Chapter 1: The First Day

It's funny how something that seems like a typical day can change into hell in a second. First, it was snowing as hell today so the ground was slippery, then I saw this truck, going 60 mph straight at us. This is... bad news, right? Then I felt the truck hitting us. This is indeed bad news. Our car rolled off the street and crashed into a tree with an unbelievably great force. My head hit the steering wheel, causing me to black out.




Some pieces of broken blass scattered across the car...

This was all that I could see after I woke up. I noticed a smudge of blood on the steering wheel. I touched my forehead and felt blood there. I tried to look around but I was too dizzy to actually see something. Then I started coughing, probably because of all the smoke. I quickly regained full consciousness, and then I suddenly felt an agonizing pain in my hand. I looked at it and a piece of glass was pierced through it, blood was coming out of the wound.

Fuck, this couldn't get any worse, could it? I tried to get the piece out of my hand, but after realising that it would only make the bleeding worse I stopped.

I looked to my right to see my younger sister Winter unconcious. Then I noticed something worse, a tree branch was punctured through her side. Her once light gray, almost white fur was stained with blood. I had to act fast if I want her to live.

I needed to find some way to escape, I could go through the front window, but fire was there, so I had to find another way. The door on my side was locked but it was damaged so maybe I can try to kick it out. I gained all my strength and then I kicked the door as strong as I could.

Luckily, it worked, but I had to get Winter out as I had little time left. I grabbed her carefully in my hands and held her as strong as I could when I was leaving the car. I managed to get out and I walked a bit further away so the smoke doesn't make us suffocate. When I was in a safe distance I carefully laid Winter on the ground.

She looked pretty much lifeless as before. She was laying on her back and I noticed her chest wasn't moving, meaning that she isn't breathing which got me fearing for the worst. I knelt next to her and checked her pulse...

There wasn't any...

"Don't go... please..." I whispered, not wanting to lose my sister like this. I wouldn't want to ever lose her

But obviously, my words didn't change anything as she was still laying there, lifeless. I looked to the ground as I tried to cope with what just happened. I couldn't even cry for some reason.

But then, something... odd happened. Some song started playing from out of nowhere and it was... Baby by Justin Bieber...

'What the fuck?' I thought

I looked at Winter and then she yelled...


I woke up with a scream 'causing Winter to giggle. She was actually just standing in the entrance to my room. "Come on downstairs, I made breakfast" she said

"Wow, you made breakfast? That's something new..." I noticed

"I woke up at like 5 A.M and I was bored so yeah..." she said as she started to leave the room "Oh, and before I leave, I changed your alarm" she added with an evil smirk as she left

"Yeah I noticed..." I said, annoyed.

Then I took my phone and noticed that my alarm is set to Baby by Bieber. I mean seriously, I don't understand how a healthy person could listen to him. God, now I kinda wish that my dream was reality. Not that I want my sister to die, but at least no one would be putting Bieber as my alarm. But anyway I changed my alarm to my previous one, "Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End" by A Day To Remember, one of my favorite bands.

I stood up and got some jeans, and a blue Nike shirt from my shelf. I quickly dressed up and walked downstairs.

"Hi dad!" I said as I noticed our dad Aaron sitting at the table with Winter eating pancakes. Well, he actually was our stepfather as our real parents died when I was six and Winter was four. He took care of us ever since.

"Winter, am I really supposed to believe that you made pancakes?" I asked jokingly as I sat down with the rest of the family

"No, I made them" dad said

"Yeah, I thought so." I chuckled as I ate a piece of the meal. Damn, the wolf that invented pancakes must've been a genius. There is literally no better breakfast meal in my opinion.

"Anyway, how are you guys feeling on the first day of school?" Dad asked

"I don't know, nothing really changed except that I'm now a junior instead of a sophomore." I said

"I'm kinda nervous, I mean it's my first time going to high school after all." Winter said

"I think that every freshman is nervous on their first day of high school. But don't worry, as long as you find your group of friends it'll be fine." I said

She nodded and forced a smile but I noticed that she was still very nervous. As I finished my pancakes I grabbed my and Winter's plate and put it in the dishwasher. Then I looked at the clock.

"Ok, Winter it's time to go." I said

"Alright" she said, taking her backpack. In the meantime, I was searching for my Adidas trainers which I found after a while. "Bye dad!" we said as we were leaving

"Bye guys, good luck on your first day of school!" he said before we closed the door.

We walked out of the house and as we started making our way to my car, a BMW M3 e92, we saw a black Mustang pulling in our driveway. As soon as the car stopped, the window opened and I saw a familiar face in the car.

"Sup' Humphrey! Want a ride?"

"Yeah sure!" I said to the wolf in the car who was no one other than my friend Salty

I sat in the front seat, while Winter sat in the backseat. As soon as we got in, Salty started the car and drove off.

"Hey, is this a new car?" I asked, as I heard the car's great sound

"Yeah, just bought it this summer." Salty said happily

"Dude, with this sound, you will get all the girls just because of having this car." I said

"Well, that's the plan" he smirked "Speaking of girls, you got any on your mind?"

"Not really. Ever since we left Jasper I don't really think of it that much."

"What the fuck? I don't know how a guy can have no girls on his mind in high school..." he said, kinda suprised "I'm pretty sure that Seattle has some nice girls to offer."

"I don't know man..." I said "Hey, how did we get from talking about cars to talking about girls?"

"I guess these two mix pretty well" Salty said, chuckling

"Yeah they do" I added and as we were close to the school already we were silent through the rest of the ride. After a minute we found ourselves on the school's parking lot. It seemed to be almost full already so it was quite a struggle finding a place. But after a while Salty found a place and parked his car in it.

All three of us got out of the car and headed to the school.

"Humphrey do you got any tips for me on my first day?" Winter asked me before we got into the building

"Yeah, as I said during breakfast, just be sure to find a friend or a group of friends and you should be fine" I said and smiled

"Thanks bro, you're the best" she said as she hugged me and headed into the school. "Wait, one more thing!" I shouted a second before she entered the building

She turned around and waited for me to continue.

"There's this one guy, his name is Garth Williams. He's pretty much a typical bully and whatnot, but if he ever asks you on a date, DON'T go out with him. He would probably just cheat on you afterwards or something similiar." I said

"Okay, thanks, I'll watch out for him" she said as she walked into the school.

I was left there in front of the building for a while, thinking. After a while I walked into the school as well and immediately headed to my locker. I opened it and saw some of my books from last year falling out of it. I think I need to clean this place up a bit, but hell, I said this to myself last year and here I am, picking up my old books from the floor.

I put the books into the locker and as I closed it, I saw my two other friends Shakey and Mooch. Of course these aren't their actual names, but these are just nicknames they made for each other in the freshman year and it kinda stuck.

"What's up Humphrey?" they both said as they noticed me

"Sup' guys?" I said

"Nothing much." Shakey said "Any thoughts on going back to school?"

"Nah, this will be just like any other year." I said "But actually today is my sister's first day of high school"

"You mean Winter's?" Mooch asked


"Well, good luck to her" he said "Anyway, have you seen Salty?"

"Yeah, he drove me and Winter to school. He's probably checking the schedule or something" I said

Then we walked down the hall and up to the schedule. And as I supposed, we saw Salty there, checking it.

"Hey Humphrey, we got a couple of lessons together. Look." Salty said, pointing at the schedule "Oh, hi guys." he added as he noticed Shakey and Mooch

"Sup man!" they both said and Salty looked like he wanted to say something but was cut short by the bell ringing off.

"Alright guys, see you later!" I said as we got in our seperate directions. The first lesson was Physics which I had with Salty which was probably the only plus to it. I mean not only Physics is really hard, but it's also taught by probably the worst teacher of them all, Ms. Brown. Not only her way of teaching is the most boring thing ever, she gives a ton of homework after every lesson with her.

And her way of explaining is so bad, that we literally need to study at home from the books to understand something. Damn, I'm suprised that they hadn't fired this woman yet.

As always, we spent almost an hour in complete boredom, and the rest of the lessons was pretty normal.

Now, it was time for lunch. As I got to the cafeteria, the line was really long already. I am lucky to almost always pack my own lunch. It's mostly sandwiches or something along these lines. I tried to find Salty, Shakey and Mooch but they were somewhere else... I don't even know where. I also tried to find my sister somewhere but in vein.

Anyway, I sat alone and started eating my lunch. A couple minutes went by and I still didn't see anyone I know. After a while I felt someone patting my shoulder. I turned around to see a black wolf with white on his chest behind me.

"Hey, can I sit next to you? I'm new here." he asked

"Yeah, sure" I said

He sat next to me and unpacked his lunch and slowly started to eat it.

"Hey are you new in this city or just in this school?" I said trying to spark the conversation

"I'm new in the city." He said "Just moved here from Albuquerque this summer."

"Oh, okay. I'm actually from Jasper, Canada. I moved here like three years ago." I said "Seattle is a pretty nice place. Have you seen the Space Needle yet?"

"No, I haven't." he said

"Really? It was like the first thing I did after I moved here. Anyway I highly recommend you to see it." I said

"Yeah, maybe I'll do it one day." he said "Oh, and the name's Kyle by the way."

"Humphrey." I said

Then he looked at his watch. "Alright it's time to go. Lesson starts in like a minute." he said as he stood up from the table

"Yeah, see you later." I said standing up as well and leaving the cafeteria.

The next lesson went by pretty slow, as always. In the break, I saw my friends standing in the hell next to Salty's locker, talking. I quickly made my way to them.

"Hey guys, where were you during lunch?" I asked

"I don't know, just walking in the halls." Salty said

"Yeah, we didn't really feel like going to lunch" Mooch said

"Mooch doesn't want to go to lunch? This is something new." I teased

"Yes, but don't worry, I ate my sandwich anyway" he chuckled making the rest of us laugh

"Anyway, have you guys seen Winter?" I asked

"No. But she's probably hanging out with some other freshmen." Shakey said

"Yeah that's really helpful" I said sarcastically

"Well, what was I supposed to say?" Shakey asked

"I don't know" I said, laughing a bit, "Anyway..." I started until I noticed something.

On the other side of the hall, I saw Garth bullying a girl, probably a freshman. Around them there was a crowd of wolves, watching. Sometimes, I feel like I'll never understand some people, they should be helping not just standing there and watching.

I made my way to them, and I heard Shakey behind me say "Humphrey where are you going?"

I pointed at Garth and the girl so the other guys can see "I can't let this pass." I said "Look at what he's doing!"

As I got closer I noticed that he was pushing her into a locker, and then he was... punching her? What the fuck, she didn't even do anything to him! I stepped into the crowd and I noticed that some people were filming the whole event on their smartphones. Damn, our world is fucked up.

I stepped out of the crowd, now facing Garth.

"Hey Garth!" I shouted making sure he noticed me

He looked at me and stopped bullying the girl

"Step out of this Humphrey, it's none of your business." he said

"Oh, I think it is actually my business." I said "Either way, why are you even fucking punching her?"

"As I said, that's none of your business. And you don't even know her!"

"I don't care, and I am almost 100% sure that neither do you." I said "All you do is bully innocent wolves, you fucking scumbag!" I shouted shortly after, earning an 'OHHHHHH' from the crowd.

As I expected, Garth quickly got angry and pushed me, I almost lost my balance, but I didn't fall somehow. As he got closer to me, I pushed him. He then tripped and fell down.

He quickly got up and before I could react, he punched me in my face, causing my nose to bleed. I fell to the ground and he was about to kick me, but then we heard the voice of the principle

"STOP!" he shouted "Disperse, everyone!"

"And you come with me." he said pointing at Garth.

Garth sighed and walked away with the principle.

The crowd walked away as the show ended. The only ones left were me and the girl. I got up and noticed the girl sitting beside a wall crying.

"Hey, you alright?" I asked in a soft voice

However, I didn't receive a response

"Are you hurt?" I asked

"Come on, stand up." I said giving her a hand. She accepted it and slowly stood up.

When I saw her face and violet eyes. I immediately recognised her. I thought she looked familiar when I saw her from a distance, but now it was clear.

"Lilly?" I said, more suprised than ever

"Humphrey?" she asked as suprised as me

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still very suprised and confused.

"We just moved here, I'll tell you later." she said

"Anyway, what did that guy even want from you?"

"I don't really know... But he punched me in the stomach and it hurts as fuck now." she said

"Come on, let's get you to the nurse." I said

I helped her walk to the nurse. The nurse told me that Lilly will be fine, but she just needs to rest for a bit. So I just started walking in a random direction thinking about the whole situation. This made me hate Garth even more. I mean, she didn't do anything to him, plus she's new and like 3 years younger than him.

As I was thinking I didn't really look where I was going which eventually caused me to bump into some other girl, making her books fall.

"Oh, I'm really sorry." I said as I helped her pick up the books

"It's fine" she said

Then I looked up and saw her face. And I would recognise this face everywhere.



'Damn, this is going to be an interesting year...' I thought

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