It has been a week since Gojira had fallen on the beach, exhausted from holding another form for too long, and general over-exertion. He has spent the entirety of this time laying on the beach, the waves and sand making him look more like a large group of rocky outcroppings. He started to slowly stir, not wanting to flood the small town nearby. The sun barrelled down on the water as he rose, the water falling off of his bulk. He got up to full height, casting his shadow on the small house beside him. Steven and Amythest ran out of the house, just as they were about to leave.

"Hey!" Yelled out Amethyst, "Wanna go see some other gems?"

"Yeah!" Shouted Steven, "You should come meet these two, perhaps they would let you stay with them. At least if you don't ruin the harvest!"

Gojira stood for a moment, then shook his head horozontally, not wanting to risk meeting even more new people. He also had other things to accomplish, Steven could see that the giant had more in mind than meeting others, as Gojira looked back and forth between the child and the sea.

"We should stay, we still know so little about what has happened, we don't even know if their alive..." Said one voice

"That's precisely why we need to at least try to look for them. I know that we just learned all of this new information, but we can always come back, and if we do find them, we'll have some extra leverage against Homeworld." Responded another voice, as Gojira stood, waiting.

"I can see your point, but what if something happens while were gone?" The first voice argued.

"They've been handling themselves just fine for the past five thousand years, they will be fine." The second voice told the first, as Gojira finally moved, heading into deeper waters as Steven and Amethyst watched, unsure as to what he was doing.

"Where is he going?" Asked Amethyst

"I know just as much as you do..." Said Steven, as the giant in front of them slowly walked to deeper waters before diving in, his spines slowly dissapearing in the distance.

As soon as the titan beast got far from shore, he let out a sharp roar, cutting through the ocean as he got deeper and deeper. He let his own weight pull them down and down, farther and farther until the light was almost gone. Then, they turned steeply upwards, going faster and faster until the sun was close, and the mighty beast let out another roar, louder this time, as he breached the surface. He slowly floated, eyes closed and mind searching for his own. As he floated, he felt a pull farther out at sea, pursuading him to go farther to see if it was indeed who he thought it was.

Meanwhile, at the Barn:

"You didn't hear some odd sounds in the past couple weeks?", Asked Steven, looking confused at the pair in front of him.

"Nope, nothing at all.", Responded Peridot.

"Whatever, we'll just have to show you when he gets back. Whenever that'll be.", Amythest mutters under her breath.

A Day Later,

Gojira swam all night, passing an entire ocean. He saw land right before the break of dawn, and knew immediately who would be waiting for him in this dry land, and thought fondly for a moment before trudging on, his feet pounding on the hot sands with every step he took. He passed by one small town, the early light hiding his entrance into the great land in front of him. He walked for much of the day, going deeper and deeper into the desert, with nothing in sight except for the few tall sand dunes that might occasionally reach above his knee.

"Are you sure that it will indeed be him? What if he is gone?" Thought one part of Gojira.

"He has to be here, he always was..." Thought the other.

A slow movement caught his attention however, as an extremely large dune right in front of him started to shake, causing a miniature sandstorm that blinded Gojira for the moment. Once the sand settled he saw exactly who he came to see, someone like him.

The spikes that covered the other monster bristled for a moment, before he saw Gojira in front of him. He looked confused for a moment, then tackled the taller monter, like an excited dog seeing a friend for the first time in months. The monster was like nothing else on Earth, with his heavy plating, spikes and mouth. This was the Cuprosklodowskite that Homeworld planted inside of Earth, but now his name is Anguirus, the monster of the land.