After finding the beaten up kid that "fell from the sky" both Randy and Howard had an easy time sneaking him into the school since all the students were still hyped up about the fight the Ninja had. Dragging the stranger was a different story because despite his slim lean physique he was still quite, or rather, it's just because they are terrible at phys ed. and never lifted a weight their whole in entire life, but either way, it was hard carrying him.

Finally getting to the nurse's office without any distractions they knocked on the door waiting for it to be answered. After a few minutes of waiting the door was open with the nurse in front of them.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The nurse said in a tired voice. She had been working all day.

"Um, yeah, we have a really injured boy right here and we need your help." Randy said breathing heavy. 'I seriously need to start working out or at least try in the gym.' He thought.

Looking down the nurse gasped at the sight of an unconscious bloody boy, "Oh my! What happened to him!?" The nurse said in urgency. Never before has someone brought her a student injured this badly.

"Oh, I think he fell from the sky." Howard answered blatantly.

"Whaaattt!?" The nurse screamed in shock. 'These boys are clearly playing a trick on me; no way can a mere 14 year, in fact, anybody can survive a fall from the sky!'

'Could he be any blunter!?' Randy screamed in his mind. Seriously, his friend couldn't be any more ridiculous than this. "U-uh, what my friend Howard here meant to say," He said gesturing toward his best friend, "Is that Bash went too far and he got beat up and he threw him, and it looked like he fell from the sky... right buddy?" Randy tried to lie while also winking at Howard.

"Ooohhh, yeah, that's what happened!" Howard confirmed getting the message his friend was giving him.

"So it's I the delinquent boy again, huh? Always sending people here hurt and making my job harder. Oh alright, just place him on the bed over there and I'll treat him." The nurse complied,"But one question, why didn't you take him to the hospital instead because he might need stitches?"

Randy mentally facepalmed himself screaming 'Why didn't I think of that!?'. "Uh, well you see, you were the… closest place to bring him and that guy is incredibly heavy." Randy made an excuse fast. Seriously why didn't he just call the ambulance?

An hour has past and Randy and Howard have waited outside because the nurse asked them to. Surprisingly the "Nurse" was actually a professional doctor before she moved. During that time all the students were sent home because of the destruction. Randy finally waited to cut the silence that was plagued between them and ask a question he's been dying to ask.

"You know Howard, I've been thinking, how could this guy survive after falling like 200 meters in the air and what was that blue light there? Do you think it was him?" Randy questioned.

"Those are all very good questions... too bad I don't care about any of them." Howard lazily added while eating his ice cream he found during the hour. Turns out they really were selling ice cream at the school.

"You've got to be kidding me! You mean you're not a least bit interested in where this guy came from or how he supposedly fell from the sky and survived?" Randy yelled in surprise. His friend really is a bizarre character.

"Yep, that is right no care at all." Howard finalized, "Look, we saved this guy's life and I'm pretty sure he's gone through a lot to get like this so let's leave it alone."

"You know, I sometimes envy your carefree attitude. And I guess you're right but I'm still asking." Randy said with determination. I guess curiosity got the best of him. Thinking of different ways to approach the stranger with the question, there was a bright red light being dulled by his book bag and an annoying buzzing sound in his opinion, "Sorry, Howard I gotta take this." Randy said with sympathy lining his voice.

"Yeah it's okay, I gotta get some more cones anyway." Howard said. He really did finish all his ice cream cones in minutes and there was like 10 of them.

Watching Howard leave his chair next to him and walking down the hall into the direction of the ice cream stand, Randy took out his Nomicon from his book bag and opened it having his mind instantly warped inside and leaving his body limp making him slam his head on the armrest and falling off the chair in an awkward position. As Randy was falling through the sky in the book, he looked around to see it was a bloody red color until that was thought was lost when he looked down realized he was getting closer to the ground. Screaming, he braced for the impact that was sure to come which it did.

"Aaahh! Uufff!" Trying to get up he winced in pain as he landed on his butt, "Damn Nomicon, always bringing me in like this, I hate it!" Randy said comically. Rubbing his butt to ease the pain he looked around to see he was on a purplish brown rock floating in a whirly space filled with different shades of green and purple doors everywhere and occasional weird-looking, distorted islands. 'This is odd? It doesn't look like the inside of the nomicon to me.' Standing up he saw a black figure flying around. "What's that?" Squinting his eyes to get a better view Randy saw it was coming towards him at an incredibly fast speed.

Backing up, scared it might attack him, he realized that he had nowhere to go because he's on the small piece of rock. Closing his eyes Randy waited for it to attack... when it didn't. Opening his eyes slowly he saw the figure and it was floating right above him. Gaping his mouth wide at the "person" he saw Randy started to examine it.

Awestruck at the figure before him, he had messy hair as white as snow and a bang covering almost all his left eye. But even then Randy could see the fierce radiant green eyes through the bang of hair. Looking at his body Randy saw he was wearing what seemed like a black and white jumpsuit with a medium size logo on his chest that was a 'D' with a 'P' inside. He also a had a physique similar to the boy he rescued which was muscular but lean but put that aside as mere coincidence. And finally, he had a soft silver glow all around his body, "Hey you! Who and what are you!?" Randy screamed but didn't get an answer.

Finished looking at the strange figure the small rock started moving towards a small purple door with it opening automatically. Going through the door all he could see was white until an image was coming closer to him and it looked like the Ninja and that strange "person" were fighting something but couldn't tell what it was.

When the image of him and that guy was gone he was then transported into a dojo with big words saying, "Trust in the unknown, To complete the unforeseen".

"Come on Nomicon, can't you just spill it already! I'm tired of these riddles, and even when I try to solve them it always turns out whack!" Randy screamed in annoyance. To the left, he saw a person in a ninja suit walk towards him and facepalmed. Getting closer, it wrote on the wall where the message was and turned around so Randy could see it which said…

"Hey I am SO not oblivious," Randy yelled out in frustration. "Whatever that means." He said under his breath. Even though he didn't know what it means he did know that it was meant to be an insult... maybe. Trying to figure out what the word 'oblivious' means Randy didn't see the other ninja walk up to him push him off the room (if that's even possible) leaving the poor randy falling to his doom, until his mind was back where it was supposed to be and woke up on the floor with a huge puddle of drool.

"I'll just leave that to the janitor." Randy said looking down at his saliva and wiped off the stream that was on his face. Looking around to see if anyone saw him, he sighed remembering no one was in the school except him, Howard and the "nurse" that was informed to be a doctor. Sitting back in his chair he waited for his buddy to come which he did a few minutes later holding this time only two cones of ice cream.

"Hey, how was the oh so exciting experience of the nomicon." Howard asked sarcastically, "You know I had to go to another trip back to the ice cream stand just to wait for you. Here I bought one when for when you woke up." Howard said moving his right hand to his best friend which held a half-eaten cone of ice cream.

"Uh, Howard thanks but that was already bitten and I'm guessing it was you so you can have it." Randy said, "And about the trip into the Nomicon, yeah it was pretty weird. I was in this green void like thing and there was this strange glowing guy with green glowing eyes, and don't forget that awesome white hair. I wonder if he bleached it. Anyway, then I saw me and that guy fight something that I couldn't see clearly but it was giant."

"Wow, uh...well interesting?" Howard said as more of a question because he didn't know how to reply or rudely comment on it.

"Yup and once again the Nomicon gave me a stupid riddle which I got think down." Randy said.

"Well what is it." Howard asked of course he really wasn't so interested.

"Well it said and I quote "Trust in the unknown, To complete the unforeseen". And I think it means to trust the people we already know but don't know that they can be useful." Randy said in the most complicated way which Howard thought nodding his head sagely and crossing his arms.

"Uh yeah, we can go with that." Howard said in discomfort because he knows that he was officially a part of the Ninja's 'business', "So do you know this who this 'Unknown ally' is going to be?"

Randy slumped his head down in defeat and answered "No." 'Nomicon I swear I'm going to force you one day to give me straight answers!' Randy declared in his mind.

After a few more minutes of Randy succumbing to depression and Howard eating his ice cream the door to the nurse's office opened and the school's so called 'nurse' came out, "I finished taking care of him all he has to do now is wake up on his own." She said in a cheerful voice. "And he his surprisingly strong, by the way he looked I thought he would have had broken bones but he didn't! And thankfully I didn't have to do stitches." She finished.

'Wow, she really is professional!' Both Howard and Randy thought at the same time.

"Well don't be shy you can come in now, you two are the reasons why he's not dead." The "nurse" said.

"Oh right. Come on Howard." Randy said to his best friend. Upon getting there They both checked his figure which was covered in badges. In the silence Randy heard giggling and turned to Howard who was holding his mouth with his hands trying to stop the laughter but to no avail as he bursted out laughing hitting his knee.

"Hahahaha! He looks like a freakin' mummy!" Howard yelled while holding his stomach.

"Come on dude, show some respect." Randy said slapping his friend's arm.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Woo, I'm ok now." Howard said calming down wiping a tear in his eye.

"Hmm, well, sorry to leave you boys here but my shift is over. Make sure you find that boy's parents and tell them what happened okay?" The "nurse" said to the boys. She was honestly worried for that kid's life! 'Tomorrow I'll make sure to talk to that delinquent of a boy Bash's mother.' She thought walking out the door.

"Man this is boring! Can't we go the arcade again to win the free food?" Howard asked hopefully. After the doctor that is now the school nurse left he has been bored to death... figurally speaking.

"Sorry buddy, we can't. Watching over him is our responsibility for now." Randy said in a tired voice. In truth he was bored too but what the Nomicon taught him once about responsibility stayed stuck in his mind for a while and he's not going to break his streak yet!

As time went by so did their tolerance of the situation and they both fell asleep. Luckily, the first first one to wake up was Randy, looking at outside then the clock it was already 4:40. Walking over to Howard he shook him but getting no response. Shook him a second time and got "I don't wanna go to school mommy, just 5 more minutes." from Howard while also sucking his thumb. Not letting this moment go to waste Randy took out his phone and took a picture. Smiling at his work he found out he could do something else which he did. Going back up to his friend he took his thumb out of Howard's mouth and took the other hand's index finger sticking it in his nose. Backing up Randy also took a picture of it laughing at his genius. Taking a few minutes to bask in his glory he went back to work on waking up Howard but this was different, instead of shaking him, Randy yelled in his ear instantly waking up Howard and making him jump back in surprise and fall back on his chair.

"Hey what was that for!" Howard screamed.

"Well you just didn't wake up. Oh, and check this out." Randy said excitedly. Taking back out his phone from his pocket he showed Howard the picture. The reaction was getting a punch in the arm and a mean comment.

"You JERK! You don't take advantage of other people's bodies with they're asleep!" Howard yelled in frustration.

"Oh really? Like how you didn't take advantage of Doug when he fell asleep on the bus." Randy shot back with a sarcastic tone.

"That's different Doug's a douche!" Howard defended.

"Whatever you say." Randy said, "Well, for now, let's-" He was interrupted by coughing in the direction of the bed where the boy was laying down.

"Oh my God, he's waking up!" Howard yelled.

'What? What was that sound right now?' Danny asked himself. 'All I remember is flying off somewhere to find a nursing home and...OH MY GOSH I FELL ASLEEP! Gah, how could I let this happen to me? Now I might be in Skulker's clutches again.' Slowly opening his eyes Danny tried to sit up but failed as he fell right back down again. His eyes fully opened tried to adjust to the light that was blinding him. When his vision got better he tried to sit up again but this time put his back against the wall to stabilize himself.

Looking around he sees pills, chairs beds and badges. Putting two and two together he figured someone instead of Skulker found him. Still looking around he saw two boys looking the same age as himself staring wide eyed at him,,"Hey do you know where I am?"

"..." The two boys were left speechless. They never thought he would recover this fast! Wow that "nurse" has some real skill!

Finally speaking up Randy said, "Um... you're in Norrisville high in the nurse's office. My friend and I are the ones who brought you here." Randy said pointing to Howard who was still staring, "So what's your name and where'd you came from!? Plus did you know what that light in the sky was and was it you?" Randy said extremely fast but Danny managed to put it up.

"Well to start off I'm Danny, Danny Fenton and I come from Amity park." Danny didn't get to finish as Howard finally got out of his daze and stopped him.

"You mean where that ghost boy lives!?"

"Yeah that's where I come from." Danny answered with a sigh, "And I can't answer the last two questions."

"Wait what! Why can't you?" Randy questioned. He knew this boy was strange.

"Because it' a secret." He answered plainly.