Episode IX

After defeating Ashi's army Uwaki-sha brought his Oni to the wall protecting the capital city. He looked up to see the soldiers on the wall pointing firearms as well as spears at him and his army. Then one soldier steps forward and looks at Uwaki-sha.

"Uwaki-sha you are not welcome within the city!" shouted the soldier.

"I am the ruler of this city," Uwaki-sha said. "You have no right to keep out of it."

"We do have the right deceiver," said the soldier. "You tricked us all into betraying the emperor, now leave or die, you are outnumbered after all."

Uwaki-sha's eyes glow and suddenly multiple portals to the Pit of Hate open up summoning Oni into the city. They attack everyone in sight taking the humans by surprise. The soldiers on the wall learn of the Oni but before they could do anything Uwaki-sha blasts the top of the wall killing the soldiers and bringing the wall down.

Uwaki-sha raises his right hand for the Oni behind him brings it down and says, "Slaughter these mortals."

The Oni charge into the city with Takashi slowly walking to the palace.

Ashi's base camp.

Sometime after their defeat Ashi and her army returned to the camp to lick their wounds. They eventually learned of Uwaki-sha retaking the capital and any humans who survived came to the camp. No knew what to do now. They interrogated the captured Oni but all they could get out of him was that in three days the world as they knew it would change. But now they lack the numbers to take on Uwaki-sha's army of demons and nearest reinforcements won't be enough. Ashi was hit the hardest as the Sacred Blade was now destroyed. She remained in her tent not interested in what was going on. She looked at the hilt of the blade, it still contained a piece of the broken blade. As she looked at it she remembered how her father said that the gods who forged the sword would judge her on her twenty-fifth birthday to see if she is truly worthy.

"Some birthday today turned out to be," Ashi said.

"HMMPH!" said an unknown voice. "'Bout time, ain't it?!"

Ashi turned around to see a raven with glowing blue eyes standing on her tea set.

"You ready to go?" asked the raven.

"Who...who are you?" asked Ashi.

"Some men call me Munnin." Munnin said. "Cause dat's my name Munnin. They'd sent Sleip but he's nursin' a sore setta legs, so you get me instead."

"I see," said a confused Ashi.

"Are we just gonna sit 'round here chattin', or what?" Munnin asked. "It's impolite to keep 'em waitin' Onna-bugeisha."

Ashi gets up and asks, "Keep who waiting?"

"Don't play dumb now...you're bettah dan dat." Munnin said. "You know who."

Ashi looks at the broken sword understanding Munnin's words.

"Okay," Ashi said. "I'm ready."

Munnin says something that Ashi couldn't understand and she then finds herself teleported to a mountain. She sees a staircase carved into the mountain and goes up it into an entrance. She enters it and comes into a large cavern and is surprised by what she sees. In it are statues of the gods Ra, Odin, and Rama (The avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu), and three sleeping monks who look exactly the same. They begin to glow and when they open their eyes Ashi finds herself in some unknown place and before her were the three gods themselves.

"The weapon forged in light has been broken." Odin said. "You will be judged."

"Long ago, out amongst the vastness of the stars, there appeared a formless void of ultimate evil." Ra said. "We strode forth and did battle, seeking to purge it from all existence."

"Though defeated a sliver of the void managed to escape, tumbling alone through the cosmos...until it found it's way to Earth." Rama said. "In time, the corruption would rise again and a warrior of great strength would confront it."

"With our blessing, he carried a weapon that could cut through the darkness," the three gods sent all at once. "And when the evil returned again your father faced it and the blade was made stronger by our future selves, after the evil was destroyed for good we promised to judge his descendants to see if they are worthy of the blade."

As they said all of this they showed the history behind their words. Their fight with the ultimate evil, the fragments fall to Earth, Aku's birth, Ashi's grandfather fighting Aku, Aku's imprisonment and return, Jack's first fight with Aku, and his return with Ashi's namesake to destroy Aku.

"But now," said Ra.

"Now the weapon forged in light has been broken," said Odin.

"You will be tested," said Rama.

"You will be judged," said all three gods.

Ashi bows to them and says, "I understand."

Suddenly everything around Ashi goes white blinding her. When she opened her eyes she finds herself standing on a giant lily pad on an endless lake surround by other lily pads and lotus flowers. Suddenly she hears Rama's voice but can't find him.

"Reality is as it has always been and always will be," said the off-screen Rama.

Ashi then hears a bubbling noise from the lake sees something huge emerge from the water.

"Existence rests on the bed of serpents," said Rama as a giant snake emerges from the water hissing at Ashi.

"Larger than you," Rama said as another serpent emerges from the water. "Larger than your quest."

"The universe has spoken," said Rama as more serpents emerge from the water. "The weapon is gone."

Ashi finds herself surrounded by five giant snakes and is noticeably scared.

"How will you face that truth?" Rama asked.

Ashi composes herself and enters a fighting stance .

"How will you fight against it?" Rama asked.

Ashi looks around confused but then realizes what actually needs to be done. She then sits on the lily pad with her hands in a praying position.

"...I will not fight it," said Ashi. "I accept it."

The snakes disappear and the water rises covering her and causing her to sink towards a bright light. When Ashi see opens her eyes she finds herself in a snowy area with viking skeletons and weapons everywhere. She hears a sound, picks up an axe, and turns toward where it was coming from. It was coming from a horde of Viking warriors looking for a fight.

"CHAAAARGE!" they yelled out.

"Your father bequeathed the sword to you," said Odin a off-screen Odin.

The Vikings start attacking Ashi. She kills some of her attackers but some manage to block her attacks.

"You did not earn it," Odin said when Ashi got wounded in the back from one viking wielding an axe. "You were not chosen."

Ashi takes up a shield and blocks some oncoming arrows.

"Do you have the courage to fight an endless battle?" Odin asked. "Do you have the strength to do what must be done?

Ashi loses her shield when a approaching Viking breaks it with his axe. Ashi kills the warrior and takes axe and continues the fight but still suffering wounds in the process.

"Show me," Odin said. "Prove your valor."

Ashi begins to suffer more grievous wounds such as being hit by arrows, stabbed by weapons, and receiving deep gnashes that were caused by sword slashes.

"Die as warriors do," said Odin. "Die for your cause."

The battle is over, the Vikings have all died, and Ashi has succumbed to her wounds and died as a result. When the world begins to disappear her wounds heal and she gets up gasping for air.

"Did I just.." said Ashi before being cut off by another blinding light. She opens her eyes and finds herself in a desert with a pyramid standing before her. She starts to walk up the stairs on it.

"The mind is flawed," said Ra off-screen. "The body is weak."

The desert heat is strong as it causes Ashi to tire forcing her to crawl up the stairs.

"What is there left to prove?" Ra asked as Ashi slumped over on the pyramid, tiring out from the heat. "What is the worth of a warrior?"

Ashi grunts after hearing Ra's words and continues up the pyramid despite the pain and the heat.

"What is left inside?" Ra asked as Ashi literally began to be engulfed in fire.

The fire was excruciatingly painful but Ashi ignored it despite her entire body burning

"Inside..." Ra said. "Inside..."

As kept climbing her burns went away and she began to turn bright white and then she began to glow white when she made it to the top of the pyramid.

"Inside is the weapon that cannot be broken!" Ra said.

Everything goes white and Ashi finds herself back in her tent. She looks at herself remembering what Ra said. Inside is the weapon that cannot be broken. She closes her eyes and finds herself glowing and then an orb emerges from her chest and becomes the Sacred blade. She grabs it and suddenly she becomes engulfed in a bright light that gives her silver shining armor that resembles the one her grandfather wore in his battle with Aku. She then sees apparitions of her father and grandfather before her. They smile and turn into orbs of light and enter the sword.

"We are always with you," they said after entering the sword.

Ashi hears a sound and sees apparitions of Ra, Odin, and Rama behind her.

"Uwaki-sha is the second darkest soul to rise from the Pit of Hate," Ra said.

"He has caused the destruction of countless worlds by turning their inhabitants against one another," Odin said. "And by summoning an endless horde of demons."

"When he came to your world we gave magic to a young priest who turned him into stone," said Rama. "But he was accidentally freed by your dead daimyo Takashi."

"In three days the planetary alignment of your solar system will occur," Ra said.

"When an alignment occurs the barrier between dimensions will weaken," Odin said. "He will use it to create a permanent portal to the Pit of Hate and unleash a horde of demons that will destroy your world."

"You must destroy him and prevent this outcome," Rama said.

"I understand," Ashi said.

The gods disappear and Ashi leaves the tent. She comes goes to the tent were her commanders were discussing on what to do. They were surprised to see her but they were more surprised to see that the Sacred blade was back to normal.

"I know where we can get more warriors," Ashi said.