Episode XI

As Ashi and Uwaki-sha fell from the portal they engaged each other in a fight. Ashi brought her blade down onto Uwaki-sha but he blocked it and Ashi responded by punching the demon in the face. Uwaki-sha the kicks Ashi in the gut causing the body piece of her armor to crack. The two were far away now and then they both hit the ground hard. They both lost some of their armor pieces and struggled to get up. When they were both standing up they stared each other defiantly and then charged at each other. Uwaki-sha swings his sword at Ashi but she jumps over him to avoid it and she manages to slash him in the back. The cut wasn't deep and it seemed to annoy him more then try to hurt him. Uwaki-sha then fires multiple black fireballs at Ashi but she manages to avoid most of them but had to block the last one. It exploded and she was sent flying back knocking her out of her shoes.

When Ashi gets back up Uwaki-sha says in a emotionless tone, "I may not be able destroy your world with a permanent portal to my home but I will make sure that you die here alone in the dark."

"I intend on killing you and leaving for my world Uwaki-sha," Ashi said. "The righteous will triumph over you demon."

"Even if you do manage to destroy me you won't have time to get through the portal onna-bugeisha," Uwaki-sha said as he looked up.

Ashi looked up as well and was shocked at what she saw, the portal was getting smaller.

"Portals to the Pit of Hate aren't to supposed to stay open they begin to close unless someone skilled in magic can maintain it," Uwaki-sha said. "That's why I needed the your solar systems planetary alignment to create a permanent portal."

"Then I better kill you quick," Ashi said before charging at Uwaki-sha.

Meanwhile in Uwaki-sha's inner sanctum.


These were the only sounds that were going on in the room. Brak, Zorak, Mei, and Hamato were using guns to keep out Oni who were trying to climb up to the portal and enter Earth.

"Theirs so many of them," Hamato said as his gun overheated and recharged itself.

"Quit complaining!" Zorak yelled as Hamato's gun stopped recharging. "NOW LOCK AND FRIGGIN LOAD!"

"What happens if Ashi doesn't make it before the portal closes?" Mei asked worriedly.

"Then she'll be stuck in the Pit of Hate," Brak said. "But right now we need to kill all of these demons."

"She'll make it through Mei," Hamato said. "We just need to have faith in her."

In the Pit of Hate.

Ashi and Uwaki-sha were still continuing their fight. Uwaki-sha made several sttacks at Ashi but she managed to block most of them and was only grazed by the few she missed. Uwaki-sha then locks blades with Ashi. They were both evenly matched and couldn't overpower the other. Uwaki-sha then reaches behind him to grab his gun. Ashi had lost her armor pieces that were protecting her stomach and he believed shooting her like he did with Jack would be his best bet. Once he had grabbed his gun he was falling backward, Ashi used her left leg to trip him. She remembered her father's last lesson and used it to bring herself victory.

"For my father," Ashi said before she brought her sword down and stabbed Uwaki-sha in the chest.

The blade went right through his heart causing his black blood to gush out like water in a broken fire hydrant. Uwaki-sha is finally dead. The second darkest soul to rise from the Pit of Hate, the demon who killed Samurai Jack, the destroyer of worlds and civilizations has meet his end. Ashi stared at his corpse and saw a blue flame ignite from where the Sacred Blade was stabbed in until Uwaki-sha's body was engulfed in the flame and became ashes. She picks up the Sacred Blade sheathes it. Ashi then looks to the portal and sees that it's almost closed.

I need to jump for it.

She stands in position and then jumps for it.

In the inner sanctum.

The group stopped shooting as the portal became smaller and they see something approaching the portal.

"What the heck is that?" Zorak asked.

"That's Ashi," Hamato said.

The group then falls unto the floor, startled when Ashi got through the portal. She hit the ceiling and fell onto the floor loosing some of her armor pieces.

"I usually don't have anything above my head when I 'jump good,'" Ashi said as she and the others got back up.

"Empress what happened in the Pit of Hate?" Mei asked.

"Yeah tell us," Zorak said.

"I killed Uwaki-sha," Ashi said. "The demon will plague us no more."

One month later.

A month has passed and the capital city has been fixed. The Oni corpses have been burned and any remaining Oni summoned by Uwaki-sha is being hunted down. The aliens and robots were praised as heroes alongside Empress Ashi and her human soldiers. They stayed for the festivities and Zorak even sang a song. Everyone commented on how beautiful his singing was and how it didn't even sound like him (AN: This is a reference to an episode from The Brak Show.). Zorak managed to create a communication device from the robots who had died. A ship was arriving today and Ashi and several others were seeing the extraterrestrials leave.

"Don't you feel bad for making your device from the dead machines?" Ashi asked.

"Nope I felt good making that device from them," Zorak said. "Specially from Thundercleese that guy used to blast me back when Brak and I were teenagers."

"What do mean when we were teenagers," Brak said.

"Oh yeah that's right I mean when Brak was a teenager," Zorak said.

"Thank you," Brak said.

"I was forty years old back then," Zorak said. "I was put in grandma prison and had to go back to high school and resume my learning experience in the grade I was arrested in."

(AN: Zorak being in grandma prison was also in The Brak Show."

Ashi and those around her just looked at Zorak not understanding some of what he said.

"All yeah that's right you don't know what grandma prison and high school is yet," Zorak said.

A ship then appears in the sky above them. It was a large flying saucer and from it's center a gravity lift activated and a man in a red blue hazmat suit comes out.

(AN: This is Moltar from the Space Ghost series and it's spin-off's.)

"All extraterrestrials and robots please step into the gravity lift in a single file and we'll take you home," Moltar said.

The aliens and robots do as instructed and when Brak and Zorak approach him they recognize him.

"Hey aren't you Moltar guy that took us to the statue planet so we could knock over those statues?" Zorak asked.

"Yeah that's me," Moltar said. "I went back their knocked over more statues."

"At first I didn't like the idea but now that I'm a villain I actually enjoy the idea now," Brak said. "Why are you doing this job?"

"The statue police arrested me and I was sentenced to twenty-four hours of community service," Moltar said. "This bites."

"Yeah it does," Zorak said before he and Brak entered the gravity lift.

When the aliens were onboard the ship it then left the planet. Ashi looked up and smiled before returning to the palace.

Ten years later.

"Did that all really happen," said a young voice.

We see a thirty-five year old Ashi wearing a black kimono and has white flower patterns woven into it. Her hair was long enough to reach her back but was tied up now. She was in a room with tapestries depicting the adventures that she, her father, and her grandfather each went on separately. Standing next to her is her seven year old son Hiro and sleeping in Ashi's arms wrapped in a white cloth is her one year old daughter Ami.

"Indeed Hiro," Ashi said.

"Do you think that I may go on one like yours," Hiro said.

"I don't know but I hope that if you do it won't be one wracked with grief and tragedy," Ashi said. "Come let's go eat lunch with your father Hiro."

"Okay," her son said.

As they walk towards the exit, Ashi looks at a case that held her mother's journal. She remembered what her mother Fumiko wrote about Ashi's namesake originally being her reincarnation (Fumiko's reincarnation).

I hope that you reunite with father.

San Francisco, the future.

(AN: This is set in the time that the future part of the show was set in but without Aku ruling everything.)

We see a man walking down the streets wearing a white hoodie, blue jeans, and has a sword on his back. He accidentally bumps into a woman wearing a black hoodie, dark-grey pants, and has a kusarigama on her side. The woman was approaching from a corner that meet the man's. When they both bumped into each other they both fell onto the sidewalk.

"I'm sorry," they both said.

When they get up we see that they both look very familiar. The woman had her hair combed up to a single point, she also had large narrow eyes, brown eyes, and a petite body. The man's face was square like with a distinct eastern look, he was fairly tall but fit in build, and has jet black hair tied in a chonmage.

"Aren't you the Crowned Prince of Japan?" the woman asked.

"Yes, you're the first to actually notice, I'm Jack," Jack said as he raised his hand to shake hands. "And what might your name be?"

"I'm Ashi," Ashi said as she shook Jack's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

The End.

Jack and Ashi from the show are reunited and set in the time Ashi was born in the originally timeline. I had a real blast writing this story and I like to thank you guys for reading it. I won't make a sequel but in case your wondering Jack and Ashi (Ashi from the show) do get together and that is the Sacred Blade that Jack is carrying. So have a great time everyone.