to hold that form. My natural form was altered, I was only supposed to be maybe the size of a quartz, or a little bit larger, but not this large. The size of my natural form is gigantic, and takes much from that dead organism that was above me for all that time. When the authority came to see if the planet was suitable for gem production, and they saw me, they knew that I was a messed up gem, one that was not worth the time or resources to keep going. Homeworld sent armies for millennia, trying to hunt me down, until that day…

"CHARGE!" Cried out a thousand voices, all echoing as one.

"CHARGE!" Roared a million screams, each one trying to muffle out the other.

The two lines connected, making the battle start, and unknowingly waking the one that was once uraninite. As the battle progressed, three figures stood out among the rest. One was a Pearl, a symbol of wealth and power in gems. Another was a Garnet, a fusion of a Ruby and Sapphire. Lastly… lastly was the one that started this revolt in the first place, a quartzite gem that revolted. A Rose Quartz. These ones, the beast knew was different from the other's that had once tried to hunt it down, for they too were the hunted.

"I sense the arrival of something powerful." Garnet states, in her ever-serious tone. She did not know how right she was.

The two minds inside of the beast had practically become one, the old king and the one that would have become the gem needed each other now, for comfort and for the heat of battle. She was the brains while he was the brawn. As the battle raged on, the beast was drawing nearer, and was coming in fast from the sea close to the battle.

"What's happening?" one soldier exclaims, pointing towards the water.

Indeed, the water was receding, causing fish to splash about, trying to get themselves back into the water. As soon as that occurred, the whole battlefield stopped to look and see what would happen next. As soon as they looked, they saw the water rushing back in the form a massive tidal wave. Most of the gems had enough time to either bubble large groups and keep them safe from the torrent of water, or just hold on for dear life. A few were not this lucky however, and were swept away with the current. As the water returned to normal, the gems that remained noticed a shape looming high over the battlefield.

They truly had become a monster, a true sight to be fearful of. Their height was around 300 feet, easily beating out every gem that was battling it out on that beach.

Each one of the gems were silent in either fear or amazement at the sight before them, the titan looming overhead seemed so impossible to everyone that it was impossible to look away from. Then the titan did something unexpected, it shifted it's weight from one leg to another, slowly walking towards one side of the battlefield, Rose's side.

While most of her gem soldiers were believing that the end was near, the pink quartz noticed something about the creature.
"It has a gem..."She quietly whispered, looking towards the top of the beast's head. When Garnet and Pearl heard this, the creature was already where it wanted to be.

We slowly advanced, as all of the gems were looking at our form. We both knew our destination, to protect the ones who are revolting, for they will need all the help they can get, and the only way we can provide that is in battle. As soon as they knew it, they were directly between the two clashing sides, clearly protecting Rose's side. The homeworld gems took this as an act of war against the diamond authority, and immediately took action.

Seeing this, the two inside the titan were thinking of a way to, at the very least, get rid of the other gems for a while, to talk with the ones revolting. In an effort to psyche out the homeworld gems, they came up with the perfect solution. They figured that a roar should suffice, given that the volume would be enough to make any man go deaf in a two-mile radius. They slowly inhaled, bringing in a huge volume of air, while also moving their chest out more. In a split second, it went from clashing weapons to the sound of a king, no... a God.