Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Warnings: alternate universe; het; and set in high school
Prompts: (AU) Muggle; (Word) Destruction; and (Length) 400 words or less

Summary: It's the big rivalry soccer game and Hermione was more interested in her book. Luckily, she had friends to redirect her attention.

Tales of Harmony
10. Question

The loud cheers pulled Hermione from her book. She glared, trying to focus as the destruction took its toll on Kat. After a few minutes of trying and failing to focus on the book, Hermione gave up and closed it. She sighed, placing the book in her bag. Hopefully she could finish it later.

There was another loud cheer, drawing a smile from Hermione as she watched the game. The Lions scored another goal, thanks to Harry. Ginny and Luna threw their arms around Hermione as they cheered.

"Take that Snakes!" yelled Ginny, pumping her fist.

Hermione smiled at her friends' enthusiasm. Ginny was passionate about soccer, and Luna loved spending time with her friends.

"Go, Won-Won!" shouted Lavender, much to Ginny's cringe.

Ginny glared at the other girl. Ron didn't even play soccer. He was the team manager!

"Look, Dean just stole the ball," Luna said, redirecting Ginny's attention.

Hermione watched with her friends as the Lions scored another three goals before the Snakes started playing dirty. Within thirty minutes, the game was tied. A foul was called when Draco Malfoy was caught elbowing Harry in the stomach in the last two minutes.

Standing up with most of the people in the stands, Hermione watched as Harry took his penalty shot, scoring another goal.

The last two minutes went by slowly with the Snakes trying and failing to score another goal. The ball was passed to the Lions, who tried to focus on keeping the ball away from the Snakes – even if it meant running it away from the goalie and the chance to score.

When the game ended, the stands erupted into cheers. With the game over, the Lions declared Harry their MVP of the game.

"I know it's unusual," Harry said, taking the microphone, "but I have a question I want to ask a very important girl."

"Go!" shouted Ginny as she and Luna shoved Hermione out of her seat. The two girls escorted her down the stands and onto the field where Ron and Dean took her to Harry.

Harry smiled at Hermione, who was turning a bright shade of red.

"Hermione Granger, will you attend Homecoming with me?" he asked.

People started cheering, most of them encouraging Hermione to accept and a few booing and yelling, offering themselves up as Harry's date.

Ignoring them, Hermione smiled before launching herself at Harry.

This was written for Five Drabble Collection Competition from Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum.
Assigned prompts: (AU) Muggle; and (Word) Destruction

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